Sunday, August 20, 2017

Life With the Bussis'- 8.20.17

Life has been very busy since we got back from California.
The day after we got back at midnight I had 10 dozen cupcakes and 2 cakes to make for a wedding. So this was my look for two days (although I did eventually put my contacts in :))

I brought my Barbie's back with me from California and it is so fun to see Anna play with them. 

This was all the butter I used just for the frostings (and doesn't include the 2 sticks I used for the carrot cake ones). Butter is good :)

The wedding cake

And the cupcakes! It was so fun to make them and I was super excited about the cupcake stand that my neighbor made for me!!
And they were a hit! The bartenders told me that they try the cupcakes at all the events they cater and mine were some of the best and I should go into business! That was pretty fun to hear :).

We've been having lots of fun at home, using lots of imagination over here

We've also gotten to eat out of our garden! Here were the first beans of the season

Beans are Steve's favorite things we grow in our garden so he was very excited when they were ready to eat

David eats them like French fries :)

Anna has really gotten into watching tv with her brothers :). She had been sitting on my lap but as soon as her brothers got upstairs she moved over by them.

Anna had her 18 month appointment. She did so great. The last couple of times she had gone to the doctor she had started crying as soon as the nurse or doctor walked in the room. I decided to have someone watch the boys so it could just be her and I at her appointment and she did great!

Since it was just the two of us we decided to have a girls' lunch afterwards

Still figuring out how to sit in a regular chair :)

The twins are getting much better at being able to pick up. They were very proud of themselves here for the job they did cleaning the toy room

Anna has a huge sweet tooth! She greatly enjoyed this chocolate pie

As did Jonathan

Like, she didn't want to miss a bite of it :)

Micah is the most ridiculous when it comes to having to get a sliver removed. And for some reason this kid gets a lot of slivers! Here he is with a sliver in his foot and seriously, I hadn't even touched his foot yet. This is all anticipating what is to come. Anna is very unfazed by it all :)

My silly boys after Target

They were good in Costco so they got to get some ice cream

Anna thinks she's big stuff and can ride on the blue swing instead of the baby swing
She also loves to read books
This Barbie lasted all through my childhood. Not even a week in our house and she was toast, thanks to David. The boys are now not allowed to touch my Barbies :)

Micah reading to Anna, so sweet

Jonathan loves helping out in the garden. He even puts on boots and gloves :)
What he really loves is finding ladybugs on the sunflower plants

Friends of ours from Iowa were staying with us so we had to get some air mattresses blown up for their kids. My kids thought it was pretty fun to stack them all on top of each other and sit on top. 

We went on a new bike path that ended by the river

So of course you must go by the river and throw rocks in :)

Eating a snack by the water

This bike path was only 2 miles each way, so the boys got to ride their own bikes which they were very excited about

David insisted he wanted to be the last one :)

Micah was running around after church Sunday night with some other kids and collided with someone which resulted in quite he eye. This is what it looked like right after

This is what the eye looked like the next morning
They kids thought it was pretty fun to have four other kids staying with us.

These girls look ready to start a girl band :)

Anna was a big fan of their oldest daughter Sage. I'm pretty bummed that I forgot to get a picture of all the kids together. 8 kids in one house was quite something!

Micah and I got to have a little date to go get his school supplies. He takes picking his stuff out very seriously

He was pretty excited to get to scan all his stuff

And then we went out for frozen yogurt

A fun little date with my 1st grader!

I got home and realized I didn't have everything I needed for the pizza I was making for dinner (which was really annoying given the fact that I had just been at Walmart!), so Anna got to go with Mommy to the store to get a few things. She was pretty excited that we were at a very small grocery store and she got to just walk instead of ride in a cart

Anna's hair has gotten pretty long so I've been having fun doing it different ways

We got all of it up into pigtails!

She has also decided she is too big for the high chair (she just doesn't eat well in it), so she is now sitting at the table

My workout buddies, weights and all

Hair in a ponytail

She looks so different!

This is what Micah's eye looked like at it's worst. I was very thankful he did not do this the night before he started school :). It was pretty bad. Thankfully other than right after it happened it never really hurt him

Girl will you slow down!! She now can go up the steps to the slide all by herself

We went out to lunch for my birthday and Anna thoroughly enjoyed her mac'n'cheese :)

Celebrating my birthday with cakepops!

Since I didn't have a candle at the restaurant the boys decided I needed to have one in a brownie after dinner

Of course I'm on a TERRAFit challenge and had used my weekly cheat at lunch, so I couldn't eat the brownie.  But my awesome neighbor who had already watched all my kids in the afternoon so I could go shopping by myself and get a massage, also made me some strawberry banana ice cream that I could have!

I had a wonderful birthday and was shown a lot of love by a lot of people!

The boys and I went to a water park an hour and a half away with some friends. We decided to leave Anna with a babysitter since she doesn't really like water :). Eating lunch at the waterpark

They had a big waterslide they could go down. You were suppose to be 48" to go on it which Micah passes, but the twins are 45-46" so I had warned them that they wouldn't be able to ride it, which of course produced tears.

But thankfully the lifeguards were pretty lax and let them go on it

Which made these two very happy. They went on it over and over and over again!

One night after the boys had gone to bed Anna and I played with the Barbies, so fun!

I never get a picture of Steve in a suit because he mostly only wears it at church and that'd be kind of funny if I sat there in church taking a picture of my husband ha ha :). But he was doing a wedding last weekend and I was towards the front, so I decided to snap a picture. He looks so nice in a suit! :)

My uncle and aunt and cousins from Michigan were on vacation to visit Yellowstone and made their way to Montana to visit and go to our church. We love family coming to visit!

We had the young people from church over after church Sunday night and they boys were very excited to have new people to tell their stories to :)

The kids had gotten these McDonalds coupons where if you read 6 books you get to get a free Happy Meal. So we did some reading and they all got to get Happy Meals

Even Anna (8 Silly Monkeys counts, right? :))

There's been lots of building with blocks going on over here

And Anna has learned to play real nice too.

Anna giving our neighbor Deacon a ride. On that note, Anna has decided it's pretty fun to chase Deacon and it's absolutely adorable. She gets a huge smile on her face and she chases him and he just giggles, so cute!

My uncle and aunt from Canada were on their way to meet my other uncle and aunt and made us a stop on their trip. They mentioned they had their bikes with them so we went bike riding and had a picnic by the river

Did I mention how fun it is to have family visit!!

And bonus, I had just bought a new bike the day before (I won the last challenge I did and got a nice prize check, so I decided to upgrade my bike)! It rode great! When you're pulling 100 pounds of kids behind you having a nice bike makes a huge difference!

My cute little assistant for planning the music for the worship services 
They combined the field behind our house so it now very easy to spot the deer in the field
Did I mention Anna's hair has gotten really long?!

She even let me braid it!! So fun! All those years of braiding Barbie's hair are paying off :)

The boys had their annual backyard campout. Testing out their bed after setting up the tent

Ready for a night in the tent! They all made it out there until 7 the next morning!

A new phase in our family, all 6 of us at the table. Jonathan and Micah had to move around, but there were no complaints.

David and I had a date the other night. I had to return something to a store and then we hit up the frozen yogurt place.

I think he enjoyed his one on one time with mommy. :) As did I!! Next up, a date with Jonathan (who is counting down the days :))