Friday, November 27, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 11.27.15

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We had a good one that started with a wonderful service at church. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday, I think because there's no extra hoopla around it. :) And the Thanksgiving service at our church is one of my favorites. We always do a special food drive offering during the service. The first year we lived here I thought, okay, I'll just look through my cupboard and grab a few cans to bring. And then I was highly embarrassed by my few cans as families brought grocery bags full of food. :) I think I've played for every Thanksgiving service since we've been here and it's so neat to get to see everyone walk up to the front during offering and place their food on the stage. And yesterday was extra special as I got to watch Micah and David go up and put food up there (for some reason Jonathan just didn't feel like it I guess :), so Micah made 2 trips). After church we headed over to Steve's parents for turkey dinner with his parents, grandma and sister's family. We came home for naps (I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who actually slept :)), and then headed to the Bussis Thanksgiving (Steve's Dad's family) which was a lot of fun too. So it was a great day (and I didn't take a single picture :)). As for the rest of the week, we had a pretty good one.
The boys really do play so nice together. Well, I don't know if I should say play nice :), they really enjoy playing together :), a lot of the time that includes chasing each other, roaring at each other, and pushing each other off the couch. :) But given the fact that we are inside most of the time these days, it's nice that for the most part they get along.

My 3 handsome boys all ready for Bible Study
David is our silly little guy :). He seriously did this for at least 5 minutes straight. I don't know how he didn't get dizzy, I got dizzy just watching him :)

We made a trip to Meijer. I usually just go to the local grocery store in town, but we needed to get an Angel Tree gift and Meijer had some good sales going on, so we made a trip out of it. And I say a trip because my boys made it seem like an adventure. :) They first were super excited about the fake snow they had in the store. :) They were just amazed by it for some reason and thought the lit up snowman and Elmo was pretty cool. :)

And then they got to check out fish!! David was a little disappointed that there wasn't any Nemos there, but they still loved seeing the fish :)

And then, they got to go to the bakery and get a cookie! At our store they just get a generic Oreo cookie, here it was a bakery pumpkin cookie! This is one exciting store! :)

And then they got to top off their trip with a ride on the Sandy Horse!


So that was our fun morning outing, a trip to Meijer. :)

Micah and I went to the Christian high school's play Shrek the Musical with Steve's mom, sister, and Cousin Bentley! These boys were so good and seemed to enjoy the play. The students did a great job!

This was my view at breakfast Saturday morning (the point of this picture is for you to see what's in the background, although my children are pretty cute too :)). Yes, that's snow!

And just so he wasn't left out, this was my view to the side :)

There were 4 very excited people in our house (can you guess the one who wasn't excited :)?) They were asking to go outside as soon as they woke up and lucky for them their Daddy was willing to go with them. :)

Micah wanted to go with me to the store on Monday and I would be okay if he came with me every week, he was so helpful! I just had to point to what I needed and he got it off the shelf and put it in the cart. And he's pretty strong, he can handle the milk and even a 12 pack of soda! Made it so I didn't have to lift a lot. :)

Of course he wasn't a lot of help when we got home because we are getting new windows put in and they had just delivered them when we got home and he was way more interested in checking that out that helping bring the groceries in. :) And then while Steve and I were talking to one of the workers and not really paying attention to our 3 lovely boys, they decided to through every single shoe, coat, hat and gloves that we had in the hallway down into the basement. :) They thought it was fun until we told them they had to now bring every single one of the things they threw down up and put it back where it was suppose to be. :)

Our library has passes to the Children's Museum you can check out so we went with some friends this week which ended up being perfect timing to get us out of the house for a while while they're putting our windows in

The bubbles is always one of their favorite parts of the museum

Making flags

My cute bumble bee

Getting to watch a video in the basement to get out of the workers way :)
We had to bring a dessert to the Bussis dinner so the boys helped me make Oreo dessert. They thought it was pretty fun to get to use the food processor (and since I only have a mini, it took 3 times to crush all the Oreos so they all got a turn at running it :))

Smashing down the crust

Mixing up the pudding filling. They did an excellent job, it was delicious!!

And it's moments like this that make me realize how incredibly blessed I am and cause me to pause and thank the Lord for the beautiful family He has given me! A loving husband who is a wonderful father to our 3 precious boys!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life With the Bussis'- 11.18.15

Well, I'm happy to say I think we are all finally over colds! And now the weather has turned cooler and WINDY! So we spend a lot more time indoors. It makes the nights very long, along with the fact that it gets dark before 6.
So we've been playing a lot of Wii Fit (and Wii Sports, and MarioKart :)). Micah's favorite thing to do on Wii Fit is run. Go figure. You don't even use the balance board. You just hold the remote and run in place. And he would do it all night if we let him :)
His brothers like it when he does the running one because they can join in with him

My silly Jonathan, thought he needed more than one hat :)

Lately the twins have found it fun to ride on each other's backs :)
We stopped at the orchard last week and I decided to get some baking apples and since it wasn't very nice out, the boys helped me make some applesauce

It's so fun that they can all help with the pealing/coring/slicing process

As you can see, Micah was our supervisor :)
Through the night Thursday I was up for around 4 hours, coughing, sitting up downstairs to stop my coughing, and then just as I was ready to fall asleep Micah woke up with a fever and when I got to bed I started coughing again so we had to start the process all over again. :) So Friday morning Micah and I were pretty out of it, so this is how we spent the morning :)

The twins didn't mind as I let them watch the movie Cars which is a little long so they don't get to watch it very often. Thankfully Micah's fever only lasted a day and Jonathan never got it (David had had it earlier in the week). And Friday my Lemongrass oil I had ordered came which helps with coughing (yeah, really wished I had ordered it a day earlier) so I was able to stop coughing and get some sleep.

My Mom sent the twins some pajamas and oh boy, were they excited to have pajamas with fighter jets on them! They call each other Echo and Bravo when they have them on (fighter jets from the Planes movie) and they run around like crazy. Not exactly what you want them to do when you put their pajamas on right before bed, but it's pretty cute. :)

We had a birthday party for a friend of the boys to go to and I of course forgot to get a card :), so I decided to just have the boys color a picture as the card. Micah colored this Thomas picture and I was almost tempted to not give it to the boy...

He did this all by himself! Picked the colors and everything. I was incredibly impressed!

Being silly, they really are little monkeys :)
We've been trying to work with Micah on how to spell things and sounds letters make. He's getting pretty good at recognizing sounds and I think he just likes getting to play with the magnets :)

The twins of course also wanted to play with the magnets while I was working with Micah, so I got back out their letter magnets that fit into a bus and then say the sound. They've had lots of fun playing with this again (and fighting over who gets to use the bus :))
They continue to love to play with their trains, that was definitely a good investment

David took the opportunity while his brothers were playing trains to get to play with the magnetic bus all by himself :)

I've come to realize that I have the most energy in the morning and dinner is much more enjoyable for me if I didn't spend the hour before standing getting it ready, so I've been trying to make dinner in the morning. This morning I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep, so I decided to just get going on the day. I was able to finish my Bible study before anyone else woke up and then I got going on making food.

I ended up making tonight's dinner and tomorrow's!! And made double of each so there will be 2 more meals in the freezer!!
And I did all the dishes and cleaned up my kitchen!

All before storytime at the library :)
They got to make Indian vests for their crafts.
So now I have dinner made, the dishes done, kitchen cleaned, and my blog done. Looks like I get a nap this afternoon!! :)