Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 7.11.17

Before I get into this week, I forgot to put these pictures up from our Michigan trip:
Grandpa took them fishing!

And they caught lots of fish!

So fun!!

We had a week of recuperating from vacation. :) Our kids are used to having a rest time in the afternoon, but they just had way to much fun to be had on vacation, so they skipped rest time most days, and it caught up with them. :)
Anna missed her microphone and boots while on vacation. :)

This is how Anna spent most of the 4th of July. She was getting her last incisor tooth and had lost her pacifier in the Denver airport, so it was a bad combination. I finally ended up driving the 20 minutes to Walmart to get her a new one.

Thankfully we did have a few moments of this :)

At the 4th of July community picnic!

I loved this dress she got from our neighbors!

They were so excited to get to do the races again. Thankfully none of them won (last year Jonathan won and his brothers were quite jealous of his prize :))

See that look of determination?! He actually pulled a muscle during that race he was trying so hard :). Unfortunately for Micah, no matter how hard he tries, he is just not a runner (neither is his mother :))

He got to do a balloon race with his friend Iris

Anna got to participate in the under 2 race. As you can see she was THRILLED to do it! :) Actually only one little boy actually made it to the finish line, she was not the only one crying or refusing to go. :)

Keeping up the tradition of making homemade ice cream on the 4th of July! This year we did strawberry, it was delicious!
(Notice we are missing a Jonathan? He was so tired he went to bed at 6:30 without dinner- his choice)

Anna was happy to join in on this tradition

She takes such great care of her dolly

After riding a bigger bike in Michigan Micah now felt like his 16" bike was way too small. So I moved the handle bars back and the seat down so this 20" bike I found at a garage sale for $5 would work for him. He was pretty excited about it.

Of course now we have two boys who think they need to ride Micah's old bike :)

She was soooo tired, fell asleep eating.

It was a HOT week, so we spent a lot of time in the pools (this is actually Anna's pool, he decided he needed to start there :))

We didn't last outside long because we started hearing thunder and it started raining.

And this is what it did, poured, even hailed!

And twenty minutes after that previous picture we were back outside in the sun. Montana seriously has crazy weather!!

She loves getting a ride on the scooter

I was trying to take a picture of Anna in her cute new pajamas. But she kept putting her play phone in her face. I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized, monkey see, monkey do, she was taking a picture of Mommy on her phone. :)

Out to lunch for Steve's birthday

Singing to Daddy (Anna wasn't so sure about those candles)

But she got very excited when he blew them out

Micah made a very sweet card for Steve, drawing things they do together: build with Legos, golfing, watching basketball and then wrote a sweet note to him.

All Anna cared about was the cupcakes. Unfortunately for her, mommy didn't feel like letting her make a big mess with frosting, so she just got the part mommy cored out of the cupcakes to fill with cream. :) She didn't mind.
They had quite the set up this day for their swimming

We were invited over for dinner at the house of a couple from church. They had a telescope they let the boys look through

Micah made a HUGE deal out of his half birthday. His is the only one of our children's that we remember, because it's the day after Steve's :). So I let him pick what we had for breakfast that morning and he picked homemade waffles with strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

This is what our garden looked like when we got home from vacation. So we tackled it Saturday morning

We had little helpers :)

And now it looks like this! So much better!

Had to have candles in his cupcake (leftover from Steve's birthday) and we had to sing to him :)

To cool off this night we went to a pond not far away and did some kayaking...

and swimming

the boys LOVED it!

Anna was not so much a fan. I didn't put her swimsuit on because she has not loved going in water lately, but then she started sweating, so I made her get wet to cool her off. She was not so happy about that. :) But she did have fun playing in the sand/dirt, especially putting it on mommy :)

David made a friend :)

David getting a ride

Jonathan getting a ride

I even got to take a ride (had to convince Micah to go with me :))

She is just soo silly! I took her dress off after dinner because she had spilled on it and I needed to get stain stuff on. She immediately went and put her boots on. And then was insistent that she needed to wash her hands :).

Again, she is just so silly, and cute! :) We love our Anna!!