Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Anna's 2 year old pictures (at 2 years and 5 months :))

I finally got around to taking Anna's 2 year old pictures. First I was waiting for it to warm up a bit so she wouldn't have to be wearing a big winter coat in them. Then I took some, but wasn't really all that happy with them. So finally we were to June so I figured I might as well wait till we were at one of our favorite places on Earth, the Conference Grounds! And I love how they turned out! Except she looks so old! I always tell people when they ask how old she is that she's 2 going on 5, and I feel like she looks like that in these pictures. Well, maybe not 5, but not 2 either! Slow down my sweet girl! So here are some of her pictures for your enjoyment!
Anna Leona Bussis- 2 years old

Monday, July 30, 2018

Trip to Michigan!

Five days after we got home from California we were at the airport ready to fly to Michigan! The kids (and their mother) were very excited to be flying this time instead of driving!

Anna was pretty excited that she got her own seat this time!

Doesn't Steve look great going through Chicago airport with a cute ladybug suitcase? :)

Going to say hi to Grandma at her work

Out for a golf cart ride

We discovered the first night that we left Jonathan's pajamas at home and he was so not all about just wearing comfy shorts and a t-shirt, so him and mommy got a little date the next day to go get some new pajamas for him

We visited my grandparents for an afternoon and the kids enjoyed playing in the lake


And of course riding the wave runner!

Even Anna got a ride

Anna and my grandpa

My kids with my grandparents, always so special to see

Playing at Steve's parents' house

My boys have these Peter Schriemer animal videos that they love (and I highly recommend to anyone with kids or grandkids that love animals, or Wild Krats, they are great videos!) and on one of them he was talking about the Outdoor Nature Center in Holland, Michigan. So we looked it up and took a trip out to it one morning.

The kids LOVED it!! They had a welcome center that had frogs and snakes in it

And then places to hike outside

They also had a Birds of Prey exhibit which was a hit with our boys

Lots of owls

And eagles!

They even got to watch a golden eagle eat a fish

Checking out their wingspan

This was David's favorite bird, a Merlin Falcon. He had me take a picture up close so he could draw it when we got home. He actually did a pretty good job of drawing it!

Checking out what Steve's dad has been up to

He builds what my children call "turkey killers" :) It was pretty cool to see it in operation, it's quite a contraption.

Steve and I had an afternoon date one day.

We went to one of our favorite date places, the Grand Haven pier

They love playing Mouse Trap with Grandma. Well, not really playing the game, just setting it all up and making it go. :)

We made it to the cottage at the conference grounds! Anna was pretty happy with her sleeping arrangements, in a little nook in Mommy and Daddy's room

We went to the ice cream store every night it was open! Jonathan enjoyed his superman ice cream.

David enjoyed his as well

Matching for church on Sunday. Anna is excited about it, can't you tell :)

My sister-in-law Melissa and I decided to do the fun run, not so sure it was fun :) but we accomplished it!

Hanging out in the train at the playground

These two!!

She loves the swing!

Had to make a trip to the Bread Company and get our apple pie bread (and free sample!)

They have games for the different age groups, here the twins are playing a puzzle game

Love this picture!!

The lake was pretty cold, but that didn't stop these kids

Yes, he was full of sand after this!

Hanging out while the kids were on a wagon ride

And there they are

Steve's mom got us all these fun shirts for our trip!

Yep, more ice cream :)

Having a serious conversation

Anna loved this pink tricycle my niece let her borrow. She even let David push her around in it

Playing hopscotch

Our dear friend Miss Barb who helped me out so much when we lived in Coopersville came out to visit. It was so great to catch up with her!

Water balloons!

Family baseball

How Anna eats an ice cream cone :)

Most nights they went to get ice cream in their pajamas :)

Four silly boys

I took Anna's 2 year old pictures (finally) while we were there. She had fun playing down by the water

Waiting by the water to watch the sun set

And there it goes

And we're back on the airplane after a great trip!

How Anna likes to lounge on the airplane (also, notice she even put flip flops on the wrong feet!)

She was such a trooper (all the kids were)! Our flight home left Michigan just after 6pm and got to Montana at 10 (midnight in Michigan). She fell asleep on the second flight and I had to wake her up when we landed and figured she'd throw a fit, but she was actually quite happy!

Of course the next day she was pretty tired :)

Thanks Mom & Dad Bussis for another fabulous week at the Conference Grounds!!