Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life with the Bussis'- 10.30.13

We've had a pretty busy last couple of weeks.  The twins celebrated their birthday on October 17 but unfortunately I had a wedding rehearsal I had to play at that night.  It was in the same town as Steve's parents, so all the boys (including Steve) came along and they hung out at Steve's parents while I went to rehearsal.  Afterward I came back and the twins got to open a present from their grandparents and we sang "Happy Birthday" to them and ate their big cookie I made.

We've had a few exciting events in the twins' lives the last weeks.  First, they got to turn around in their car seats!!! 
Their first time facing forward.  As you can see they are not quite sure about it :)

I feel like our van is so big now :).  I love being able to see them and my back is loving not having to hoist their infant car seats back there.
Another big event: their last bottle!  That's right, we are now a bottle-free household! 
 Their last time drinking a bottle.  I would have felt bad but David didn't even drink half his bottle so I figured it was time anyways. :)
And my favorite part:
Look at all that counter and sink space!  Loving it!
The boys are doing great with no bottle.  They drink milk out of a sippy cup at meal times and then I give them a snack of apple sauce before their afternoon nap and yogurt before bed.  It maybe takes them a few more minutes to fall asleep, but they'll get there.  Part of the problem is they are not cuddlers so I try to sit with them and read to them before bed to get them settled down, but they won't stay on my lap.  Just in the last day or so Jonathan has started liking to cuddle, so maybe I'll still get my cuddler :).  It's gotten pretty cold here so we're back to indoor game.  One of those is Wii Sports.  Micah loves to watch us play and he loves to try to do it himself.  The only sport he can really do is baseball because it doesn't require the coordination of pushing a button and swinging, all you have to do is swing the remote

He really gets into it :)  He hasn't quite got the timing down but he doesn't care.

The twins enjoy watching him play

And then they find unique ways to go through their tunnel :)
Micah likes to clean (he definitely didn't get that from his mother).  Here he wanted to clean the back porch.  And then he wanted to sweep the floor at the cottage we stayed at.  I figured while he was sweeping I might as well put the cleaner on it so it got cleaned. :)   
In other news for the twins: Jonathan's 4th bottom tooth finally broke through so he's up to 8 teeth- 4 on top, 4 on bottom.  And David has one quarter of a molar through, that one is proving to be very fun to have slowly pop through.  So they're still drooling like crazy and not napping the best, oh how I love teething!  Not! :)  Jonathan is walking like a pro, he pretty much walks everywhere now.  Next step, getting him to walk in shoes.  He's not such a fan of that. :)  David shows no interest in walking on his own.  He walks great along things, he finds anything he can to push and walk, but he just does not want to talk steps on his own.  It's really hard not to compare your children as it is, like comparing Micah to the twins, but it's even harder not to compare twins and wonder why one walks and the other doesn't.  Every other stage of development they meet within about a week of each other, but I honestly think David thinks "I'm so fast crawling, why would I want to slow myself down by walking?"  Because he just zips past Jonathan now.  Who knows, I know he will walk in due time.  They had their 1 year doctor's appointment last week.  Jonathan was 23 pounds 10 ounces (81%) and 30 inches long and David was 22 pounds 2.5 ounces (61%- pretty good for a boy who wasn't even on the charts at his 4 day appointment) and 30 inches long.  The doctor was very happy with where they are growth wise and developmentally wise.  He said they're doing just great!  They handled their shots very well. 
And then last weekend we got to go to the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds in Grand Haven for their Fall Family Harvest Weekend.  The Christian Schools around here had their teachers' convention last Thursday and Friday so kids had off school so the conference grounds had fun activities the whole weekend and people could camp or stay in cottages.  It was very cold, so we were very thankful we got to stay in the Pastor's Cottage. :)  We were supposed to go last year but I ended up having the twins 5 days earlier than planned, and that was right during the Harvest Weekend so we didn't go last year, but they invited us back again this year and we had a blast.  I'm not so sure how much I would have enjoyed it last year being 37 weeks pregnant with twins. :)  Steve preached there on Sunday so that's why we got to stay in the Pastor's Cottage. 
Micah got to take a hay ride around the campground with Daddy.

Micah learned how to play Sequence.  Well, he learned that you put chips down on the board and it has something to do with the cards. :)  He loved it.

Just hanging out at the cottage.  I had Steve and Micah put toys in a laundry basket to take along.  After we got there I discovered they had thrown my baster in there.  That's a toy, right? :)  Micah uses it as his microphone so I guess we had to take it.

Micah and I carved a pumpkin.  Well Micah told me what shape to make what and I carved it. :)

Breakfast time!  Everyone was a fan of getting hot breakfast made every morning
Steve's mom came one morning and brought pumpkin cookies for Micah to decorate.  Anytime M&Ms are involved Micah is game

Friday night they did trick or treating throughout the campground.  I didn't feel like buying a costume so we pulled out the free jersey shirt Micah got at a Whitecaps game last year that is about 5 sizes too big and called him a baseball player. :)  Micah's cousin Bentley came to trick or treat with Micah, he made a very cute Scooby Doo

All ready to go

They both were big fans of getting candy just for saying trick or treat :)

The twins got to ride along in their new wagon.  Despite what their faces look like, they love riding in the wagon :)

Bathtime was fun too!
Micah was a big fan of the playgound

He discovered how fun it is to swing on your stomach

I decided the Conference Grounds was a great place to have the twins birthday party.  I didn't have to clean my house and my house didn't get a mess from the party, win-win!  I decided to put monkeys on their cakes because they both very much are monkeys :)

I printed out all of their weekly pictures and hung them up for the party.  It was fun to see week by week how they changed.

All ready to each (David on the left, Jonathan on the right)

We had BBQ beef, homemade Mac N Cheese (recipe coming on Friday), salad, and chips with cheese dip.

Family Pic

Opening presents

They both were more interested in what the present came in rather than the actual present

They were big fans of the containers their new Legos came in

Jonathan was showing off how strong he is

 Again, more interested in the tissue paper :)
Steve's parents gave the boys a wagon for their birthday.  I'm very excited to use it!
Singing Happy Birthday to them.  Micah helped them blow out their candle

Not quite so sure (David)

Thinking about it (Jonathan)
Time to dig in :) (J) 

David just used his hands
 Mommy and Daddy had to help them realize there was cake under that frosting

They were much more entertaining than Micah on his first birthday, Steve's dad had to feed him his cake with a fork. :)  It was a very fun party and they both did great! 

 Back home playing with their presents

This morning Micah emptied out their tub that holds some toys and Jonathan decided to climb in.  He thought he was hilarious

Micah then decided David needed a turn in it and then decided it was a bath and he needed to give David a bath.  Here he's washing David's hair :)

And then he decided he needed to get in :) 
Never a dull moment around here :)