Friday, August 29, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- Looking back at 8.1625.14

We were all a little tuckered out after our week at the Conference Grounds :).  This is Jonathan and he never just wants to sit on my lap.  But that's where he wanted to sit while they watched their video before their naps on Saturday (we came home Friday night after dinner).  I was amazed he stayed on my lap for so long.  It wasn't until the video was done that I realized why, he had fallen asleep.  So sweet!
After some good naps by the boys on Saturday afternoon we headed to the airport to meet my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew who flew in from California.  My cousin was getting married in Holland so they all came in early for some family fun!
After a pretty low-key and restful Sunday we had a very full and fun Monday.  In the morning we packed up 6 bikes and 2 trailers and headed to a bike trail.  It was a gorgeous day and this is one of my favorite trails.  It used to be a railroad track, so it's nice and flat and has trees all around it so most of the time you are in the shade.

We ride for 4 miles and end up in Rockford which is such a cute and neat town.  There is a dam there that provides lots of entertainment for our boys.  Caleb just joined right in with his cousins.

Checking out the water with Grandpa

We had packed a picnic lunch and ate it right by the water

Steve and my brother-in-law, Robert didn't want to eat by us :)

Caleb got to ride in the bike trailer with Micah.  While he looks terrified here I think he did enjoy it :)
He eventually decided Micah worked as a great pillow

The twins also got very relaxed and took a little snooze.  I just have to say, I pulled the twins behind my bike and made it the whole 8 miles!  I was pretty proud of myself.  I usually pull just Micah, so it was about 20 extra pounds for me (I treated myself to some ice cream afterwards for my effort :)).

After some afternoon naps we headed to the Whitecaps game at night.  Caleb was very excited for his first baseball game

My serious Jonathan :)

Jonathan very quickly warmed up to Caleb whom he (and David) called "Baby" which considering Caleb actually weighs about a pound more than him is pretty funny. :) 

Watching the game.  My grandpa and grandma, uncle and aunt and cousin joined us for the game.

Such a cute family!

Tuesday we headed to the Childrens' Museum.  I'm not sure who had more fun, the boys or Robert :)


I think Caleb's ready to drive :)
After the museum we went to Panera Bread for lunch.  My mom got a free pastry and decided to share.  Do you think Jonathan enjoyed it? :)

David did too!
Wednesday we got to throw a shower for my cousin and her fiancĂ©.  It was a guy/girl shower with about 45 people.  I did most of the food and the cupcakes.  I had so much fun helping plan it and get the food ready and it all turned out great!  We had a beautiful night for it and had it out at my grandparents' house on the lake:
My sister and I with the Bride-to-be, Jessica

The bride and groom to be with their Aunts and cousins who gave the shower

I was pretty excited about the cupcakes :).  I did a bride and a groom cupcake.  The bride cupcake was a strawberry yogurt cupcake and the groom's a chocolate peanut butter cupcake (recipes coming soon)
Thursday we headed back to my grandparents' for a fun day on the lake.  Micah is a very big fan of the "little fast boat."  We went to my grandparents' a couple of weeks ago and he was a little unsure about it, thinking it was a little too fast.  Well not this time.  I was amazed at how fast he let Steve get with him on it.  As you can see from his hair, they were moving :)
We also took a ride on the pontoon boat

We have come a long way with Jonathan.  He not only doesn't cry now when we go on the boat, he asks to go on the boat!

They even got to eat their lunch on the boat!  It was a super fun day.  While the boys were "napping" (yeah, they never actually slept and both David and Jonathan actually climbed out of their pack-n-plays!), Steve and I kayaked around the lake which was so fun! 

Friday was the big wedding day.  Here is my beautiful cousin on her big day!!!
My mom had bought the twins their birthday present early, Big Wheels, so they could enjoy them for a couple months before it gets too cold outside to ride them.  They are very big fans of their "bike!"

Saturday night we picked up Subway and headed down to the beach at the Conference Grounds.  It was a beautiful night and we had a great time!
Eating dinner

After dinner the boys (both little and big :)) headed into the water.  

Jonathan preferred to stay by Grandma :)  He did eventually make it to the water after some prompting :)

After some time in the water it was time for some fun in the sand

We got home and got the boys in the PJs and then they talked Grandpa into reading to them before bed. :)
So it was a very busy 2 weeks, but so much fun with family!  We thank the Lord for our family and for opportunities we have to spend quality time with them.  It was hard to say goodbye to my family, but it was a little easier than usual knowing that we will see them soon when we go to California in a couple months!!!  Thanks so much for coming Mom & Dad, Robert, Tracie & Caleb!  We miss you!