Thursday, March 8, 2018

Life with the Bussis'- 3.8.18

Wow am I ever behind! I thought of counting up all the cupcakes and cakes and pies I've made in the past month and a half and all the weeks someone in this house has been sick and a host of other things that have kept me from blogging, but that would just take more time. :) So instead I'll just get right into the pictures showing what we have been up to.
Anna did not think it was fair that her brothers got to ride in the car and she had to be in the boring cart!

Last I blogged Steve had gone to a conference in California. Everyone in this house was very excited to have him come home!

He loves taking pictures (as long as he gets to see it right after :))

Silly girl thought her baby pack n play was for her

Silly girl thought mommy's lip stain was for your feet

And hands. It took a few days to come completely off

I had to go to a mall 2 1/2 hours away to get my wedding ring inspected. We were very thankful the mall had a kid's play area where these three lucky ones who got to go along with me could burn off some energy.

They also wanted to ride these

After sitting in a car for 5 hours that day we again needed to burn off some energy, so we headed over to the church basement to ride some scooters

The counter looks like a good place to sit :).

The kids got to go to a few high school basketball games this year. They did pretty well, especially when they had friends to play with (Anna adores these girls!)

We have started trying to potty train. It was going really well, then she changed her mind, so now it's not really going at all. Oh the joys.

We have played a lot of Wii this winter (it has been a very cold winter that doesn't want to turn into spring)

How Anna eats her treat

Again, such a silly girl

Micah got a telescope for his birthday so one clear night we went outside and checked out the moon.

It's pretty cool! We're very excited for it to warm up a bit so we can be out there a little longer to find more things to look at.

This girl turned 2 on January 23!!!

I still can't believe she's 2! Although she doesn't act like a 2 year old, most days she acts like a 4 year old! She had a very good check up. The doctor said cognitively she is 3. She said a 2 year old does something wrong because they are 2, a 3 year old does something wrong because they know it's naughty. That pretty much describes Anna. :) She knows exactly what she's doing! (Which is why I know she could wear underwear if she really wanted to!)

What happens when your mom's a baker, your birthday cake consists of whatever leftover frosting she has in the fridge :)

She had lots of fun opening her presents and playing with her new toys. It's very fun to have girly toys in the house (just had a tea party with the twins this morning :))

She takes excellent care of her dolls she has been give

This boy had a rough go for a few days. He woke up one day sounding pretty horrible (croup-like). It continued to get worse through the day. He happened to have his 7 year old appointment that afternoon anyways which was a blessing. The doctor was convinced he had influenza (they had a number of kids in school with influenza, including some of his classmates) but his test came back negative. She said that test isn't always correct so they gave him a steroid for the croup and said to call in the morning and if he was still lethargic (I've never see this kid like that, just laying around not wanting to eat or do anything) that we would assume he had influenza and give him Tamiflu, along with Anna and me because she said we just really couldn't risk getting sick. She also said going out in the cold could help his croup, so this picture is us hanging out outside in the freezing cold. Which actually helped a lot! 

And thankfully he slept great and woke up the next morning looking like this! So no flu! I did keep him home the rest of the week just to make sure he got completely over whatever he had (and avoided whatever was going around at school :))

This girl loves her high heals, dolls and suitcase :)

They got some Valentine treats from Grandma so they had to show them off

I was encouraged to get to see my grass (it didn't last long)

David came upstairs in these pajamas. They were size 4!! He didn't think they were too small :)

Helping Mommy make some cookies

This girl has at least one applesauce a day, usually two

I got to make cupcakes for 2 six year old girls' birthday, so fun!

The kids got gift cards to Target for Christmas from someone from church and decided they wanted to get some baseball stuff with it. Doesn't that look a little dangerous? :)

While waiting for the boys to pick out their stuff Anna saw this soccer ball and decided that's what she wanted. :)

This girl loves to twirl when in a dress

Finally got her to stop so I could get a picture since I thought she just looked adorable with her curls

We both had curls that day

I just love this picture!

Did I mention I made a lot of cupcakes?

They are "washing" my window

These two had the birthdays that we just kept celebrating :) My parents came out the end of January so we once again celebrated Micah and Anna

How does one get frosting on their forehead when eating cake?!

We went to a kids program about dinosaurs at the museum. The boys loved learning about the 5 families of dinosaurs!

Anna loved doing the craft (she loves to color)

Lots of fishing going on

And of course watching a show at the planetarium is always a highlight (and this one was so much better than the last one we saw when my parents were out!)

I did a three week challenge and one day had to do a wall sit for a minute. Anna graciously did it with me. I sent this picture to my sister who was also doing the challenge...

And she sent this one back, we matched :) (can you tell we're sisters? I usually don't think we look alike but I think we do here)

Went to Fuddruckers for games and food

Even Grandpa...

And Grandma got in on the fun

This girl and her hair!!

It gets worse when she plays on the couch!

I can't remember what they said all this stuff was, I just remember they were jumping off the bed :)

Micah reading to mommy while I made dinner

Of course then Anna had to have a turn

I just had to share this. Steve wrote me this poem for Valentine's Day! What a guy!!

I had gotten something for him for Valentine's day, but I didn't order it till Valentine's day :) so I had to give him something that day, especially after the sweet poem he wrote me, so chocolate covered strawberries it was!

