Friday, July 20, 2018

Trip to California!

The day after school got out the kids and I loaded up the van and headed to California. Steve had to go to Michigan for a Synod meeting so we decided to go on an adventure
We made it to our first stop, lunch at a rest stop. I took like 45 minutes to get them to eat and go to the bathroom. That was the last time we stopped to eat :). From then on we ate in the car and only stopped to get gas and use the restroom!

We picked up pizza by our hotel and ate it in our room

So that we could quickly get to the pool! These kids were such troopers. We drove 9 1/2 hours the first day so they we ready to get some energy out in the pool!

All ready for bed in the hotel

My bed buddy

The kids loved getting to picked what they wanted for breakfast at the hotel!

Back on the road. Traveling is so tiring! :)

We found Grandpa!!

We picked up breakfast and brought it to my grandparents and ate with them on their patio.

Not far from my parents' house is a park with a pond. It was so fun to get to meet their cousins there and look for turtles

We spent a lot of time in the pool

David "helping" Grandpa switch out a ceiling fan

These two had so much fun together (my sister and her husband had to go out of town for a wedding, so my mom was also watching my two nephews so my kids got lots of fun cousin time!)

Oh how they love jumping in the pool!

I just love her face in this pictures :)

She thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake :)

It was so fun to really have nothing to do but hang out with my kids

A girl after my own heart

Anna with my grandma (who she is named after)

My dad took us out on his boat one afternoon

Micah braved the inner tube

It was pretty hot, so we had to jump in the water every so often

Which of course was the boys favorite part :)

They loved all fitting at the counter

It was so great to get to see my grandparents

Playing some Sequence while the older boys were at VBS

They loved the mornings when the boys were gone
And the boys loved VBS!!

On the road again! This was when we made it to our hotel. We drove 11 1/2 hours that first day! (My kids are rock stars at traveling!!)

More pool time

So excited to find Daddy!!

We got home, unpacked the van, and then Micah and I headed to the eye doctor to pick up his new glasses. He had told me he thought he needed glasses. I just figured a girl in his class had recently gotten glasses and he thought it was cool. Turns out, he really did need glasses :).

Helping me make a pie for Steve for Father's Day

Anna "making Mommy pretty"

Steve with his kids on Father's Day! So thankful for a wonderful father for my children!!!

Life With the Bussis’- 7.20.18

Oh me oh my, the first picture that shows up on my blog has snow, I think it's time to update :). I just had a wonderful week at the Reformed Youth Services convention at Dordt College leading the music and I now have three hours to kill at the airport, so I'm going to see how much I can get you update on life with the Bussis family!

I’m so behind here’s our family Easter picture :)

Our museum has a kids program every other week and this week it was on being a Yellowstone ranger, so the kids got to make ranger hats

Ranger Jonathan

Ranger David

It hasn’t been warm enough to camp outside, so one night I set the tent up in our toy room and let the boys sleep in it

Anna did not think it was very fair she didn’t get to sleep in it :)

First picnic dinner outside! We love it when we can eat outside!

Steve convinced me to let Micah play baseball this year (he helped coach so he was able to take Micah to the practices and games that it didn't work for us all to go to, so it made it doable). Micah absolutely loved it!

One night while Steve and Micah were at baseball practice the rest of us took a bike ride to the playground

We've taken a number of bike rides since the snow went away. On one of the trails all the boys can ride their own bikes, so it's just Anna in a trailer!

They still love throwing rocks in the water!

Very proud of our Cole potato shirts!

Our first fire of the year!

Anna's starting to get the hand of riding a scooter. And doesn't she look oh so cute in a helmet!

Doing some finger painting. It's all good until paint ends up on my walls! :)

Micah did pretty well with coach pitch. Very seldom did he have to use the tee!

His cheerleaders!

