Monday, December 25, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 12.24.17

Well it was my goal to get a blog done before Christmas, just made it. :) Life the past month has been crazy busy, even more so than normal. :) But we've still managed to have a lot of fun. So get ready, there's lots of pictures to share :):
She's just too cute, even with her crazy hair!

I think I was excited at this point because I could see my grass again (it's been awhile since these pictures :), but we did have a lot of snow that I thought wouldn't go away all winter, but it did)

All ready for church Thanksgiving morning

Anna loved getting to hang out with these girls on Thanksgiving!

She really does wake up happy most mornings!

At Thanksgiving there was a ping pong tournament going on and the boys were bummed we wouldn't let them play, so we got out our ping pong table at home and they loved getting to play

Micah's actually not bad

They were very excited to get Christmas pajamies (as they call them)

We put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, only to realize that I only had 2 strands of lights that worked. :) So we decorated the bottom half. 

Anna serenaded us while we decorated

All dressed in our Christmas pajamies in front of our half decorated tree.

The next morning the boys came with me to Walmart right away (which I discovered is the time to go to Walmart) to get more Christmas lights and some other Christmas decorations. Mommy even let them get donuts for breakfast!

They wanted to bring a donut home for Anna and Daddy

I think she enjoyed it, at least the frosting :)

I have to say, I'm pretty proud, I made this wreath! There is not much in our house that I have made, so it's fun to have something up.

Just had to show you she's not happy all the time. :) I can't remember why she's not happy, but it makes me laugh :)

I let the boys put up our little tree downstairs in the toy room and decorate it

They were pretty proud of it

Finally all decorated. The boys picked out our new tree topper, it even lights up!

She was being very quiet. I found her in my bedroom on my iPad :)

Doing some drawing (we found a book we didn't realize we had that teaches you how to draw animals)

Of course we had to hang up our artwork

David was very proud of his drawings

I decided to put curlers in Anna's hair one night

She thought it was fun that Mommy put some in her hair too. Amazingly she kept them in all night.

Our curly girl in the morning

I think she was tired :)

Just had to show you that even seasoned bakers make mistakes :) I was quick softening my butter to make some frosting, hit the wrong button :)

David thought this was a great way to sit

I got to make cupcakes to sell at a Christmas Boutique.

All ready to sell my cupcakes!

I made just over 18 dozen and between the boutique and facebook I sold all but 2 dozen which I then used as Christmas gifts!

We had one of our chest freezers quit on us, so we had to get a new one. The boys thought it was pretty fun to get to sit in the middle seats.

Since they were so good we treated them to lunch at McDonald's

They got ornaments for their tree from their grandmas and some of them they got to make!

She wanted to play in the bathtub, with no water :)

How Anna eats her pudding

Silly girl

The boys love going to the dentist (I think it has more to do with the fun waiting room than getting their teeth cleaned)

He was bird watching :) He didn't understand why he couldn't find any :)

Steve and I got to go out to dinner and a play, it was so fun!

Helping Mommy make some cupcakes

We went to a basketball game and Anna loved getting to hang out with her friends from church, especially since they let her use their pom poms

The boys had fun too

Especially afterwards when they got to run on the court

She is so much fun when she gets to hang out with mommy and daddy after the boys go to bed.

See, so much fun!

We really didn't teach her to eat like this!

He wanted to take a picture with Mommy

I love my boys!

I accompanied the middle school choirs for their Christmas concert and sometimes the kids had to come with me to practice. This is how we managed :)

We have gotten a lot of snow (this pile is nothing, it's now at least 15 feet high!) so the boys have enjoyed playing outside (which helps get their energy out!)

Playing catch with Daddy

Did I mention she loves getting Mommy and Daddy to herself?

She also loves Costco free samples :)

All ready for his school Christmas program

Micah is in the second row on the end

My friend Brittnee and I got to go get our nails done! It was so much fun to get to talk without kids interrupting us :) and just be pampered!

David thought this was comfy

Micah getting a ride in the tractor plowing the church parking lot

Love that our neighbor has two older girls so we get adorable hand-me-downs!

She wanted to sit on Micah's lap :)

During our Candlelight service at church we light candles and sing, but I didn't let the twins have candles because I was playing during it and didn't want the people they were sitting with to have to try to deal with them and fire :). So I let them take candles home and we lite them and sang "This Little Light of Mine" :)

Playing with some Play-Doh

I got to go to Micah's class and help them make gingerbread men. He was pretty proud of his

Right after that (and eating his entire gingerbread man full of frosting) he had a dentist appointment. :) No cavities for this boy!

The twins singing with Little Lambs and my Bible Study Christmas party

I think they mostly help me make cupcakes so they get to lick the bowl :)

David thought my laundry basket was a trampoline :(

Celebrating the first day of Christmas break with cinnamon rolls, with sprinkles on top (something they usually only get at Grandma's house)

She found my working out boring I guess :)

The boys got Legos for Christmas. I don't know who was more excited, the boys or Steve :)

Anna got a baby and has been a very good mommy!

The next morning this is what they did for hours :)

I got a donut maker for Christmas, I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the kids :)

My mom got Anna this adorable dress. You think she likes the skirt? :)

The boys were very good at helping Anna open her presents

They now had Legos and transformers to play with :)

Anna also got dress up shoes, oh she loves them!

Shoes and a baby, such a little mommy!

Anna is always drawing "lists" where she draws over whatever paper I have sitting out (a lot of times my worship planning sheets :)). So I decided to get her one of those Melissa and Doug coloring books that just uses water, she loves it! She's constantly making "lists"
Whew, I made it to the end! And before Christmas! :) I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas!!