Monday, February 27, 2017

Life with the Bussis'- 2.27.17

Well it's been another week of colds. :( Micah stayed home from Little Lambs on Tuesday and school on Wednesday because he was just coughing so bad. Jonathan coughed so bad at night that he threw up two nights. And then David was coughing so bad Saturday night he couldn't even eat dinner. They all seem to be better now but now Anna has a horrible cough (sounds so bad in her chest) and she woke up with a 104.5 fever. So I'm taking her in this afternoon to make sure it's nothing bad. She's had this cold for about 3 weeks and if it's settling in her chest I just want to have it checked out. So that's what we've been dealing with over here.
Anna is also still working on her bottom molars so her fingers are often in her mouth (which is probably why she keeps getting sick :))

She's starting to figure out puppets and it's so cute

David and Jonathan haven't quite figured out how you put on a puppet show :)

But then Micah came over and showed them.

Micah usually brings home these Elephant and Piggie books from the school library and we've figured out that we can act them out with our elephant and pig puppets.

I have to get my wedding ring inspected every 6 months and the closest jewelry store I can take it into is over 2 hours away, so the kids and I made a trip there on Friday. They all did so well in the car (of course having a DVD play really helps :))
The boys getting out some energy while we waited for my ring to be inspected and cleaned :)

Thankfully the mall the jewelry store was in had a kids play area. It wasn't huge, but it was enough for them to get some energy out of.

Anna enjoyed getting to play too

She climbed up there all by herself

She got some help at times (always unwanted :))

Taking a little rest :)

After the mall we headed over to Toys 'R Us. The kids had all gotten gift cards to there from someone from church for Christmas, so they got to go around and pick something out. Jonathan was over optimistic on how far his $25 gift card would go. :)

Thankfully they didn't take too long to figure out what they wanted.
At home with what they picked out.

I had a couple fun things waiting for me at home. My license plate frame that I had for probably 10 years had cracked, so I had ordered a new one and it came!

We bought a new refrigerator! I find it fun to get to organize and set up a new fridge :) 

Saturday was pretty fun. When my Mom came last month my Dad was suppose to come but he ended up not being able to because of problems on the dairy. So he decided to come this past weekend and he let my mom come again. I hadn't told the boys they were coming in case something happened again and they weren't able to come for some reason. So Saturday morning when they got up there was a video for them to watch from my parents on the plane saying they were coming to see them. It was pretty fun, they were pretty excited! So here we are waiting for their plane to come in (our airport has a fireplace, we seriously have the coolest airport!)

After we picked them up we headed over to Fuddruckers for lunch and games. Grandpa even got in on the games.

Anna wanted to play the piano game (on a side note, I got the high score on the game :))

Anna also greatly enjoyed her chocolate chip cookie she got

Grandpa helping Micah with some of his makeup homework he had from missing a day of school

They even got Grandpa to play Mario Kart with them. Thanks so much for coming!! (and I promise, my mom really came too, I just realized I never took any pictures with her in it :)).

Anna's not feeling well, but she's still silly and wants on of my exercise headbands on :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 2.20.17

We had a much better week this week, well, at least I did. :) My antibiotics started to kick in after a few days and my head no longer felt like it was going to explode. It still took about a week for me to stop blowing out junk :), but we're all good now and thankfully no one else got that horrible sinus infection. The boys have a cough now, but as long as they don't run around too much (which is very hard for them) they are fine. Anna is getting her bottom molars so is unhappy at times (yesterday morning was the first time I remember being told she was fussy in the nursery). So hopefully those molars pop through soon. She still only has her two front teeth in the front, I don't know what's taking the next two so long to come in, but it's going to look kind of funny with her two front teeth and then the molars on the bottom. :) Oh well...
She'll still be adorable :)

I wanted to get a picture of each of the kids to send their grandparents on Valentine's Day. Here's David

This is how Jonathan wanted to be photographed :)

Our sweetheart

My big boy!

Anna loves to have you put sunglasses on her.
Giggling is usually involved

She also loves putting things on her head. :) Such a cute Firefighter!

We had to go to Costco and they were very good, so they got a cinnamon stick

Anna was very good too, so she got to get in on the cinnamon stick too :)

We've had some "warmer" days so we enjoyed getting to go outside (believe it or not she really wanted to go outside, I know she looks excited here :))

Her first time walking in shoes. She was not a fan at first
But she got the hang of it pretty quickly and now asks to have her shoes on

Loving getting to ride his bike!

We went out to dinner at Olive Garden one night (got a coupon for $1 kids meals!!). Anna was a big fan of the bread sticks (as well as the pasta she shared with Micah)

Oh David, loves to keep his hood on


And this is how Jonathan was when I went to take his picture, silly boy

Now he's sitting up, but of course won't look at me :)

Saturday I was nice so I wanted to try to take Anna's 1 year pictures. We went to the playground at school, she was more interested in exploring than standing still to have her picture taken :)

The boys of course found a nice muddy puddle to jump in

I actually got to go to a basketball game with Steve Saturday night! Our boys were in the championship game for their district and our neighbors graciously offered to watch our kids so I could go! We have the best neighbors!!

She is now a big fan of shoes and it's just so fun to put her in them! She just looks so grown up though!

I also love getting to do her hair. She has some curls now, so fun!

More things on her head :)

Life over here, always craziness going on :)

I let Anna have a piece of a big chocolate chip cookie, I think she liked it :)

I was trying to get a picture of her in this outfit to send to my friend who gave her the outfit, this was the best I could get, in motion with her mouth wide open :) That's life with a toddler on the move :)