Anna with her neighbor friend. These two are pretty funny together (Deacon puts up with a lot)

We have lots of artwork all over our house, because we get them done three at a time (four now that it's summer vacation)

My cute baking assistants

Micah got to go with me to the store one morning and get a donut while we shopped

My mom came to visit. Anna thought she needed her hair done

Fun at the park

Micah and Jonathan got to take a ride in the tractor while they were planting behind our house (David was oblivious to what was going on so we didn't push it :)). It took about 10 minutes to go up and down one row. When Jonathan got out of the tractor we asked him "So did you talk the whole time?" to which he answered "Yes, I told him all about Spiderman" :). Just a gracious farmer to listen to a little boy talk about Spiderman for 10 minutes  

Micah had his end of the year music program and they got to display their artwork at it so here Micah is with his artwork

They love playing in the pine trees by our house. They even have a tree stump that they pretend is their table.

Do you think she feels pretty? :)

Picture for our Mother's Day cards

We hiked to the M. Having a snack at the top.

Our little Montana Cowgirl

I can't remember if this was for something special or just because :) but we made bear pancakes for breakfast one morning.

Again, not sure how this came about, but they raided my closet for shoes and put on their cowboy hats

So this happened! She tried to climb out of her crib one day, so rather than wait for her to succeed and get hurt, we took the side off. She's done really well staying in bed.

The best we could do on Mother's day :) Love being these kids' mom!!

We did a new hike, it was up to a bluff where Indians used to run Buffalo off of

It had quite the view. We just didn't go anywhere near the edge :)

We have spent a lot of time outside

Thankfully the kids love being out there

Micah really loves playing basketball in the driveway

Jonathan decided he wanted to make a little money, so he mopped the floor for me. He actually didn't do a bad job

We discovered a fun dirt bike tract by our house that the boys love going on.

The twins had their Kindergarten day in May (yes, sadly I'm only up to May here). It was a cold rainy day, so they went in sweatshirts and boots.

They were pretty excited to get to ride the bus with Micah (Anna would not be left out of the picture)

I'm not super excited for the twins to go to school, I love having them at home with me. So I knew Anna and I needed to go out and have some fun that day. We did some shopping and then met Daddy for lunch in town.

It was a pretty fun day. I think I'm going to be okay next year with my little buddy. Now the day she goes to Kindergarten, oh boy, I can't even think of that one!

The twins absolutely loved their day at school! It was on a Friday and Monday morning they were up at 7 ready to go to school and were very disappointed when I informed them they had to wait till August to go again.

Much to Steve's dislike, the boys really like playing with Anna's Barbie's :). Of course, since this they have broken the arm of a Barbie and have been told "No more Barbie's for the boys!" :)

Love this!

Anna got her Daddy to dance with her, so sweet

Micah came home from school one day with one less tooth! I guess he ran into one of his classmates during recess which knocked a tooth very loose so he decided to just pull it out.

Planting our garden

Micah had a field day and I took the three younger kids to it. The twins were not happy they didn't officially get to participate in the races, but they loved getting to practice on their own (here they are tied together trying to do a three legged race)

Micah rocked the three legged race with his buddy (they practiced for about 20 minutes before the race :))

They won first place!

We rode bikes to the Headwaters where three rivers converge. It was so flooded!!

This guy was a trooper! He rode his bike the whole 8 miles!! Way to go Jonathan!

Micah with all his ribbons from field day

On Memorial Day we hung out with some friends by a lake. The kids were pretty excited because we let them go on the paddle boat without any adults! They thought they were big stuff!

Anna and her friends had fun just dragging this tent around :)

Steve had fun taking kids on the kayak around the lake

At another baseball game

They really didn't pay that much attention to the game :) but they had a lot of fun

I went and had lunch with Micah the last week of school.

I made cupcakes for a graduation party and they asked me to make a cake to. I thought it turned out so cute!
My friend talked me into running the 5K fundraiser for school with her. I am so not a runner, but decided to give it a try. I didn't die, so that was good :). I even ran most of it, at leave 2 1/2 miles of it!

My cheering squad! The race went past our house so Steve and the kids came out to cheer Mommy on!

Our fire station had a fundraiser dinner and let kids sit in the fire truck which these kids thought was pretty cool

Picture for Father's Day cards

Lunch out to celebrate the last day of school!!
I made it to June, which is where my crazy summer of travels began!