Saturday, September 24, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 9/24/2016- 35 Weeks/8 Months


The only way I could keep her sitting by the sign was to let her have that orange ring :)
Anna is doing really well! Not much change since last week although she isn't quite as clingy to mom. She loves to "explore" the house and seriously moves so fast! And she continues to love to stand up next to things. Thankfully she doesn't seem interested in "walking" next to things yet. No new teeth yet, just lots of bumps on her gums.
One new thing in our household is I became the Worship Coordinator at our church. It's just a couple of hours a week and I'm working with Steve so it's perfect!! And it's doing something I absolutely love, win-win!! :)
I got a Keurig for my birthday and I don't know who was more excited, me or the boys (they wanted me to get one so they can make hot chocolate :)). So now if you come to my house I can actually offer you a cup of coffee.

Monday we had a fun family trip to Kohl's :). While Daddy was trying on jeans the boys tried on hats

Then we had Anna try on a hat :)

After that we headed to a park. Anna could have stayed her the whole time we were there

This park has sand boxes which the boys were excited about

We took along a lunch so we could have a picnic

Micah needed to get a flu shot and since he had never been to this doctor he had to have a normal appointment to establish him as a patient. He wasn't at all excited about the shot, but he was pretty excited about the waiting room

I could get my flu shot at the same time (which is so nice!) so we showed off our cool Band-Aids
Jonathan was playing in water outside (it was nice but not that hot) so he came in and said his hands were cold. So I told him to go put on his winter gloves. He decided he also needed his boots on, and which means you should wear your cowboy hat :)

This is David, riding his bike!! Which means that he is continuing to poop and pee on the toilet! We had a little setback on Sunday (right before we had to leave for church of course!) but we're back on course although I do still have to tell them both to go to the bathroom and a couple of times I've forgotten and David can't hold it that long. But we're on our way!!

They were all wearing the same shirt so I wanted to take a picture of them all by each other, this is as close as they would get

Thursday morning I took the twins and Anna (Micah was in school) to this thing called KinderGym at a church. It was AWESOME!! They had lots of fun gymnastics equipment they could play on. If we're at home Jonathan and David are jumping all over my furniture, so this was a great place for them to go jump on things you're really suppose to jump on. And they had a bunch of grandma's there to watch the "crawlers" so I could just focus on the twins which was really nice.

David doing a summersault

They did this over and over and over :)
They also go to hear a Bible story, but after jumping around, they really had no sit in them :) Then they got to all play with this huge parachute

It was so much fun! We will definitely be going back every Thursday!!

Making our first cup of hot chocolate with my new Keurig!

Anna has discovered that there is a lot of things on the train table she can now get at now that she can stand next to it :) Her brothers are not so happy about her new discovery

This is how I get my workouts done, with Anna in an exercauser watching Praise Baby :). You do what you got to do

Our sweet girl was 8 months old yesterday!! What a great 8 months it has been!! We love our sweet Anna!!

The boys were playing "super heroes" and Micah decided he needed a super hero hat, so he made one. :)

Anna decided she wanted in on the Dusty book. All my loves on the little couch :)

I took Anna's 8 month pictures last week. I figured I'd do them right after her nap so she should be in a good mood...wrong! It did not last long. So I figured I'd try another day. Then a couple of hours later, so when she was about ready to go down for her afternoon nap, she was just in the best mood, go figure, so we went back outside and got some great pictures. Wasn't the outfit I was planning on, but I didn't want to chance making her mad by changing her clothes. Again, you just do what you got to do. :) So I thought I'd share some of her pictures with you. Enjoy!:


And she was done, we needed a break :)
(In her defense, it wasn't super warn and that concrete I had her sitting on was really cold :))