Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 7.29.15

When the boys stayed at Steve's parents house while I was gone they watched these Monster Truck Adventure videos (if you have young boys, I highly recommend these, you get them at a Bible bookstore or online). We actually have 4 different videos of these (they each have 6 episodes on them) but the boys had forgotten about them and hadn't watched them in a really long time. Well, they got back into them after watching a few episodes at Steve's parents house and oh boy, are we now obsessed with monster trucks. We have 3 toy monster trucks and of course they all fight over the white one. :) And other toys we have have become different characters from the video.
This day David chose to stay inside and play with his monster truck instead of playing outside like every one else. I would go in to check on him every so often and seriously, he never moved from this spot. He just kept laying on the floor playing with his monster truck :)

Jonathan instead chose to be outside and wash his car while Daddy washed the van :)

Just hanging around

And what one does, the other must do too :)

Eating the last of the cupcakes Mommy had made for a shower. They were oh so good :)
Speaking of those cupcakes, realize I never put this picture up. I got to make the cupcakes for Steve's cousin's bridal shower and I think they turned out pretty cute :) My new favorite cupcake is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, a French vanilla cake with cookie dough in the middle and chocolate fudge frosting, oh my! :) When I'm feeling up to food blogging again I will definitely have to do one on this cupcake!
Steve took Micah miniature golfing one day and I got this picture sent to me, he had gotten a hole-in-one! He thought he was pretty big stuff!

They LOVE playing in their sandbox which is so nice! Notice Jonathan's toy of choice, his Crocs. :) And of course he used it to dump sand all over his head :) Thankfully this sand brushes off really easily!
Saturday I got to go get a pedicure with these 2 lovely ladies! Steph (on the left) is actually the one who introduced me to Steve. She lives in Iowa and her family comes to Michigan every summer to visit her husband's family, so they make a stop at our house and us ladies (my friend Kasey is in the middle) go get pedicures (Steve asked me why it's always the ladies that get to go have fun and the husbands watch the kids, I really didn't have a good answer for him, except for that's just how we've done it the last couple of years :)).
Us ladies all went to Dordt College together and our husbands all went to Westminster Seminary together, so it's a treat when we all get to spend time together!
And we all continue to have children and it's fun to get to see them play together (although here it looks like they're all pretty much doing their own thing :))
The kids table at lunch

That was a lot of people in our living room (6 adults, 10 kids). Thanks so much Chris & Steph for making us a stop on your trip (and Zach and Kasey for coming over too!) Can't wait for next year's pedicure!! :)

The twins have had a runny nose for the last week. They still had it on Sunday and I wasn't playing the piano, so I thought it was as good a time as any to try them in church. Amazingly they made it the whole time through church and were actually pretty good (I think it helped that they weren't feeling 100% so David sat on my lap a lot of the sermon). This backpack was pretty full of things to keep them entertained and it did the job. Jonathan thought he could carry it home, but after about 10 seconds realized it was a bit heavy for him :). We tried them again at night but they weren't as good. They found the little cars I had stuck in the backpack (mental note, cars in church are not a good idea because they don't want to just quietly hold them, they want to get down on the floor and make car noises :)). There weren't any other kids in the nursery that night so before the sermon I decided to just let them go down to the nursery so I could actually hear a sermon that day. I figured if they were just playing with cars on the floor anyways, they might as well just play in the nursery :). I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do with them this coming Sunday, if this was just a one time thing because they had runny noses or if I really want to try to have them in church all the time. I feel like this is a big point in my life, like when I decided they're in church for good it will be at least 7 years before I really enjoy sitting in church again. :) Just not sure I'm ready for that yet, I'll let you know next week :)

The last few days have been very hot over here, so we've been finding ways to stay cool. One was playing at the mall :)

This boy (David) loves to jump!

Getting to have lunch at the mall is always a treat!

This silly boy (again, David) thought he needed to sit backwards in his chair to eat :)

I had to take all 3 boys with me to the grocery store this week, this is why I try to not take all 3 boys to the grocery store with me :). Can you just imagine the giggling sounds coming out of these 3 boys :). The grocery store got a lot quieter when we were done

Playing in the pool to stay cool

And then running through the sprinklers to cool off again at night
So much fun!
And then they got Daddy to join them!

And of course if Daddy was doing it, they thought Mommy should too even thought she didn't have her swimming suit on :) (and yes, Steve definitely instigated that! But I'll be honest, it was so hot it actually felt good to get wet :))

Playing some air hockey

He takes his Wii golf very seriously

He was running around with this bucket like this on his head :), silly Jonathan!

