Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 2.25.15

While the twins were still dealing with nasty, yucky colds this week, and while the temperatures were, well...
we still managed to have quite a bit of fun (and thankfully the twins seem to be very close to being completely over their colds, just occasional snot coming out of their nose and not the nasty green anymore :)).

Micah decided the laundry basket looked like a fun place to be...

And what one does, another must do...

And what 2 do, the third must do too :)
Thursday morning we went to a Play and Learn put on by the county's school district. They had a story time and then got to do lots of different activities. My boys of course loved the tunnel.

And the "sand" (which was actually rice)
They made hand print hearts which of course mommy had to put up, so cute :)

Even though they played very hard at the Plan and Learn time and then we went to lunch with some other moms and kids and they played on the playground, both Jonathan and David thought they didn't need a nap and didn't sleep at all in their cribs. Obviously David still needed sleep :).
Speaking of cribs, and David, so Saturday I put the twins down for their nap and was downstairs and all of the sudden I heard a big thud. I ran upstairs and sure enough, there was David sitting on the floor by his crib, crying because he hit his head on the rocking chair on his way out of his crib! So, the side of their cribs will be coming off this week (as soon as I get the second toddler bed rail I ordered). Micah was a couple months younger than the twins are now when he went into a big bed, and he still to this day won't get himself out of bed. I have a feeling the twins' transition into a regular bed will not be as easy :). We shall see.

All ready for bed that night (very early I might add :))

When we went out to eat with a couple of moms, one of them had a Cuties gift box from a party she had had and she gave us one. Micah is modeling the fun beanie. Cute in the front...

Fun in the back :)
Another thing in the box was sunglasses. I think David looks pretty cool in them

So does Jonathan :) Too bad they can only look cool one at a time :)
Breakfast time

My two little stinkers :) They were quite proud that they could climb up on the bistro chairs

My sweet 4 year old (he always wants me to take his picture :))

He wanted to watch his video before naptime in his sleeping bag this day

And my silly David
Friday night Steve and I got to go on a date. We went out to dinner and then to a Griffins Hockey Game (minor league). This was my kind of hockey game. Not a lot of penalties so it didn't go really long (even though it went to overtime but it was a very exciting finish so I was okay with it :)), and not one fight. Seriously, grown men fighting is just so ridiculous if you ask me :). I did tell Steve I found it funny watching a hockey game as a mother of 3 young boys because seriously, there is so much shoving going on, I felt like I was watching my 3 boys play :). 
And the most exciting part of the night, I caught one of the shirts they were throwing out in the crowd! I LOVE free stuff!!!
While mommy and daddy were on their date the boys got to go overnight to Grandpa and Grandma's. And they even got to take their sleeping bags and all sleep on the floor together! Grandpa and Grandma's is so much fun!

Since he's had this cold David has been pretty clingy to me. I see this a lot as I'm trying to get things done (like making dinner)

Saturday it was finally in the 30s, so Steve and Micah spent some time playing in the snow

They even built this "baby snowman" as Micah calls him

Steve even dug out a little fort for Micah

This boy just loves playing in the snow (he definitely does not get that from his mother :))
Jonathan thought this was a pretty good place to read (while mommy vacuumed)

These boys love reading Curious George (I think they really connect with his always getting into trouble :))

Micah was very proud of his picture he painted

They think it's so funny "sleeping" in mommy and daddy's bed
They just love the carts at the grocery store we go to after Bible study. They also love the popcorn :)

So funny story from the grocery store. I had just texted my mom these adorable pictures and had set my phone on top of my purse that was in the cart and I was by the bakery stand and my phone slid off my purse, hit the floor, amazingly didn't come apart, but instead slide under the bakery stand :). and of course, it was an easy just kneel down on the ground and grab it from underneath. Oh no, there was a hard panel on the bottom that we eventually had to get a screw driver to take off so I could get my phone. And of course as I'm on my hands and knees unscrewing the panel, there comes up a lady from my Bible study :). So my nice quick trip to the store turned into a not so quick trip.
Micah made pudding yesterday for his brothers and daddy

Micah and I played some Wii bowling last night...

Yeah, sadly he legitimately beat me :)

My two silly monkeys

They really do love each other

They also really love their Daddy
And oh, their mommy just loves them to pieces!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- 2.18.15

When I think back on the past week I think of it being cold, my back going out, it being really cold, Micah getting a cold, it being very cold, David getting a fever and Jonathan a runny nose, it being so cold we actually drove to church Sunday morning so they wouldn't get frost bitten on the short walk to church. And that was our week. Okay, it wasn't all bad, but seriously, it is SO cold here! And seriously, I am so sick of my kids being sick!!! I even started using essential oils with them, obviously they have not started helping yet. :) But since I didn't take any pictures of the not so fun things that happened this week and I still have some pictures to share, I guess we still had some fun.
One morning we met some friends at church to play. Our friend brought a Thomas bike and seriously, I think Jonathan was on it for at least an hour, I'm very thankful the boy was okay with sharing.

Micah wanted me to take a picture of him on his bike as well :)

He's into taking pictures both by himself, and he likes taking them with Mommy...
I think we take great pictures together :)

One morning I asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast. David went over to the pantry, opened it, and came back to the table with a bag of marshmallows :). No worries, that is not what he had for breakfast :)
Jonathan- he got his sweater he wore to church in the morning dirty, so I quick grabbed this sweater for him to wear at night and didn't realize till I put it on him right before we were ready to leave that it was really a tad too small :). He was showing a little midriff at church :). This sweater will be going in the stored pile now

Playing with "Harold" the helicopter after church

Micah brought home a fun game from Sunday school so he and Steve played it after church.
I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for Bible Study and had some extra. The boys in this household were more than willing to help me get rid of them :)

I think Jonathan got more frosting on his hand than in his mouth

I took 3 pictures of Micah and on all of them he just would not open his eyes all the way :)

Moments like these, when they're all 3 playing nice together, just make me smile. Of course it only lasts about 5 minutes until they start fighting over who had what or who wants what, but for those 5 minutes it's great

I have finally had enough of Micah just deciding he doesn't want to eat what I make. So we made him sit at the table until he ate his burrito that I had made special for him with no meat. He didn't take his first bite until 45 minutes after we started, when we were all long gone from the table. And do you know what he said after he ate a bite? "Mommy, this is a really good burrito" :) Oh Micah, sometimes you make life harder than it needs to be.

While Micah was sitting at the table, still eating his dinner, Steve and I were doing the dishes (I know, what a guy) and we couldn't hear the twins, which a lot of times means they are up to no good. So I went in the other room and this is what I found, them nicely sitting on the couch drawing on the magna-doodles. And we thought they were up to no good :)
And one last thing for ya. Jonathan loves reading Thomas books and I just find it so cute, so I thought maybe you would too. :)
Here's to a hopefully warmer, healthier week!