Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 10.25.17

So I once again have fallen behind on my blog (I'd like to blame it on being really busy but that seems to always be my excuse :) and I've come to discover, that is just life). So here's me playing catch-up:
Can you tell she watches me workout? Here she is doing push-ups with me

I had some extra frosting in the refrigerator and the kids were going to someone's house so Steve and I could go out to dinner just the two of us, so the three youngest made two little chocolate cakes to take along (Anna was pretty excited to get to join in)

She even got to pour the water in

And she really enjoyed the "taste testing" part

They each decorated a cake. Jonathan's was a S'more cake (had marshmallow frosting with graham cracker crumbs sprinkled on top) and David's had peanut butter frosting with M&Ms

We have discovered the boys like playing with the Barbies :)

We went to a friend's birthday party and got so play some fun dinosaur games

They even got these cool dinosaur prizes

This was so sweet, I was sitting in the recliner and David just crawled up on my lap!

All ready for night church with our jean jackets and cowgirl boots

I just love this picture, Anna pushing her doll in the stroller with her purse over her shoulder :) Such a little mom

We've had some nice weather (and some not nice weather) so we try to take advantage and play outside

Micah and I got our flu shot together, showing how tough we are :)

I promised him a shake on the way home if he didn't cry. He was very close to crying but I reminded him of the shake and he pulled through with no tears

This was so cute (don't you love how I think my children are so cute :)), we had just read "Cat in the Hat Comes Back" and they went and got their cowboy hats and put things inside them (like the Cat who had Cats A,B,C... in his hat) and said "I'm the Kid in the Hat"

She is just such a funny child

Fun at Kindergym

She loves crawling through the tunnels

They wanted to help me put gas in the car. Of course as they were helping me I read the sign on the pump that said do not let children use the pump, they are to remain in the car. Oops :)

Our neighbor let us pick apples from her tree so one cold morning that is what we did

I climbed up into the tree to get a bunch (very thankful for the muscle and balance I have acquired doing TerraFit challenges)
My view from up top (the boys though it was very unfair that I got to climb up the trees and they didn't)

Anna with our stash

All dressed in Pink for the "Dig Pink" volleyball game at school

Jonathan and David's birthday cakes. You can tell these boys are the children of a baker. When most children are asked what kind of cake they want for their birthday they would answer with how they want it decorated, like "a Dusty cake" or "a My Little Pony Cake." But when I asked the boys what kind they wanted they said "strawberry with green frosting" and "banana cake with peanutbutter frosting" Of course after we picked apples David changed his request to an apple cake, but he still wanted bananas as the decoration. :) So this is what their cakes looked like (but oh boy were they tasty!)

The three of use finished our dinner at Olive Garden first, so we entertained ourselves by putting stickers on our noses :)

We had a bunch of friends over for lunch on Sunday to help us celebrate the twins turning 5

I believe there were 16 kids ages 6 and under

We got the twins a bubble machine for their birthday and all 16 kids had fun with it :)

They were pretty excited about their cakes

They didn't even mind the pink candles (I have yet to buy candles since we got married. My aunt gave me a bunch for a shower gift, but all I had left were pink ones :))

Later that afternoon we took a walk with a couple from church by their potato fields

Throwing rocks down the cliff

The couple's daughter and son-in-law came up with 4 wheelers and graciously let the boys ride/drive with them

Notice her holding onto David :)

I guess David was a bit of a crazy driver (didn't look where he was going, kind of like how he walks)

Steve had a pull up contest with their grandson :)

We have a big enough yard that we get to have a driving range for the boys :)

Even Anna got in on the fun

Jonathan and David are 5!!! They got to have homemade waffles with strawberries and whip cream (well, David preferred his with syrup) for breakfast

They got these stickers in a card from Steve's grandma and were very excited to get to wear them to Little Lambs which started on their birthday, how exciting!!!

Just had to do a throwback picture. This was when they were 5 days old and it was the first time I got to see them next to each other (David was whisked away to the NICU fairly soon after birth). They've been pretty inseparable since!

We decided to go to the Hot Springs for their birthday. It was fairly cool outside but the water temperature was 96 so it felt great!

Anna even loved it (this summer she was not a fan of the water)

These two are quite the flippers

Celebrating again at night (with leftover cake and more pink candles :))

For their birthday Steve and I painted their room and got them new bedding which they got to pick out. So fun!!

The next day they had their 5 year well child check ups.
Jonathan weighed 48.6 pounds (he gained 8 pounds this past year!)- 90%
and was 45.5 inches tall (he grew 3.25 inches this past year!)- 93%
He passed his vision and hearing test and entertained the entire office, along with his brothers :)

David weighed 44.2 pounds (he gained 5 pounds)- 74%
and was 44.5 inches tall (he grew 3 inches)- 81%
He also passed his vision and hearing test, and entertained the entire office. He did not want the numbing cream on for his shots, he told the nurse he will just have his shots and they won't hurt. :)

The boys did great for their appointment and were rewarded by the nurses with a new Hot Wheels car for being so brave for all their shots (they are now ready for Kindergarten, yikes!)

After their doctor appointment they got to pick where they wanted to go out to lunch, and they picked Fuddruckers (where we conveniently had two free kids meals for their birthdays!) They got to play games before the food came

They thought it was pretty fun to just be out with mommy (Steve had the week off so he stayed home with Anna)

After lunch we went to Walmart to get some groceries and for them to pick out a present. They had received some birthday money so they wanted to get something, but they didn't know what. After going through the toy isle they still couldn't come up with something to get and Jonathan was reaching the point where he just wanted to get underwear so he could spend $3 :), so I decided to see if they would like to get a fish aquarium and some fish. Oh my goodness, did they ever. By the time we left Walmart I'm pretty sure everyone in the store knew these two boys were getting fish! :)

All set up at home

Micah was pretty excited (and jealous) when he came home from school

Steve's parents came to visit and the day they came was going to be the nicest day while they were here, so pretty soon after getting them from the airport we dragged them up a mountain :)

These's a stick fort at the top of this mountain which is a big hit with the kids

They love to make mommy nervous with their climbing :)

Anna was pretty excited to get to get out of the carrier and have a cracker :)

So much fun to have Grandpa and Grandma with us!

Poor Grandma got stuck with all the boys :)

David wanted his picture taken "all by myself"

Anna loved having extra readers in the house. She is particularly fond of her "papa"

Steve's parents got the boys remote control cars for their birthday (they had some, but broke them probably 7 months ago or so and we told them they couldn't get new ones until they turned 5, So David has been talking about turning 5 and getting a remote control car for a long time, so he was very excited when he opened his present)

Making some brownies for dessert

Saturday was a little windy, but we still went out to the Headwaters to do some "exploring" (get it, because Lewis and Clark went through there, ha ha)

We climbed up on the cliffs. It was a beautiful view but a little nerve wracking with the boys were go right on the edge

My walking buddy




Loves her boots!

My siblings and I were having a contest on who lived in the best place (we're a very competitive family) and while they had a bit warmer weather, I said my view from my backyard was the best and I don't have traffic :)

Micah was "teaching" his brothers how to read his homework :) It was really sweet
Phew, made it to the end! It has been a busy couple of weeks, but very fun. We had a great time with Steve's parents! Thanks so much Mom and Dad Bussis for making the trip out!!!