Our Valentine's Day tradition is for me to make a nice meal for our whole family and we eat it on our china. So fun! Steve and I got bacon wrapped filets, the kids got Mac N Cheese (from a box, their favorite :)) 

It has been a long cold winter, so we have done a lot of this

Micah has stared reading chapter books. He loves it! It's so fun to see him get into a book. I just bought him a bunch of Imagination Station books which are put out by Focus on the Family (connected with Adventures in Odyssey which I loved to listen to as a kid) so I'm excited for him to start those.

This is how Jonathan lounges around, or as he says it "I'm chillaxing" :)

They put this floor puzzle (and 2 others) together all by themselves! They were pretty proud of themselves

These two just have the cutest relationship!

Problems of being the kid of a pastor and worship coordinator, you get dragged to church (or in this case the school gym because we were having a joint service with the other church in town) at ridiculously early hours so your mom sticks you in chairs with headphones and an ipad to keep you busy. :) They were so good!

They had a bakery going on (Micah was home from school because he had a sore throat. I called the school and left a message that he wouldn't be there that day because of a sore throat and I got a text from the secretary just letting me know that strep throat was going around, lovely! Thankfully after a day of chugging On Guard and Lemon oil out of a shot glass his throat was just fine :))

David and I had a Mommy and David afternoon date. He got to pick if he wanted to go bowling or go to Fuddruckers and play games, he picked Fuddruckers :)

And then we went to get frozen yogurt (because it was -1 degrees, that sounds about right :)) We had a great time! Now I need to remember to take the other boys out at some point :)

Anna got some hand me downs and I put this outfit on her and she just looked so grown up to me (as a side note she was so not a fan of wearing jeans. She is definitely a leggings girls. She cried when I put these on her and the next day when I got another pair out she said "No!" and went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of leggings. :) Can't say I blame the girl, I'd rather wear leggings too)

We watched some friends one morning so we decided to pull out the bubble machine. It was a hit!

She's just so cute

Playing a duet with our neighbor while playing in the church basement

When David and I were on our date I asked him if he was excited to go to school next year. He said yes. I asked him what he was excited about and he said learning to read. I've had this Hooked on Phonics app on my ipad that I got years ago for free, so I got it out and he and Jonathan have been loving doing "lessons" and learning to read!

He picked these off something in our house and decided to put them on his face :)

Oh Anna

So of course we had to get a picture of silly David too :)

Anna climbed in Jonathan's bed, she thought he was hilarious, he, not so much :)

She was insistent this day that she wear her snowman dress (can't blame her for thinking it was appropriate to wear it since it's been so cold and we've gotten quite a bit of snow)

This was a Monday morning when Steve had off, so he asked the boys what they wanted to do. Their answer: "Legos!!"

Steve went to a basketball game (can't remember which one, he's gone to divisional tournament which was 3 1/2 hours away and state tournament which was 1 hour away :)). So we decided to go to McDonalds for dinner :)

Can't remember why but Jonathan got it in his mind that he wanted to be a bunny for Halloween and he wanted to make his hat now. He seriously wore that bunny hat for 5 days in a row! I can't believe it didn't rip!

I hadn't gone to lunch with Micah at school all year so we decided it was about time. I let him pick the day I went and he picked French toast sticks day :)

Jonathan's toe hurt (I'm pretty sure it was an ingrown toenail) so I let him take a foot bath, complete with his bunny hat on. By the end of it there was no water left in the foot bath because he discovered how fun it was to splash the water out of the bath (his mother did not find it funny!)

We had a bunch of stuff to get at Walmart and they hadn't eaten much for breakfast, so I decided it was going to be a much more enjoyable shopping experience if I got them donuts at the beginning. Right call!! :)

After Walmart we went to Costco and Anna was insistent that she wanted to walk. Oh did she love that!

Pretty sure she's never going to want to ride in the cart again!

My Valentine's gift for Steve finally was done. He proposed to me by writing me a poem and putting it on these index cards that he set up throughout my apartment. My friend gave me the idea to have it framed and I'm so glad she did! I love how it turned out! The picture is from right after he proposed.

It may be freezing cold and snowy here, but every once in a while you don't mind because it's so beautiful! This picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful it was this night

Micah school got canceled because the basketball team was in the state tournament so I asked him if he'd like to go to the museum because usually we go while he's in school and he very much liked that idea. They had recently opened a new exhibit about Julius Caesar and how the Romans built all their buildings. I wasn't sure how kid friendly it was going to be, but it was awesome! They had so much hands on stuff for the kids to do, they loved it! We spent way more time in that exhibit than I figured we would

And of course we had to play in the kids play area. Anna loved twirling in the eagle costume

Watching yet another show in the planetarium (we love our museum membership!) 

It finally warmed up a little (like in the 30s) and the snow melted off the parking lot, so we played a lot of Frisbee (David's actually pretty good at it)

And rode some scooters

And mowed the parking lot :). The next day we got about 6 inches of snow, so it was short lived :).
And there you have it. I'd love to say now you're caught up with the Bussis family, but sadly I started this blog on Saturday and it is now Thursday, so I'm already behind :). Such is life with four kids I guess. :)