Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 6.24.15

 I know, I know, I've been slacking in the blogging department, but I have a very good reason for it:
I'm pregnant with our fourth child :)
Which means I'm exhausted :), and not always feeling the best (which explains the lack of food blogs :)). We are very excited about this new edition to our family. I haven't had a doctor's appointment yet which means I haven't had an ultrasound yet. We are just a little curious how many babies are in there:). When we know, we'll let you know, but for now we're going with a foursome, not a basketball team. :) Since I haven't had a doctor's appointment I don't know my exact due date, but it's somewhere around January 18 (of course as someone who went 10 days late with my first and 2 1/2 weeks early with my 2nd/3rd, I don't take due dates all that seriously). So that puts me at 10 1/2 weeks so hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll start feeling better and getting my energy back.
These two aren't helping my exhaustion, they have forgotten how to sleep much past 6:30 these days. It is not acceptable in this house to be up before 7:30 :), but since they can't read a clock and it gets light so early, they don't follow that rule. And as you can see it makes them tired by 8:30 in the morning :)

But even with my exhaustion we have still managed to have a lot of fun. Steve went to the CRC Synod last week in Iowa. The first night he was gone we met his parents at a park for dinner and to play on the playground. This is David swinging, he seriously had to have spent at least a total of 30 minutes on the swings!

Grandpa helping Jonathan climb the wall

Micah didn't need help

Jonathan was very excited they had a Clifford dog there
There was an ice cream store right by the park so of course we had to stop there after the park :)
The next day my parents came to help me out while Steve was gone. The boys were pretty excited for them to come!
My Dad didn't argue when I asked if we could stop at Costco on the way home, neither did the boys :)

My Dad got Micah a map to put the state quarters in. So we are now on the hunt for certain state quarters :)

Grandpa helped build lots of hot wheels tracks during his stay

We found a toy store in Grand Haven that had a big train set that the boys thought was pretty cool. Thankfully when they got home they were still happy with their less extensive train set :)

Out to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma (mommy didn't feel like cooking so we ate out a lot :))
Walking out to the pier
We made it to the end!
Saturday we headed to my grandparents house. They boys were very impressed with Grandma's goodie dish with M&Ms :)
And you can't go to Grandpa and Grandma's and not get a boat ride!

All the boys got to "help" great-grandpa drive the boat
David was by far the craziest driver :)

Have to make a trip to the ice cream store!
Monday brought storms on the horizon so we went bowling (Micah was actually wishing for rain because he really wanted to go bowling with Grandpa from the airplane :)) Grandpa was trying to show David how to hold a bowling ball...

David decided he just would rather shove it down

And seriously, don't even think about trying to help Jonathan, he can do it himself! :)
This was the first time Micah used bumpers, usually we us the ramp, but this bowling alley didn't have one. Not sure we'll get him to use a ramp again, he thought getting to throw it down was pretty fun. Mommy won't argue with "having" to use bumpers :)

My Dad went home Monday night so Tuesday we headed to the mall. I just love this picture :)
We didn't know it but Tuesday is free rides on the carousel day, so we all took a ride (my cousin had met us there, but she jumped out of the picture :))
Grandma with her favorite grandsons!
(Okay, her favorite Michigan grandsons :))
These boys can be seen on our neighbors swings often. It's usually the first place David heads when he goes outside. We are looking forward to the day he is able to pump

Daddy made it home!!! We had 3 very happy little boys Friday morning when they woke up to find that Daddy had come home! (Their mommy was pretty happy too :))

I had to go to the Tractor store and Jonathan came with and found this toy that he really thought he needed :)

We finally broke out the pool for the summer! The boys are big fans of playing in their pool

We were getting warm so we put up our beach umbrella, in the backyard :)

My 3 little sweeties!

It was so nice out, and the boys were in wet bathing suits, so we decided to just eat outside which the boys thought was pretty fun (and definitely keeps my kitchen floor cleaner :))
Steve with his boys on Father's Day! They love their Daddy!
I had to bring my keyboard to get shipped for the RYS Convention that I'm playing for in a couple of weeks. I decided I probably should actually plug it in and make sure it still works since the last time I plugged it in was the last convention I played at 3 years ago! :) Thankfully, it still works (not sure what I would have done if it didn't work). The twins have never seen my keyboard. When I opened the case (after lugging the 87 pound box down the stairs by myself since I decided after Steve had left to go golfing with Micah and his dad that this was the day I should take it) David looked at it and said "Mommy, thank you so much for my new piano!" :) And then he and Jonathan proceed to push every button on the keyboard and find things I didn't know the thing did! Thankfully they didn't mess it up :) and we're too upset when I packed it all back up.

