Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 9.16.17

So I started this blog on August 28 (had the date written in the title) and I'm just now finally finishing it. :) Obviously life has been a little busy (plus there were two weeks of the US Open where I watched tennis during most of my free time :)). So here are pictures from before school began:
We finished off our summer with lots of fun.
Had some friends come ride their bikes in the parking lot and Anna got ahold of someone's bike and helmet, she thought she was pretty cool

Made another trip to the pond to swim and ride the kayak. Anna thought she was pretty funny pouring sand on mommy's feet

Not a bad view on a summer night

I hadn't put Anna's swimsuit on because she typically does not enjoy water. Of course when she doesn't have it on is when she decides it's not so bad

All wet!

So this is how she got to ride home (I don't think she minded)

Waiting of the parade to start at the Potato Festival

David didn't care so much about the parade, mostly he cared about his balloon sword

Our neighbors got to ride in the parade and throw out Frisbees

Anna found the festival very exhausting

Love getting to do her hair fun!

Such a cutie (in my bias opinion :))

Micah wanted to make a cake all by himself (I just told him how much of what to put in)


It turned out quite delicious!

Jonathan and I went on a little date. He was pretty excited, especially since he had to watch Micah and David have their mommy-son date before he got to do his.

We first went to the frozen yogurt store

And then he got to go to Costco. He didn't mind, he loves trying on the glasses

She loves anyone who will read to her

Drinking our green shakes

We finally made it to the splash pad

I love how he plugs his nose just going through the water :)

David does it too

Anna eventually decided it was okay to touch the water

Eating a picnic lunch

The water was pretty freezing so we eventually just went and played on the playground. The twins actually figured out how to do the monkey bars

I tried a new cupcake (cookies and cream) and Anna was a pretty big fan of it

I used some birthday money to buy initial charms for my bracelet. They didn't have all of them in the same style, so Anna gets to be different

Anna loves to dance with Mommy while we're working in the kitchen

Getting better at this French braiding thing

They have an event called Digger Days around here where kids get to go in fun construction equipment.

My boys loved it!!

Anna was a good sport

Helping operate a big digger

They also had a huge dirt pile for the kids to play in which Anna was a big fan of

And, Lightening McQueen was there and they got to sit in it!!

They were also excited about the Happy Meals we picked up on the way home for lunch :)

My Mom gave me an apron with "Julie's Sweet Treats" on it for my birthday and she made this adorable apron for Anna (who had been wearing Micah's old Lightening McQueen apron)

So fun!!