Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- The Twins turn 3!! (10.28.15)

On October 17 my little twins turned 3! Crazy how time flies!
They have gone from this:
to this

to this
They are full of life and keep us all on our toes. They are best friends who don't know what to do when the other one isn't around. They are stinkers (especially David) and sweethearts. They are all boy, love to play in the sandbox, ride their bikes, play with cars, planes and trains, make a mess, read books and of course, wrestle :). They make life very fun and we are so thankful the Lord gave them to our family!
Here are their stats from their doctor's appointment:
Jonathan: Height- 3'2.75" (81%), Weight- 35lb 15oz (87%)
David: Height- 3'2" (65%), Weight- 33lb 4.6oz (68%)
The doctor was very happy with their checkup saying we have 2 healthy boys!
We had a birthday party for them on the night of their birthday with Steve's family. I put together a treasure hunt for the boys to do. Micah definitely took charge of that. :) 

They found the treasure!

Opening presents is interesting enough with a 3 year old, it gets even more interesting with two 3 years olds going at the same time :)

They each got their own cake

David loving it, Jonathan trying not to smile :)

They did it! (with a little help from Mommy :))

When we were at the beach in California I wanted to take family pictures and pictures of the boys. Well, they were absolute pains in the butt!!! Not Micah, he was great, but Jonathan and David wanted nothing to do with cooperating or wanting to be good for Mommy. Well, amazingly, when I got home and started looking through the pictures I was pretty happy with them. :) So here's a few of my silly boys!


 And then some of all 3:

Not really sure what David is doing but this picture makes me laugh every time I see it

3 boys in the sand, there's going to be some sand throwing :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- California Vacation Part 2 (10.21.15)

The second week of vacation we got to spend at Oceanside Beach with my parents! 
Our first stop after getting all our stuff in our rooms was dinner at Ruby's on the Pier, another restaurant on our list.
The first night we just chilled in our room with some popcorn and football

The boys got the bedroom (so Mommy and Daddy didn't have to be quiet after they went to bed :)). We put the mattress from the bed in the living room (right by the patio door so we could listen to the ocean all night, and all the rude cars that go by at all hours of the night blaring their music!) and the twins' air mattresses fit right on top of the box spring! It was a perfect setup!  

Still kept their morning routine of watching a video when they woke up :)

We had to go to the grocery store the first morning to stock up on food for the week. Unfortunately both David and Jonathan wanted to come along. Don't they look so cute together in the cart? Yeah, there was nothing cute about them in the store, they were TERRIBLE!!! We finally separated them, putting one in my mom's cart and then it got better. :)
Enjoying lunch on Grandpa and Grandma's balcony

It rained the first morning we were there but cleared up beautifully after the boys' nap so we were able to go to the beach (which was right outside our rooms!). Micah was very excited to try out boogie boarding!

He thought it was pretty fun!
Grandpa liked boogie boarding as well
Steve was also a huge fan of boogie boarding, went twice almost every day we were there, but sadly I realize I don't have one picture of him doing it! :( Major wife fail! I do have video on our video camera of him doing it, but I currently don't know where the cord is to get that on my computer so I can't share it with you. But believe me when I tell you he loved it! :)

Two boys on a mission


Jonathan did want to actually ride the boogie board, he just liked dragging it around
And yes, we do know he wears his sunglasses upside down. Even he knows he wears them upside down, he just doesn't care :) But everyone who walks by him has to point it out like we didn't notice :)

We ate dinner every night on my parents' balcony while we watched the sun set!

There was a playground right next to our beach club that the boys enjoyed playing on

Tuesday Steve and I got to have a day away and my parents graciously watched the boys. Which means they got treated to lunch at the pier :)

And ran around chasing some birds

Love this picture!

They also got to go to Chuck E Cheese :)

And while they were having fun with Grandpa and Grandma Steve and I crossed another restaurant off our list, Lolita's Taco Shop, the most delicious Mexican restaurant with these absolutely amazing Carne Asada Nachos! I crave them all year long :) And yes, I did share them with Steve :)

After lunch we went to Coronado Island and Steve got to play golf right along the water and I got to enjoy the beautiful scenery and drive the golf cart :)

Coronado Bridge in the background

Such a fun time!
And we're back at the beach (a daily occurrence :), I mean seriously, if you're staying at the beach and it's in the 80s every day you're there, you're going to spend a good amount of time at the beach :). Thankfully the boys loved it!

Such teamwork

Playing Frisbee in the water

One afternoon my mom and I went to this cupcake place where you got to make and decorate your own cupcakes. We realized when we got there that it was really meant for little kids :) but we did it anyways (for example, you got chocolate milk with your cupcake :), but I didn't mind, I love chocolate milk!)

Finished product. We even shared them with everyone after dinner that night

Enjoying the sunset

A couple of the nights we walked the pier after dinner. There were people selling these lit up helicopters you shoot in the air. None of us had any money on us, but they gave each of the boys one anyways which they were all pretty excited about.

Grandpa shooting one up in the air

Grandma took Micah on a day date one of the days. Originally they were going to go to LEGOLAND, but it became clear that Micah wasn't so sure about that and was just as happy to go play mini-golf and go to lunch, so that's what they did 

While they were gone Jonathan and David enjoyed having Mommy and Daddy to themselves. Well, actually they pretty much ignored us, but they enjoyed not having Micah boss them around :). This included playing on the beach and completely covering themselves with sand

The helicopters are fun to shoot off during the day too

Watching how high they could get it
We also enjoyed playing games in our room (we do a modified version of Memory for the twins :))

One day it was fairly hot in our room (they don't have air conditioning, wouldn't think you'd need it in October :)) so hung out in the shaded, breezy middle patio area and I had a plastic bag out so of course these boys played with those for a good half hour :)


The twins loved to cuddle when they were done with the beach and we never minded

Saturday I wasn't feeling the greatest, I think I was just plain too hot :) (I eventually just went all the way in to the ocean to cool off and felt so much better) so Grandpa and Grandma decided to take the boys on a walk on the pier
Jonathan and Micah got hot and tired so they went back to the room with Grandma, but David stayed with Grandpa and got to check out the pelican who hangs on the pier

Sitting in Grandpa's cool director's chair

Checking out the beach below
My silly David

Grandma getting in on the cuddling

The boys loved having Grandpa and Grandma's full attention!
And then here we are, at the airport at 4:30 in the morning! :) And you wouldn't believe how awake and full of energy these boys were! Thankfully they love flying so it's not hard to get them up early

Ready for take off

iPad makes flying sooo much more enjoyable!!!

None of the boys slept a wink on either of our flights home even after being woke up at 3:45 in the morning. But it didn't take long once they were in the van for them to fall asleep :).
Thanks Mom and Dad for an absolutely WONDERFUL time!!! It was so fun to get to go away with you and have you on vacation with us and watch our boys just enjoy every minute with you!!