Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life with the Bussis'- 1.15.18

We had a very fun Christmas break and then it was time to celebrate Micah's 7th birthday! So here is all the fun we had!
Our traditional picture in front of our Christmas tree. David wanted us to jump, which is why he is standing the way he is :). We tried a couple of jumping pictures but they were major fails. :)

All decked out in their Christmas outfits at church Christmas morning

Eating popcorn in her pretty Christmas dress :)

We were invited to a Christmas party a family from church was having at church, so we went there for lunch and games. At night we were at home and made ice cream Sundaes in the kids new ice cream cups I got them for Christmas

I had looked into getting them personalized ice cream dishes but they were so expensive.

So I thought I was brilliant buying regular glass sundae cups and acrylic paint pens and personalizing them myself. They turned out so cute and the boys loved them.

Even Anna got one. The only problem, the paint washes off! The acrylic pens said they worked on glass, they just didn't say you couldn't wash them. :) Oh well, now they get to decorate them over and over!

We had planned to go to Fuddruckers the night we opened out presents, but the weather was bad that night, so we made pizza at home instead and went to Fuddruckers the next week

Steve and I like to play the games just as much as the boys :)

Anna got to even play this year!

Back home we all snuggled on the couch

The boys loved seeing a deer in our yard

Digging tunnels in the snow (and making Mommy very nervous)

We just watched

Making gingerbread houses and trains

Steve and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and a couple from church graciously offered to have our children overnight, so we decided to go away. But we didn't really want to go far away because I hate driving in the car a long time :). But this way we could take the kids with us for the afternoon so they could swim and go on their cool slide our hotel had.

They greatly enjoyed that

Even Anna went down the slide with Steve

But that was it, the rest of the time she hung out on mommy's lap (which mommy didn't mind because the water was not very warm :))

Having some hot chocolate in the lobby while we waited for the couple to pick them up

Out to dinner! A friend recommended a local restaurant which was delicious! And we treated ourselves to some cheesecake for dessert, something we never do!

It was such a great and relaxing getaway!

Anna got this pack n play for her dolls for Christmas. She thought her dolly needed a phone in bed with her I guess :)

I was kind of dreading Christmas break, figuring we'd have lots of bickering and fighting, but it went great! I loved having this guy home all day!

They had gotten some money for Christmas so we went to Walmart for them to pick out a present and then we went to McDonalds for lunch

They loved playing at McDonalds

We pulled the little kid puzzles upstairs and Anna has enjoyed putting them together (well, she enjoys taking them apart :))

Having fun with Anna's hair

The boys got Razor scooters for Christmas and I got sick of them riding them all over my house, so we take them over to the church basement and ride them there. It works out great because I just do my workout while they ride around!

We found some cookies in the refrigerator upstairs that needed to be eaten :)

They still had some birthday money left so I let theme each get a fish for their fish tank that was put away over the holidays.

They were so excited! And great news, the fish have lived for almost 2 weeks!! That's a record in this house!

Anna with the Barbie she picked out (it goes in the bathtub, how fun is that!)

The boys got Cars 3 for Christmas and have been kind of obsessed with it, so Micah wanted a Lightening McQueen cake for his birthday. I had a car cake mold (wasn't specifically Lightening, that one was like $25, I got this one on clearance for I think $4) so I looked at a bunch of pictures on line and came up with this! Micah wanted to help but I put a lot of work into it, so I only let him help with the 7 (which I of course then went back over and smoothed out :))

Finished product

I have to say, I was pretty proud of how it turned out!
Anna's cake

We went to a basketball game and the boys were pretty excited to get their picture taken with the Eagle mascot

Cake time!

Anna did not get the whole blow your candles thing, I think she was a bit overwhelmed. Lucky for her she has plenty of brothers to help her out :)

All she cared about was eating the cake :)

My 7 year old! Still can't believe he is 7!

Even though I take them to church, they still insist on riding their bikes all over the house. It's Jonathan's favorite way to get from point A to point B

I have a book of cake pops and let Micah look through it to pick out something to take for his class treat, and he picked the snowman. I'll admit, they were a lot of work, but it made him happy :)

Micah's class singing "Happy Birthday" to him before he handed out his treat.

He wanted to do a treasure hunt at his birthday party, but there were 20 little kids (and I ran out of time), so he got to do one on his birthday with his neighbor friend.

His treasure was his presents :)

He got more Legos, so of course we had to put them together right away. He's pretty good, he can pretty much build them on his own.

More candles :)

Steve went to California this past weekend for a conference so after dropping him off at the airport we got groceries and lunch at Costco

I had a $5 rewards at Maurices so while I was paying for my new shirt they decided to try on sunglasses :). The worker looked at them, looked at me and said "you're a stay at home mom, aren't you." Not sure why them trying on sunglasses made her think I stay home with them :)

After that we headed to Fuddruckers (Micah had a free kids meal for his birthday)

Last year Steve went to the conference and it did not go well at home, so I decided this year to keep us busy, which seemed to work

And we had a lot of fun

Anna's favorite part of Fuddruckers is the hot cheddar cheese sauce :)

Me with my kiddos!

Friday morning some friends joined us in the church basement and the kids decided to put on a show for the moms. :) It was so cute!

And this stinker, while I was in Steve's office printing off some music, decided to go in the church elevator and call the fire department! Thankfully I heard them talking and went in there before they sent a truck out!

Friday night we picked up pizza and ate it in the living room while watching a movie

And then Saturday morning we headed to the museum. They have a planetarium and show a kids show Saturday mornings, so we got there in time for that.

And then we went through the museum

Micah and David's favorite part, the dinosaurs!

There was a lady standing there with a cart of fossil models and David looked at her and said "are you a real scientist?" She said "actually, I am, I'm a paleontologist" so they thought that was pretty cool they got to ask a real scientist questions.

She even let them hold a real fossil (which made their mother nervous that they were going to somehow break it :))

And then to Jonathan's favorite part, the kids play area that is set up like Yellowstone. They did lots of fishing

Soaring like an eagle

One thing I did not plan on doing this weekend was starting to potty train Anna, but she decided she wanted to start going on the toilet, so we started. As you can see, she has been successful since she is getting M&Ms (which I honestly think is the entire reason she does it :)). She is no wear near trained, it's more Mommy is getting trained to know when to put her on the toilet :) but it's a start. And the end of diapers (which we have been doing for 7 years, 2 1/2 of those years with 3 in diapers, 1 1/2 years with 2 in diapers) is in sight!!

Sunday morning they woke up and decided they all wanted to paint. Micah had gotten these Melissa & Doug wooden vehicles to paint so he started painting one as soon as he woke up, and the twins saw and decided they wanted to paint. Of course I had to be at church just after 8:30 with all of them dressed and ready, so it wasn't exactly what I thought needed to be done first thing Sunday morning, but oh well, we still made it to church on time. :)
So we had a fun weekend and they all did very well!! But we were very excited to get to pick Steve up yesterday and have him back home1