Saturday, January 28, 2017

Anna Turned 1!!!- 1.28.17

Our sweet Anna turned 1 this past Monday!!

The doctor said this is a very impressive thing she does with her tongue :)

She's just so big!!
She had a very good checkup on Tuesday. She weighed 23.5 pounds (85%), was 29.75" (75%) and I can't remember the exact measurement but her head circumference was 95%. The doctor was very happy with her proportions and said she is a very healthy girl. While the doctor was checking out Anna's mouth, I discovered Anna has two molars on top!! I had felt a week or so ago that she seemed like she was teething, but no teeth ever came in. I never thought to look in the back for her molars! So she has six teeth on top (front four and then molars) and two on bottom (front two) and she looks like her molars are trying to come in on the bottom as well.
As for clothes Anna wears 12 months, 12-18 months or 18 months (the 12 months are starting to get pretty small). She wears size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 at night although since cutting out her bottle before bed she probably no longer needs the bigger size at night. She is completely off formula and the bottle and thankfully enjoys drinking milk out of a cup with a straw (was not a fan of the sippy cup, just like her big brother Micah). She loves a lot of food. I would say her favorites are yogurt, cheese, crackers, raisin bread, grilled cheese, pasta (mac n cheese or alfredo), bananas, smoothies, apple sauce and then lately we've discovered she's a big fan of frosting (not so much the cake part) and ice cream. She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and usually has one or two snacks in between to hold her over. She gets some milk before bed although she usually doesn't want to sit still long enough to drink too much.
Developmentally she is still not walking although she is perfectly capable of taking a few steps :). But she prefers to crawl, which she is very speedy at, as well as walk on her knees, which just looks uncomfortable. She "talks" quite a bit and can say mama, dada, yes (amazingly she said yes and not no :)), and cheese (for taking a picture, can you tell her mama takes a lot of pictures of her? :)). It will be interesting as she starts to talk more and can say her brothers' names if she will be able to tell David and Jonathan apart. Micah always could from the start (he wasn't even 2 when they were born) and I feel like she knows who is who because she gets more annoyed at David than Jonathan, I'm thinking because David is the one always in her face :). She's pretty smart, even if she doesn't see me hide the remote she remembers I put it behind my back (when I'm sitting on the floor) and she goes and gets it! She knows what she's not suppose to have and so when she grabs it she looks at us like "what are you going to do about it?"
She still naps for sure in the afternoon and depending on what time she woke up in the morning and what we have going on in the morning she does or doesn't take a morning nap. It's nice that she no longer absolutely needs that morning nap, but still will take it if we don't have anything going on and she's just not going to make it till after lunch. Depending on what kind of nap she has taken (how long her brother were quiet :)) she goes to bed anywhere from 7:30-8:30 at night and usually sleeps till about 7:00am.
She is such a blessing to our family. She is silly, she is sweet, she's a stinker like her brothers :). She loves to climb on top of you if you're on the floor, she loves it when Daddy is holding her and brings her over by me when I'm doing the dishes or making dinner and she flicks my pony tale (he taught her that :)). But she also loves to give you hugs and kisses. We are so thankful the Lord decided to bless us with her! We just couldn't imagine life without her!
 I made a video of all her weekly pictures in case you'd like to see them all one right after the other. It's fun to see how she has grown:
 On to the rest of the week:
Anna loves putting shoes on her hands (as well as taking every shoe off the shoe rack). She puts them on and then crawls around. She thinks she's pretty funny

She was not happy that the boys went outside without her. I think we're going to have to put the child proof door knobs on soon

She is quite taken care of by David, she doesn't even have to hold her water cup :)

Birthday girl!!

It makes this oil loving mama proud that Anna knows exactly what to do with the oil roller :)
David decided using a sled was overrated, just go on your tummy like a penguin :)

Making Peanut Butter cake in a mug like we saw on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show. They turned out really yummy!!

I think she wanted to go outside :)

Micah had his 6 year checkup at the same time as Anna's 1 year checkup.

Checking his blood pressure

Waiting for the doctor. She did so well!

The doctor had Micah walk like a duck :) I can't remember why but it was pretty funny so I had to snap a picture :)
His stats were pretty similar to Anna as far as percentages. He weighed 62.5 pounds (90%) and was 48" tall (80%). The doctor was also very happy with how he is growing and developing.

Grandma came!! And she brought Micah's birthday presents along.

Watching Micah open his presents

He got a floor puzzle of the solar system. It's so weird to me that it has all the planets and Pluto isn't one of them!

Anna got to join in on the fun at Kindergym (before she always was in the crawlers corner, but I didn't think she'd enjoy being contained to a very small area anymore)

She greatly enjoyed her freedom

Working on his balance

He loved getting to go back to Kindergym (it had been since before Thanksgiving)

He also got roller skates for his birthday (as well as knee, elbow and wrist pads :)) so he tried them out first in the kitchen
Then he moved to the barn. We have a loft in our barn that is just an empty room so he and our neighbor girl could skate around up there.

All ready for Anna's birthday party!

It's pretty fun to have pink decorations :)

The best picture I could get of Anna opening her presents :)

And it didn't last long, she was content to have her brothers open them for her

She was a fan of her new Minnie Mouse chair from Grandpa and Grandma Bussis

She also got a cool pink tent from her uncle and aunt and as you can see, she had to share it immediately :)

But then she got to go in it (it is currently in her closet so her wild brothers don't break it before she can fully enjoy it :))

All ready for her cake.

Digging in to the frosting

She was a pretty big fan of the frosting

Trying to share with Daddy
She wasn't so sure about the mess on her hand

As you can see she pretty much destroyed her cake :) and enjoyed doing it. She wasn't such a fan of the actual cake, I tried to give her a piece and she spit it out :) just wanted the frosting

Really digging in (to make a mess)

And then it went in her hair, lovely :)

She was done :) And straight into the bath she went!

After she was all cleaned up she got to play with her new ride along toy which she is a big fan of (as are her brothers, it causes some fights :))

She got a kitchen from Grandpa and Grandma VandenHeuvel, now she can cook and bake like mommy

The boys walked about a half mile from our house to go sledding on a hill in the field, and then had to walk back (well, I guess the twins only walked half way back and then Steve had to pull them in the sled the rest of the way), so they were pretty tired by the time they got back to our house :). So they just rested in the snow for a bit before coming in.