Sunday, November 27, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 44 Weeks~ 11.27.16

First off, I finally changed the name of my blog! :) It's no longer just me and my boys, we now have our precious little girl, so I knew I needed to change it, just finally getting around to it. A big thanks to my cousins who took the time to think up new name possibilities and sent them to me, made the process sooo much easier!! :) So this blog is now called The Bussis Stop! Other than the name, nothing else will change, still the same crazy family to tell you about. :)
Second, funny David quotes from this week that I don't want to forget:
He said this to Jonathan (referring to Anna): "That fellow is my baby!"
He said to me (referring to Anna): "Mommy, thanks for giving me such a cute baby."
Obviously he is quite possessive of his Anna :). 

And we're done :)
As you can see from her outfit, Anna got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving this past week. And boy did she look cute celebrating! :) She's woken up a few times in the middle of the night this past week, but I think she was just cold. After the second night of her waking up (and noticing when I changed her diaper that her legs were cold) I put some pants on her under her fleece sleeper and she didn't wake up, so that was an easy fix. Anna got to try mac and cheese for the first time this week and she was a big fan! She continues to eat pretty much anything we put in front of her (or in her mouth, she loves pears out of the can, but they are not easy to grab with your hands :)). No new teeth this week, the ones she has are just coming in farther showing off her lovely gap on top :). She really is so much fun. As long as she's not hungry she is just happy as can be which is so fun to be around.

I was pretty proud that I got my Christmas Cards out on Tuesday!! Since we have a new address I wanted to get them to people just after Thanksgiving, and I accomplished my goal!! Here Anna and I are putting them in the mailbox! (And no, it is not warm outside, I had just worked out and going outside is a nice quick cool down.

Anna loves pushing in the shapes after her brothers put them in the holes for her, it's so cute to see them all play together

Micah had won a gift card to a sandwich place at the Harvest Festival a couple weeks ago so we decided to go this past week. Didn't realize there was no indoor seating. Thankfully it was a nice day and so we just ate outside.

All ready for church on Thanksgiving. My mom gave her this outfit so I wanted to send her a picture of Anna in it, but Anna did not want to smile, so this was the best we got

This is a typical Anna face. This was when she should have been napping on Thanksgiving afternoon, but instead was having fun exploring the house of people from our church

My four blessings that I am VERY thankful for!!

Steve's parents came to spend Thanksgiving with us. Anna (and the boys) have had lots of fun playing with Grandpa and Grandma!

Me and my sweetie on Thanksgiving night (everyone else was watching Finding Dory but Anna was getting a little loud :))

Trying to get a picture of her smiling in her cute outfit, she smiled but bent over so I couldn't see her cute outfit.

Or she puts her hand in front of her mouth. She really is as big a pain as her brothers when it comes to getting her picture taken :)

But she's so cute who can get mad at her? :)

Making gingerbread houses with Grandpa and Grandma

I may have taken it a bit too seriously (especially since I was helping Jonathan who has the shortest attention span of all of our boys)

Jonathan really just wanted to eat the candy

We went to Fuddruckers for dinner Friday night 
Not sure who had more fun playing the games, the boys or Steve :)

Decorated our Christmas tree (we decided since we have a grabber in our house we'd just use our 4 foot fake tree on a card table)

We celebrated Christmas with Steve's parents last night. The boys were SOOOO excited!!

Anna was pretty excited about her new bear

And the boys now think they are football coaches for Michigan :)

All her new stuff and what she wanted to play with was the wrapping paper :)

Micah was very excited about his new Fire Chief costume, especially the megaphone so he can be even louder!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I need your help!!!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 43 Weeks- 11-20-16

Anna has had a very good week. She is back (for the most part) to our happy fun little girl! If she is not tired and not hungry she is really a lot of fun! I'm thinking however that I need to start feeding her more because I don't think she made it to 7:00am one time this week. Most mornings it was 6:30, this morning it was 6:20 and she cries until you give her a bottle and then she downs it, so I'm thinking she's just ready for more food. No new teeth this week, it's looking pretty funny with those three top teeth coming in even farther, she looks like she already lost a front tooth :). But you only see it when she's smiling really big and then she's just so cute with her smile that you don't think it looks too funny. :)
We had a very busy week but I must not have taken many pictures of the busy week because I don't have too many to share here. :)

We did finally put the twins' quilts up in their room (Miss Barb from our church in Michigan had made them each their own quilt and they hung on the wall in the nursery there, but we'd never put them up here). They were so excited to have them up. Jonathan said "now I can sleep on the wall!" And then he tried to lay on it on the wall, it was pretty funny. :)

Our school had a campaign dinner and how they do desserts is they get people and businesses to donate them and then the people have to bid on a dessert to get dessert at the dinner. So I made two of these cakes. My goal is to always have a cake taste as good as it looks (I find it very disappointing when something looks so delicious and then you take a bit and it's not as good as it looks). I think this lived up to my goal (I was off my challenge this week so I got to actually give this one a taste test :)). My cakes did pretty well in the silent auction so it was fun to get to help the school raise money in this way. 

The boys have played outside quite a bit this week. They don't care if it's in the 30s, if the sun is shining, they want to play outside :)

Of course then they come inside pretty cold so they had to have some hot chocolate to warm up.

I was pretty excited to get to have a cup of hot apple cider from my Keurig as well (I got it for my birthday and have been on a challenge since then so I had never actually made a cup for myself). It was very yummy!

This girl can get some pretty crazy hair

The boys were very disappointed that they didn't get to eat any of that cake I had made for the campaign dinner, and I had some extra frosting left over, so I made them a mini cake and they were excited to help put the raspberries on top.

Eating some Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast

I guess Jonathan didn't think I gave her enough :)

So they also got to eat Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Between the two of them they did polish off all those Cheerios Jonathan had poured onto Anna's tray

The twins had dentist appointments this week which they did really well at, but they were bummed that the dentist office is on the ball and they didn't have to wait that long to go back, so we had to have some play time in the waiting area after their appointments :)

We made pizza one night and Micah wanted to make his to look like his friend Iris :)

Friday morning Jonathan and Micah got out my mops and were pushing them across the floor. I figured if they were pushing them anyways I might as well put the rags on them and actually have them mop the floor :)

Micah now has to be read to 20 minutes a day 5 days a week, so this is a sight you often see in our house these days, the boys listening and Anna insisting on sitting on Steve's lap, and then insisting on getting down :)

More play time outside

At Coffee Break on Tuesday I was talking with some other ladies from Michigan about how we miss Michigan pigs in a blanket. One of the ladies said she had a recipe for them and she gave it to me, so yesterday I made 51 pigs in a blanket! We had them for lunch today, they were so yummy!!

This is a typical Anna, stand next to something to get something she's really not suppose to have. :)