Saturday, August 15, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- 8.15.15

I know, I know, this is a little late, but I'll make up for it by putting up a lot of pictures :) Because we did do quite a bit (which may be why I was too tired to blog the last couple of days :)). So here we go:
This is the sight I came down from my nap to one day, three boys up and just sitting in their chairs :). Micah is quite the big brother. He actually likes it when someone wakes up before Mommy. One day I woke up from a nap at 3:30 (don't usually sleep that long, must have been pretty tired :)) and I come downstairs and there's Micah and Jonathan. I asked Micah how long Jonathan had been up, he said right after he got up (which would have been at 3). :) But he said not to worry because he had got him some apple sauce for a snack and was taking care of him and had the monitor on to hear when David woke up so he could go get him. :) Why worry Mommy, Micah's got it all under control. :)

They had a Kid'sFest in our town last week. The boys got to play some fun games, check out some animals. Unfortunately for them they decided to make you buy tickets to play most of the games this year and our boys' parents are cheap and didn't feel like standing in the really long line to get tickets, so they just did the few free things :)

Can you see the lady saying "No, no, no, you don't hold the bunny, just me" :)

David decided it was easiest to just go right up to the board :)

Had to get a baby gift for someone at church so the boys got to play at the mall

They still love playing in their sand box and thankfully play really well together in there (for the most part, they are 3 little boys after all :))
Micah and Steve went to one more Whitecaps game for the summer. Steve said it was fun to watch Micah actually follow the game this time and be somewhat interested in what was happening (usually he just cares about what happens in between innings :)). Steve also commented on how much older Micah looks from when they went just the two of them last year:
What a difference a year makes (this is from last May)
One morning Jonathan decided to go potty on the toilet when he got up! So he was rewarded with some M&Ms after breakfast. You would think that would make him want to go potty on the toilet every morning when he wakes up, but no, he's very sporadic on when he wants to try (which is better than David, who refuses to try at all)

Playing in the dirt with the neighbor's granddaughter. They were such messy little boys afterwards but loved it! :)

Last Friday we had a car cruise through town so we went to a friend from church's house (the cruise doesn't go past our house) to watch it. We weren't sure how many cars would participate since it was kind of rainy, but our neighbors counted 327! Steve's parents came too with our niece and nephew and everyone had a blast. We picked up pizza and ate on the lawn before the cruise started

These two were hilarious. They get kind of freaked out by the loudness of some of the cars so they went behind us to watch and Jonathan hid behind David. I asked Jonathan if he was scared and he said no. So I asked him why he was behind David and he said "Because I'm scared!" :) so cute.
Speaking of things they say, one of the cutest things they both say that I don't want to forget is they
call pajamas "Pajamies" It's a mix of pajamas and jamies, so stink'n cute! :)

Such cool cars to watch

These two had so much fun! (And I have no idea why Micah stands with his hands behind his back like that :)). Their favorite part was when people would throw candy at them :)

Morgan just taking it all in.

These two cars are people from our church, it was fun to see them in the cruise.

After the car cruise Steve and I headed to some friends' house to play cards. When we got there this was on the sidewalk :) So fun!

Saturday Steve took Micah golfing so I decided the twins should get to do something fun too, so I took them to McDonald's for breakfast. They thought that was pretty fun. Although, I asked Jonathan "Do you want to go out for breakfast" and he was very confused why we then did not eat breakfast outside :)
And of course, silly boys, as soon as they're done eating think they need to start running around :)

We had to stop at the store so of course they had to get a cookie even though it was only 9 in the morning :)

They insisted on carrying the bags

At the chicken BBQ during the car show in town

My boys aren't big fans of just eating chicken, so I brought them peanut butter sandwiches :)

They were however fans of the chips that came with the dinner and thankfully mommy and daddy shared
In front of an old firetruck

They also had tractors at the car show and a man from our church had one there and let the boys sit on it. Here's David checking out the tractor


For my birthday on Monday my boys took me out to dinner

I even got a free dessert (thankfully Steve shared it with me)
And yes, we did eat the whole thing :) and yes, it was absolutely delicious!

After dinner we went to the Grand Haven pier and walked to the end

Me with my favorite 3 little guys

And me with my awesome hubby (who by the way wrote me the coolest poem explaining why my gift didn't come in time- he couldn't get it on Amazon Prime :), he continues to amaze me)

The boys loved jumping in the water that was coming over the pier because it was pretty windy

Love these guys!!

Eating lunch at a park with friends

Had to go to Costco to get stuff for our church picnic so the boys and I took the opportunity to use the free meal I got from Qdoba for my birthday. They look like they're very well behaved here, it didn't last :). The twins just don't do well when not contained in a high chair, they are quite the wonderers :)

They love the refrigerated section in Costco

They were warned that they needed to behave in Costco and if they did behave they would be rewarded with some ice cream afterwards. Well, the twins failed big time. They would not listen when I told them to stop opening the refrigerator doors, they threw their free samples on the ground, they threw fits, so they ended up in the cart and yep, no ice cream for these two!

Micah, however, was very good so he was rewarded with ice cream (as was Mommy, Costco ice cream is way to big for one person to eat on their own :)). As we were in line to get the ice cream Jonathan kept saying "I be good, I be good." So he realized why he didn't get it, we'll see if he remembers next time we're at Costco. :)

Here Micah and Steve are ready to go sleep outside in our tent (it was too dark to take a picture with them by the tent). They thought it was so fun!

Micah is becoming pretty good at coloring and actually coloring in the lines. He was very proud of his Daniel the Tiger picture

Jonathan wanted to brush Mommy's hair (which he called beautiful hair :)). Not quite ready to let him do it when I have to go somewhere :)

Micah's idea of making Mommy beautiful was to brush my hair in front of my face :)

This is our office floor. We have not seen this floor in at least a year :). It's so nice to see it again! Thank you Love Inc for inspiring me to finally clean some stuff our of our house and find our floor!

Last night we had a church picnic at a park by a lake. The boys loved the swimming beach

They also loved the food :)

Someone brought their boat so we got to take a boat ride. I think the only boat the twins have ever been on is my Grandpa's pontoon boat that sits pretty high up and we don't ever go fast. They were not such fans of going fast, as in cried "no fast! No fast!" :) I'm sure someday they'll change their tune.

Micah with his friend Reggie. He thought it was very fun to go fast!

I'm pretty sure he's telling Steve he wants us to slow down :)

Our driver, Mr. Eisen! Thanks for the fun ride!
Micah got to go fishing with Steve and his Dad and cousin Bentley. He was very proud of his catch

And I guess he caught the biggest fish of the day
Jonathan was not so happy he didn't get to go fishing (actually, David was more upset about that, I really don't know what Jonathan's problem was, he was just kind of crabby this morning)

So I took them to the playground and that made them both happy

And then they were really happy when I took them to the donut shop and let them each pick one out.

David was very excited about his sprinkles donut

Jonathan demolished his...

David mostly ate the sprinkles off the top :)

It was oh so good!

I think he forgot that the didn't get to go fishing :)