Micah got a 170 in Wii bowling all by himself!! He definitely is better than his mother! :)

But I got snuggles from Jonathan so I don't care :)

David thought Daddy's shoes fit him just fine :)
Oh my silly boys, you make life very fun!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 7.24.15

We are still alive over here :). I was gone last week to Kentucky leading the music at the Reformed Youth Services national youth convention and then this week has been very busy, hence the absence from our blog. But don't worry, that doesn't mean this is going to be an overflow of pictures, I think I have all of 2 from last week :). A big thing that happened during the past two weeks is we found out for sure that there's only one baby in there! :):
Hello Baby Bussis! What a beautiful sight, for so many reasons :). I have to admit I was getting very nervous the morning of my appointment (as in telling myself to breathe so I didn't hyperventilate :)). My doctor doesn't usually do an early ultrasound but I had decided I was going to sit there and cry until they gave me one. Thankfully it didn't come to that. I mentioned to the nurse that I hoped the doctor would do one so she said she'd ask and before the doctor even came in she had the nurse bring the ultrasound machine in and warm it up so as soon as the doctor came she did an ultrasound! And she confirmed that there was just one beautiful baby in there! And s/he was kicking and waving away at us, so very cute!! And you could see an ear and the nose and mouth. It's incredible how much they are already formed at 13 weeks! Life is beautiful!!!
Micah turned 4 1/2 on July 8 and we happened to get the National Parks Quarter book we had ordered that day, so it made a great Half Birthday present :). My Dad had gotten Micah a State Quarters map and in looking for state quarters we discovered there are also National Park Quarters, so we are now collecting those as well. My wallet is getting very heavy because I keep purposely getting quarters for change and I don't need most of them :). 

My parents came back for a quick weekend because my Dad had a family reunion. The twins were very excited that they were on their way.

As was Micah

David was so excited that when I got home from the grocery store that morning he put his crocs on and climbed into his car seat and said "We go to the airport to get Grandpa and Grandma!" :) Unfortunately for him they were flying into Chicago and driving up and wouldn't be getting to Michigan for a number of hours still. :) I love how excited they get to see my parents!
They finally arrived! We ended up meeting them at a Pizza Hut in Zeeland along with my Grandpa and Uncle and Aunt and cousins. And added bonus, as we were walking out of the Pizza Hut a car rally was starting right down main street so we watched the fun cars go by for awhile.
(I stole this collage from my Mom's facebook page :)). The twins also enjoyed jumping off the big rock while we were watching the car rally (well, at this point we were actually just waiting for it to end so we could get out of the Pizza Hut parking lot :))
The next day we headed to the Conference Grounds to hang out on the beach for the morning. These boys didn't care that the water was freezing
Micah and Daddy (mostly Daddy) made a cool sand castle

We brought lunch to eat at the beach
Such a fun morning.
Early Monday morning my parents dropped me off at the airport and then they headed out East for a week of vacation. And I headed to Kentucky for a week of leading the music at the RYS convention.  Before having the twins I had lead the music 8 years but I decided to retire when I found out I was having twins, knowing it would just be too much. And it definitely would have been. But I was very excited when the director called me a couple of months ago saying the girl who had taken my place was unable to do it this year and asked if I'd be willing to fill in. He didn't have to ask me twice. :) It was so much fun to get to play with these guys again and lead over 700 people in singing praises to our God! Boy can those kids sing!!! It really was a taste of Heaven hearing them all lift their voices up in praise!
And Steve held down the fort back home! And the boys didn't seem to notice that Mommy was gone since they got to have Daddy all to themselves and go to Grandpa and Grandma's house for a few days. :) They were too busy having fun to miss mommy :)

But we were all excited to see each other Saturday morning! Love these guys!!

Jonathan with a mouth full of cookie :)
It was a pretty warm day so we got out the water table.

Micah came up with a great idea of putting his feet in the water to stay cool.
Thankfully he let Mommy and David share his idea, because it definitely felt cooler with your feet wet.
This just made me smile, they love each other! :)
They were excited that they got to spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma's house again while Mommy and Daddy went to Detroit for a Tiger's game!

Eating lunch at a rest stop on our way to Detroit. It was so nice after a busy month of Steve going to Synod and me going to convention to be able to get away for 2 days just the two of us.

Ready to watch the Tigers. And thankfully we ended up at the game that series that they actually won! And they did it in a timely manner, just the way I like it :)

The next day we stopped at a golf course on the way home and Steve golfed and I drove the golf cart. :) I love getting to go with him (as long as I don't have to golf :)) but realized I hadn't gone with him since the twins were born, so it was time.
Lining up his putt :)
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful course!
And the boys had a great time with Grandpa and Grandma! And they didn't even make it 5 minutes down the road on the way home and they were out! :)
And now you're caught up with life over here (and it only took me 3 days to get this blog written :). I better just start next week's blog now :)).