Monday, April 23, 2018

Life With the Bussis'- 4.23.18

I'm just not even going to acknowledge the fact that this is ridiculously overdue :). We're just going to get right into it.
This was from March 12, so much snow (this is where it drifts in our backyard)

The boys didn't mind, especially with Daddy digging a hole for them

Even with all the snow all Anna wanted to do was swing :)

In the hole (shows you how deep the snow is)

Another picture to show you how deep the snow is, the top of the clothes line is at Steve's chest

At our last Coffee Break the Little Lambs kids came up and sang for us. The twins really got into it :)

They love getting to help at the self-checkout at Walmart

They also love getting a snack at Costco :)


He's pretty good at summersaults

He's great at hanging :)

All the fun wore Anna out

Micah's class had a bear party and his teacher asked me to come help making the bear shaped pancakes. It was so fun to get to be a part of it (they also got to wear their pajamas to school that day)

I made a lot of cupcakes in March. This was for a Montana reception for someone from church

I let Anna watch nursery rhymes while I do her hair and every time her silly brothers just have to watch them too!

Our little mommy

He thought mommy was a chair

They are just so silly

Micah had his spring break so one morning we went bowling

I just love this picture of David, so relaxed!

Anna even got to bowl

Steve showing us all how it's done

Jonathan loves to dress up like a robber (and then be chased by this brothers)

They were so excited for Grandpa and Grandma Bussis to come visit!!

We went to Billings to go to a water park, they just couldn't wait for it to open so we could go!

Unfortunately the water in the kids pool section was super cold, so this was the only time Anna went down the slide :)

But she LOVED the warm wave pool (and dragged Grandma all around it)

So much fun!!

Micah loved the water slides. (The twins actually got to ride the slide with tubes too, we just had to sign a waver for them and had to go down with them, hence no pictures of it :))

Pizza in the hotel room after the water park

Grandpa and Grandma got to play lots of Monopoly Deal with Micah

We went to a sports store that has a Ferris Wheel in the store!! And for only $1 each (so much better than the Ferris Wheel at the fair!!)

They also had these really fun picture places

It was so much fun to have Steve's parents go with us on our little trip

More games

This silly girl has insisted since the middle of March to wear her shorts pajamas, all day long!

What a Daddy, having a tea party with his little girl!

They love to play in boxes

This face was all because I made her get out of her shorts pajamas :)

I have discovered the best time to go to Walmart with 3 kids in toe is first thing in the morning. It's empty, and I can just get the kids donuts for breakfast, making it a quick get ready at home and a more enjoyable time shopping as they're distracted with eating :)

This girl loves the swing!!

I recovered my chairs! I finally was just too embarrassed to have people over and have to sit on my boys' disgustingly stained chairs!

This girl also loves frosting. She can spot my frosting bags across the house and always comes over with her fingers out for a squirt of frosting :)

A fun cake I made for a 3 year old's birthday party.

The boys always want to "wash" my windows (they take a kitchen towel, get it wet and rub it all around the windows), so I finally decided to just give them my Norwex, and they actually did a pretty good job cleaning them!

This cake was all the leftovers I had from different baking orders. I think it was one layer vanilla cake, one layer chocolate with Oreo frosting as the filling, chocolate frosting on the outside and vanilla frosting on top :). They didn't mind, it all got eaten

We had very lousy weather the last month and a half (this week it finally felt like spring), so Steve and I (well, mostly Steve) did some puzzles.

I got to experiment with buttercream flowers, they were so fun!

That cake on top is actually a cake (when I sent this picture to my mom she asked if it was a basket on the outside). So fun to make!

The dessert table!

We were invited over to someone's house on Palm Sunday and they did an egg hunt. This girl is in Micah's class and was so sweet helping Anna find eggs

Notice how Jonathan has something in his mouth. It's a horn-like thing that was in his basket, and he blew it the ENTIRE time he looked for eggs!

It meant so much to Steve and I that our kids were included in this family's festivities! We are so blessed to be a part of the church here!

It was a whopping 37 degrees out :) but it was sunny so we decided to "go on an adventure" on Monday morning.

The boys brought their buckets they had gotten for the egg hunt to find things for their nature collection

Jonathan brought a tape measure along :)

They lined all their cars up for a car show (which then turned into traffic like at Grandpa and Grandma's from California :))

She loves her heals (also, since she insisted on wearing shorts pajamas all the time, I finally got her ones that were actually big enough for her)

I bought some bar stools off a Facebook garage sale and the apartment we had to go to to pick them up had a playground at it which my kids just thought was the coolest

For the last day of Kindergym they had a bouncy house!

It's really weird to think that next year I'll just be taking Anna to Kindergym

Our "new to us" barstools! Again, I was so sick of the disgusting food stains, so I was very excited to get vinyl ones! (Now to keep them from poking holes in them!)

Jonathan was very proud of his "princess tower"

Micah had Good Friday off, so we headed to the museum

Always have to take a picture with the Bison

This was the day before Easter! So not what this California girl expects on Easter!

To help us cope, we baked :)

They got Unity Christian (where Steve went to high school and his mom works) from Steve's mom so they had to show them off

Getting all ready for church the next day, toe nails painted and hair in curlers :)

So worth it! All decked out in her Easter dress

Girls in curls!

My four cuties!

The boys

Family Easter picture!

Micah had the day after Easter off too, so we decided to have a fun breakfast and make bear pancakes

I had to grab a few things at the store and Anna was my helper

He's getting pretty good at ping pong (for a seven year old)

We did some fishing

Had some friends over (these two seriously have so much fun together, they just giggle and giggle)

Jonathan decided his hair was longer than her wanted and cut a chunk off

David was very proud of his coloring (as was I, he did a great job of staying in the lines)

He loves to climb on my lap, especially when we're playing cards

We play a lot of Monopoly Deal in this house

The theme of the past month, snow!!!

But we tired to have a good attitude about it.

Sometimes Anna has meltdowns. And when she does, she asks to just go in her crib. At least she knows she needs time to get herself together :)

So her mother's daughter, sneaking candy out of a drawer!

He woke up one morning and wanted to paint from his head (that means he doesn't paint something already drawn but he makes it all up himself)

We've done lots of play doh over here (not my favorite because it makes a mess, but when it's too yucky to go outside, you just got to let them make a mess)

This was so cute, she was reading to her dolly! (and yes, she was reading a birthday card :))

Micah's class went to the museum for a field trip and I got to go along

The maintenance guy showing them the ins and outs of this war riffle (he made a point of telling us that it is not a canon but in fact a riffle)

Exciting day, the twins had their Kindergarten assessment. They were so excited for it! And they got pencils with erasers as a prize! So far they are very impressed with school :)

It was finally nice!!! So Anna just wanted to sit outside and enjoy it

We wanted to do something outside but I didn't feel like going somewhere, so I found a nature scavenger hunt online for us to do.

All Anna wanted to do was go on the swing :)

Poor kid. I warn them all the time that when I am working out they need to stay away from me because I don't want to kick them or hit them with my fist or a dumbbell. Well, they rarely heed that advice and this day David ran behind me just as I was kicking backward, and I kicked him right by his eye. I did feel bad (but also so annoyed that he once again did not listen to me and in turn got hurt! :))
Just hanging around :) (he picked his own outfit, he wanted to be red boy)

Steve took the twins to Burger King for lunch one day. They had gotten coupons at the Harvest Festival for free hamburgers and ice cream, so they finally got to use them

They were big fans of the playground there!

And there you have it. And it only took me five days since downloading my pictures on here to finish the blog, so we'll see how long it takes me to do the next one. :) Until then we will be enjoying spring finally arriving!!