Sunday, November 19, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 11.19.2017

There are a few people who's blogs I followed who after they had their fourth child it was like they dropped off the face of the earth. I didn't understand how they couldn't have time to blog, until I had my fourth child, I now understand :). So sorry these are not as consistent, but unfortunately, that's just life over here. :) So here's what's been going on over here the past couple of weeks.
Anna got this tent for her first birthday. We fairly quickly put it away for fear that her brothers would destroy it before she was old enough to enjoy it. So I took it out a couple weeks ago and put it up in her room and she loved it!

She got some "new" hand me down boots which she was very excited about and then when she picked up the guitar, I just had to take a picture

And this is why we have kept her tent up in the closet :). But she doesn't seem to mind her brothers intruding on her space
Steve went away overnight for a Classis meeting so the twins and Anna and I decided to have a lunch date after Kindergym :)

They're just so fun!

My parents came to visit us. Anna was pretty excited to find them at the airport

They got to join us a our school's harvest. Unfortunately I was in charge of the games so this was the only picture I got :)

Anna loved having Papa there to read to her

Helping Daddy build his firehouse piggy bank he got at the Harvest festival

And then he let Jonathan help him, with a hammer, what a Dad

Reading with Grandma

They love having Grandma ride in the back with them

They also loved getting to see the dinosaur skeletons at the museum

Playing in the children's area of the museum

And oh did they love the show in the planetarium

They so badly wanted a picture with the Bison (and David still asks to look at the picture of him and Jonathan by the Bison on my phone)

Fun at Fuddruckers

Couldn't find Anna, found her in this game :)

Steve and I have decided we should go to Fuddruckers sometime with just the two of us because we actually really love playing the games too :)

Jonathan was very excited about his prize, a mustache :)

We don't usually do anything for Halloween, but the local retirement home invites kids to come trick or treat there, so we decided to dress up. And the twins love the Cat in the Hat books and so we decided to have them be Thing 1 and Thing 2, which meant blue hair :)

And once we decided what they should be, it just made sense to have Micah be the Cat in the Hat. They really wanted Anna to be the fish in the bowl, but I wasn't so sure how to make that happen and my neighbor had this Care Bear costume we could borrow, so that's what we did :)

The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2

Our little Care Bear

All dressed up with our neighbors

The twins got these umbrellas for their birthday so they were ecstatic when it finally rained!

That rain quickly turned to snow, but that didn't bother them either

Anna wasn't so excited that she had to just watch from the window (but Mom was not ready yet to go outside in the cold :))

They each made their own snowman

David refuses to wear his hat higher on his face :)

Micah and Iris made this one together, complete with a hat and scarf

Go Dodgers!! We were very sad they did not win the World Series. Well, all except Steve who had the audacity to root for the Astros! (His reasoning to me when I asked him how he could root against my team was that I refuse to root for the Patriots who are his favorite NFL team, so I really couldn't argue :)).

Fun at Kindergym!

I cannot remember why I took this picture, but it's just took cute so here you go

They just love playing in the snow

More snow means building another (bigger) snowman

Anna finally got to go out in the snow (we got a lot more). The first time she went out she screamed and did all she could to avoid getting gloves on. Since that time she has yet to argue but willingly puts out her hands to get them on. :)

Mom decided you can sit inside and think about how much you dislike the cold and snow, or you can put on all that snow gear you have and just go outside and have fun with your kids. :) I chose the second

This girl insists on having 5 blankets to go to bed!

I think she's ready for her nap :). She takes her nap in Micah's room downstairs because otherwise her brothers wake her up all the time :). She beat me to his room this day and was laying on the floor next to her pack n play :). Didn't argue about a nap this day

We got a LOT of snow! This was the week after the Harvest festival, where it had been 65 degrees! How quickly it changed!

While the boys were outside "helping" daddy shovel, Anna was enjoying having her tent and Barbies all to herself

I was emptying the dishwasher and realized Anna was very quite. So I walked over to see what she was doing and found this. :) That is Micah's Halloween candy. She thought the chocolate Tootsie Pop was a cake pop. :)

Our neighbors' driveway made a great sledding hill for the kids

Anna is so sweet when her brothers are praying, she folds her hands :).

Grandma got Anna some cute new church shoes so we had to send her a picture. Anna was pretty excited about them (once she realized they wouldn't hurt her feet like all her other shoes that were too small)

David was pretty proud that he put this play birdhouse together all by himself!

Anna is getting better (actually, so are the twins) at sitting and listening during the storytime at Kindergym.

They get a snack at Kindergym and this week they got three things for their snacks, so we decided ice cream at Costco was a good enough lunch :).

No arguments from Anna

Family game of Uno. Anna was upset that she didn't get any cards, so I just gave her some cards from another game and that kept her happy.

We went sledding at a friends house who have a serious hill.

Especially once we got the tubes blown up

This is Steve going down with two other guys. They seriously came 3 feet within that wheel line! They moved it after that :)

I made a new cake, Chocolate Coffee Cake with Coffee Buttercream and Coffee Ganache. I hear it was good :) (I'm on a challenge so couldn't try it but I brought it to a potluck and ask people to taste test it for me :))

A friend from Michigan made this sweater for Anna. So cute!

I had some Kohl's cash and a $10 off coupon so I asked Micah if he would like a nice shirt and tie for church and he did. He was so excited to get to dress like Daddy!

More games

They didn't argue when I asked if they wanted to watch Nursery Rhymes on Netflix on my bed so I could take a shower :)

She must have played hard in the nursery at Coffee Break because she was asleep in the car in less than 5 minutes

This was really funny. Steve and I were talking in the kitchen while I got dinner ready and David kept interrupting us, so I finally told him he needed to just let Mommy and Daddy talk. She all three boys sat at the table (well, David sat on the table) and David said they were having a meeting. :)

They love that Anna gets to go around with them at Kindergym this year

Anna's favorite part is the trampoline (she does not like it when her 30 seconds are up)
Singing Jesus Loves Me at the end

This picture popped up on my facebook feed on Saturday as happening 5 years ago. It was their baptism day. What little cuties!! This picture reminds me that I so do not remember those days :). Glad I have pictures to look back on

Red Velvet Cupcakes all ready for a 7 year old's birthday party. I've never actually made Red Velvet before, but that was what the birthday girl requested, so that's what we did.

Michigan football was on tv here yesterday and so the boys put on their Michigan gear and called themselves "The Michigan Brothers" :). Too bad Michigan lost :).

Anna came down with croup so we've been doing lots of snuggles!
I hope you all have  a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!