Since it was just me and the twins I decided we should do lunch after dropping the keyboard off. Aren't they just the cutest little lunch dates :)

This is how David eats when he's not confined to a high chair :)
We met some friends at a park that has a splash pad, the boys thought it was pretty fun! Plus when they were done with the water, there were swings to go on :)
Last night we decided to have another fire. The boys weren't as into it this time but Micah was excited to get to roast some marshmallows, he's actually a pretty good roaster

And he definitely was excited to get to have a s'more

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 6.11.15

Some people do Spring Clean, me, I do Mom Cleaning, as in when my mom comes, my house gets a good cleaning :). And since my mom is coming soon, my house has been undergoing a good cleaning, hence the lateness of the blog and the lack of words, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. :) (I should note that I do not feel like my mom expects me to clean or would think any less of me if I didn't, I just like to give the impression that we have it all together all the time, although I know she knows otherwise :))
Since we weren't able to do a fire Memorial Day weekend due to rain, we decided to have do one last Wednesday with just our family.

The boys were pretty excited for the fire!

David did not think he needed help

But as you can see his marshmallow roasting skills need some work

Jonathan enjoying his roasted marshmallow, David not so sure about this whole idea

He just wanted the cracker

Micah was very excited for his S'more

Jonathan enjoyed his S'more in separately, his favorite part by far was the chocolate bar :)

We were able to go back to the zoo with our friends for a fun morning
Found our penguin friend back

Very excited to see the Tiger again

Love that they let you bring food and drinks in so we could just have a picnic lunch there

Each boy HAD to have a turn "driving" the tractor
Jonathan driving

David driving

The whole time at the zoo they kept asking about petting the goats, so we finally made it to the goats :)

Micah even got to brush one

Micah keeping Daddy company outside (actually more like Micah preventing Daddy from reading his magazine outside :))
We love it when restaurants give the kids crayons and paper to color while we wait for our food (even better is when they give you fries while you wait :))

Notice Jonathan's chocolate milk is pretty much gone? Yeah, we have not gotten our food yet :). Needless to say he did not eat his meal very well. I think we need to hide his milk until the food comes in the future :)

This guy, however downed his food and Jonathan's :) Maybe if we gave Jonathan a pink cup with white milk he'd eat more of his dinner too :) (Just so you don't think we're mean and not let David get chocolate milk, he prefers white milk. We've ordered him chocolate milk before and he doesn't drink it :))
This is called tipping your cap :)

Eating breakfast in their Sunday best (and thankfully didn't spill on it)

Monday we went to a short Par 3 course that they just opened at a course Steve goes to often. We thought it might be more fun for Micah to play on a short course and it was a better option for taking the twins along for their first golf outing. Micah started going along with Steve at 18 months, so we've felt bad that we hadn't taken the twins yet. However, after 9 holes we realized there's a reason they haven't gone yet and it will now be a little while again before they go :). But fun was had by all (even Julie, who decided this was a good time to try golfing again. Like the twins, it will be a little while before she golfs again :))!

Smashed it :)

The first strawberries from my garden! So fun!!
Micah enjoying those strawberries (he tells me they were very delicious)

Got out the chalkboard, realized that was a dumb idea :) They loved it, but as you can see 3 boys trying to draw on the same board lead to lots of fighting and chalk on my floor :)

But they did love it!

Had to go to the greenhouse (some of our seeds didn't come up so we just went and bought some plants on sale :)), the boys were very excited to get to sit on a horse

They continue to love playing in their sandbox
Getting to play Cars while Mommy gets some cleaning done :)
I'd show you pictures of my clean house, except you can't really tell its clean because 3 boys 4 and under have a very hard time understanding that the floor is something we're suppose to be able to see at all times :), but I promise, underneath all those toys, it's clean. :)