Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 4.29.15

The fun continues over here at the Bussis house (with 3 young boys, there's never a dull moment :)).
Big news in this house, Skipper has been found! We have a number of characters from the Planes movies and one of them, Skipper, has been lost for a couple of weeks. Steve found him in Micah's desk a few days ago and so we have one happy boy here.

Unfortunately since Skipper was once again a new thing, both Micah and David had a very strong desire to play with him. When David would get a turn he would not let go of Skipper for anything! He would hold on to him for hours, no matter what he was doing. And when it came time to hand him over to Micah for a turn (Jonathan didn't care if he had a turn), this is how David reacted. :) And this mamma refuses to have double of things just so they don't have to share. :) So we've had a few moments of this the past week.

David decided he needed to make a nursery schedule just like mommy :)

With the colder weather and needing to stay indoors to play, we pulled out the car mat again. It's funny how just putting it away for a month, it seemed like something new again.

Micah and Jonathan taking a walk/bike ride with mommy (David wanted nothing to do with it)

I get ready in the spare room and they all enjoy playing in "Grandma's room" while mommy gets ready for the day.

We had some errands to run in Muskegon, so we stopped at the mall so the boys could get some energy out indoors (we were not the only ones with this idea :))

My 3 boys on a boat

And of course we can't play with each other without tackling each other :)

Friday night Steve and I went with his parents to the Lakeshore Pregnancy Center dinner. It featured Mark Schulz. It was a great evening of learning about the pregnancy center and also having a mini concert. If you ever have an opportunity to see Mark Schulz in concert I highly recommend going. He's very funny and a great storyteller/song writer.

I got to have him sign my CD afterwards and take a picture. Such a fun night!

I continued on in my photo contest this week and one day had my camera on the tripod for Micah to take a picture and afterwards him and David had fun taking pictures. As you can see David hasn't quite figured out yet how to get his face in the picture :)

Just after breakfast, hence the milk mustache :)

Micah wanted one of Mommy (this is obviously before I headed to the spare room to get ready for the day :))

Jonathan getting in on the fun
Here was the picture Micah took for the contest (aren't David's little feet just adorable :)). It was for rollerball blends. We blend Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint with coconut oil to use for allergies. The boys get seasonal allergies. Last year they all had it and ever night for months I gave them all Children's Claritin. It's pretty pricey (you go through a bottle very quickly when giving it to 3 kids) and I just didn't like the idea of having to give them medicine every day. So I decided to try the oils this year and so far it has worked great! I have to put it on their feet twice a day, but no more runny noses and goopy eyes!
Saturday night we went to Allendale Christian Schools' 100th Anniversary Chicken BBQ. They had train rides outside for the boys. 
This little stinker, David, has been waking up much too early lately (anything before 7:30 is considered unacceptable in this house :), so 6:30 has been really unacceptable). Since he so nicely got Mommy up early Monday morning, he got to go with me to the grocery store before I took Micah to the dentist. As you can see he's very remorseful about the early wake up calls.

I finally took Micah to the dentist. Since he screams through his haircuts I didn't have very high hopes for a great dentist appointment. :) I took him to a Pediatric Dentist and he was very excited to discover toys in the waiting room when we walked in. He looked at me and said "I didn't know they would have toys at this dentist"
As you can see he is a little unsure about this all

But he did so great! He never cried, never tried to fight them, he even did okay with me going to the waiting room while he got his X-rays (they typically don't even let parents in for the cleaning, but since it was his first visit they let me come with for that part).

A very proud little guy!

After his appointment he got to hang out with Mommy for a bit. He looks pretty cool :)

We had to stop at Cabela's for something which he didn't mind at all. He loved checking out the animals and fish

After that we headed to the mall for some lunch. It was fun to get to have a lunch date with Micah. And he loved it, he kept telling me how much fun it was that it was just him and mommy. :)
I had told him before his dentist appointment that if he was good and didn't cry or refuse to do something that he could pick out a toy at the mall (no, we are not above bribing :)). He was pretty excited about his new Lightening McQueen and Doc Hudson racing cars. I did have to tell him that he doesn't get a toy every time he goes to the dentist, just this time because it was the first time. :)

Steve's parents got Micah this airplane that goes on your bike. He was pretty excited when Daddy put it on
The only problem we have discovered with it is instead of watching where he's going, he watches the airplane :)

Jonathan wanted to join in on the riding fun too (and is not happy that he doesn't have a plane on his bike too :))
Trying to get my last picture taken for the contest

This was the winner :). We got to pick our own theme for this day and I chose the theme of Happy Kids. These kids are happy because they're healthy and a big part of that is because I put On Guard on their feet everyday. I learned about On Guard oil from my sister who started using it because her son got sick every time he went in the nursery. After she started putting it on him he stopped getting sick, and since we were dealing with cold after cold after cold this winter I decided to get it a try. And other than allergies, these boys have been healthy for the past couple of months! And that makes them, and their mamma very happy! :)

Playing a game with his friend
And catch

David giving Jonathan and their friend Ian a ride
Having fun playing outside in the beautiful weather!

My garden is almost ready to get planted!

After dinner last night we went to the greenhouse to pick out our seeds for the garden and get a hanging basket for our backyard. I'm pretty sure this is not what these carts were designed for :). Not sure if you can tell but Micah is having a meltdown here :). He fell at the greenhouse and scrapped both his knees. Now Micah is a wimp to begin with and he just could not handle the pain of his injury. He cried the entire 15 minute drive home and continued at home. We finally told him if he didn't stop crying we were going to take him to the hospital. :) He walked funny all morning, but thankfully now he just showed me how he can run normal again :) (I can't get videos from my phone to work on here or I'd show you :)). So thankfully, I think he will make a full recovery :)
As I said at the beginning, never a dull moment over here :)