Sunday, May 29, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update & 4 month pictures- 18 Weeks- 5.28.16

Our sweet Anna turned 4 months on Monday!! At her doctor's appointment on Tuesday she weighed 16 pounds, 7.5 ounces and was 25 inches long. I can't remember what her head circumference was :). This doctor doesn't give a nice print out at the end with all the information and percentages, but she told me that Anna's head circumference was in the 75%, her height was a little higher than that and her weight a little higher than that. :) So she is growing very well! The doctor was very happy with how she is doing, said she is very healthy and reaching all of her developmental milestones. She gave me some suggestions of lotions to use on Anna's face and the rest of her that is so dry (which the doctor said is a result of moving to Montana, one of the driest places in the United States :)). So if you're in need of a really good lotion for you little one (or yourself), Norwegian Neutrogena Hand Cream for the face (I know, kind of funny :)) and Vanicream for the rest (got at Costco). Already the next day her skin was looking better so I was very thankful for the suggestions. After her great check up she got to get 3 shots which nicely effected the rest of our week because she was kind of crabby for a few days. Probably didn't help that she seemed to be getting a cold as well. Thankfully it hasn't gotten bad and she seems to be back to herself. It's hard to believe she's 18 weeks old, it seems like it shouldn't be that long, and then it seems like she's been a part of our lives so much longer than that. We are so thankful for our Anna!!

4 Months old here!!

Our sweet neighbors had us over for dinner one night this week and the kids got to sit at the little tables. I think they enjoyed not being right by Mommy and Daddy. :) It's so wonderful to have neighbors with young kids our kids can play with, and that they play well together :)

At her 4 month check up. Notice how she has destroyed the paper that was on the table :)

Micah killed his first fly with the fly swatter, he was pretty proud of himself!

David looking cool on his bike

Playing some bean bag toss

Hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's bed while Mommy finally put up some blackout curtains and valances (it starts getting light here at 5 so I was very thankful to have some extra blackout curtains from Micah's old room :)). I was also thankful for a ceiling fan in our room that kept Anna entertained :)

This shirt did not really fit her this day because she was not very happy after getting her shots the day before (of course she's trying to get you to think her mommy is full of it by smiling for the picture :))

Driving the Barbie Jeep

And a pink tricycle

And yes, these are our neighbors things that our boys just help themselves to. Again, thankful for neighbors that don't mind sharing their way cooler stuff :)

While the boys were riding Anna and Mommy were just hanging out

She is very much paid attention to a lot!

David trying to make her laugh

I took Anna for a walk after dinner one night (since she was kind of crabby :)) and these 3 decided to tag along. And get distracted along the way :). Who wouldn't get distracted by rocks?

Anna was content to just eat her car seat strap

And then they found dandelions to distract them

Anna got to try green beans and apple sauce this week. She wasn't the biggest fan of the green beans, not that I could blame her as I cannot stand green beans, no matter how they are prepared (even with bacon, still can't stand them :)). But she was a fan of the apple sauce, shocker :)

Steve decided to rollerblade in the parking lot and he had some little boys chasing behind him, it was so cute to watch :)

I took Anna's 4 month pictures this week and this was her at the end, she was so over it (I may have changed her clothes more than I ever did the boys, she just has so many cute outfits :))

Made pizza one night.
Soon after we had arrived in Montana a couple from church handed me some money and said that they didn't have grandkids around to spoil so they wanted me to buy some things for the boys. Now most normal moms would probably buy toys for their kids but number one, we have way more toys than we need and number two, I'm not a normal mom :), so what did I get for the boys? Their own cast iron skillet to make pizzas in (don't worry, I did also get them some water guns, sprinkler toy, and a bunch of bubble toys so it was some fun normal stuff :)) but you wouldn't believe how proud they are of their own skillet and how much fun they have making their own pizzas. The twins often open the cupboard that has them in it and say "these are our own pans for making our own pizza!" :) So if you're looking for a fun gift idea for a young kid (and their mom likes to make pizza :)), go for a small cast iron skillet, so fun! :) And I find they eat so much better when they have actually helped make the food.

Micah was very proud of his face pizza

It was pretty impressive and it must have been yummy because he ate the whole thing

Yesterday was really nice so the boys road their bikes and I walked Anna down to the playground

Going down the big yellow slide. Can I just say that I hate this slide! We had a slide just like this at my school growing up and I watched my little brother fall off the top and break his arm, so it makes me very nervous to watch my can't sit still boys stand on the top of the slide :)

But of course it was all they wanted to go on at first :)

And then when they moved on from the big yellow slide they had move on to this climbing toy

Anna took a little nap while we were there

Walking on the balance boards. Can't I just tell you, I walked on the entire thing without falling! And with a wood chip in the heal of my shoe :) The boys didn't think I could do it (Micah thought it would break if I walked on it, thank you Micah!), but I proved them wrong! :)

The twins figured out how to go down the fire pole all by themselves!

And more climbing :)

Daddy came after he was done running through his sermons so they talked him into pushing them on the swings

Hanging out after she woke up
And finally, here are some of Anna's 4 month pictures: