Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 3.28.17

Let's just jump right into pictures:
This little cutie loves "taking care" of her dolly

It's just so cute!

Haircut time! Anna got to join in on the fun (of watching a show while the boys got a haircut, she's not quite ready for one). She got to just chill in her chair and drink her smoothie
Her hair is long enough that that I got it into little pigtails, so cute!! Girls really are pretty fun!

David wanted in on a picture with Anna :) These two share a very special relationship :)

Girl in her pigtails at the park

Unfortunately she fell and her face too the brunt of it

Micah got to go to the school play with Mommy and Daddy, he felt pretty special

Anna getting a ride from David

The twins have been wanting to try riding their bikes without training wheels for a while so we finally let them try on Saturday.

David caught on really fast

And loves it! Steve said this is where his lack of fear come in handy, he just didn't even think about it, just took off and didn't look back. Jonathan unfortunately is a little more scared and timid which are two things that don't go well with riding a bike without training wheels.
After a few times David was a pro (and shared that fact with Jonathan :))

Anna enjoyed going out to eat at Pizza Hut

She was a mess, but very happy

Fun times!

You know you had a very busy Sunday morning before church when you come home and find broccoli in your drawer :)

Jonathan attempting to ride his bike again on Sunday. His biggest problem is he doesn't want any help. He can actually ride it fine once he gets going, but he refuses help because "David does it all by himself!" David is our no fear kid, Jonathan is our super competitive kid :) so if David can do something by himself, he should be able to too.

Unfortunately he really isn't able to do it all by himself, something that brought him great frustration to the point where he had to stop trying and walk circles in the grass to pump himself up to try again. :)
Hours later he did finally let me help him get started, and then we discovered something else he needs to learn, how to stop :) (yes that is me laughing at the end as of the video as Jonathan runs into the mailbox :))

Once again taking good care of her dolly

It's so fun to see the differences between boys and girls :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 3.21.17

We had a really fun week. I'll admit I was a little nervous to have Micah home for spring break. We love having him at home, but there are usually more fights and tears when he is. :) But it went great! Plus we had great weather so we got to spend quite a bit of time outside. Makes me excited for summer!
Jonathan was very proud of his tortilla snow flake

Finally got the curtain rods up so I could finish off the office/guest room. Turned out so cute! Thanks Mom for making the cute valences and throw pillows!

It's so cute, Anna loves taking care of her dolly

She's quite proud of herself about it too :)

Anna and I got to go shopping just the two of us (thanks to my awesome neighbor!!). Of course, while Anna is very fun to have along shopping, she's not able to give an opinion on if something is cute :), so what does a girl do? Send a picture to her mom and sister of course :). This one was a yes :)

I also got new glasses. My old ones were from two prescriptions ago, so when I put my new ones on I my eyes did some funny things :). Thankfully by the time I was done shopping at Costco they had adjusted. It's nice to have glasses that are actually the right prescription, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are so much clearer!

We love the Springish weather we're having!!

Another fun thing we did for Micah's spring break was take a trip to a waterpark 2 hours away. Here we are on the way (they were watching Toy Story and I hadn't seen that in a really long time, so I climbed in the back to watch with them :))
We got there a little before the waterpark opened, so we made an ice cream stop :)

Ready to go into the waterpark!

Micah going down a slide



Waiting for their turn (this was a good lesson for the twins on having to wait :))

Their favorite thing to do was go one right after the other down the slide so they could run into each other at the bottom :)

After being at the water park a few hours (the twins' lips were turning blue :)) we decided to take the boys to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (on the first night of March Madness, thankfully we got a table right away). They thought it was pretty fun (especially since we were in a booth with a TV) and were big fans of the nachos we got for appetizers

They did so well at the restaurant, but showed that they were pretty tired :)

All snuggled in for the night

Pretty excited to stay at a hotel. When he woke up Jonathan told me "thanks for letting us have a sleepover in a hotel!" :) And they slept so well!!

They were also very excited to have breakfast at the hotel, especially when they found out they had a pancake maker!! They wished we could stay at a hotel all the time so they could have pancakes every morning!

Jonathan was also very excited that they had a fireplace, he made quite a scene with his excitement :)

Our hotel had a pool so after breakfast the boys got to go swimming again (which made them very happy)

And this time they got to jump in the pool (the water park didn't have any pools you could jump in)!

One of my favorite parts of our time there was just getting to watch the boys have so much fun playing together. There were no arguments, no tears, they just played so nice together and really enjoyed their brothers

They even made the pool look so fun that Daddy decided to join them

David wanted a picture with Mommy :)

We had left Anna with a couple from church which was the right decision, but we were excited to have her back!

David wouldn't let her out of his sight

At all :)

Saturday we went for our first bike ride of the year. I was determined I wanted to be outside, which made me ignore the fact that it was pretty windy.

Thankfully we headed into the wind first. I've never pedaled so hard to go 5mps :) And of course I was pulling 100 pounds of kids behind me (because Micah didn't start pedaling until we turned to go with the wind :)) But it was a great workout!

The boys were pretty excited to come home from church Sunday morning to find the Michigan Wolverines about to win their basketball game! So they had to pull out their Michigan hats. Micah filled out a bracket so he is very into the tournament :)
Anna loves her bath chair :)
I have the best husband, he picked up the whole house and then vacuumed it all, including the stairs. And even though his "helpers" were cute, they weren't very helpful :)

Making some chocolate chip cookies

You think Anna was hungry for breakfast? I was in the living room so she tried to drag her high chair over to me :)

This was so cute, Micah was "teaching" Jonathan how to read :)

She thought she needed to sit in Jonathan's chair instead of her high chair :)