Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 8.5.15

It has been a very fun and productive week over here in the Bussis household. I'll start with the productive part because, well, it's not as fun as the fun part :)

That tub in the background has been in the corner of my bedroom, along with a bunch of other clothes that needed to be given away since the twins were born!! The tub was full of maternity clothes that I just didn't know where else to put. And after sitting in the corner of my room for 2 1/2 years I finally got the clothes out to wear and lo and behold since I lost quite a bit of weight before becoming pregnant all those clothes are now too big (good problem I guess :)). So rather than let them continue to sit in the corner of my room for another who knows how many year, I decided to sort them out and take them to the pregnancy center we support and let someone else get some use out of them. Step one of clean out my bedroom complete!
On to the next step, cleaning out my closet. It's hard to believe that after 3 bags full of clothes and 1 bag full of shoes I still have plenty of stuff in my closet :) Love INC. is putting a donation truck in our church parking lot this weekend so I was determined to get my stuff sorted through to give away while it's so nice and close! Step two complete!

And so now, I can actually see the corner of my room (it's amazing how much bigger our room looks now :)) and the floor of my closet (oh boy did it need to be vacuumed :)). Feels so good to get that cleaned out!
We also had a productive morning today. We have garage sales going on all over town this weekend starting today so we hit the streets and made at great! The things I really wanted to get were snow pants for Micah for this coming year and snow boots for him and one of the twins (the other twin can wear Micah's from last year). And we scored! Even found snow pants for Micah for the next year too! And what I paid for all of this on the table I would have paid for one pair of snow boots! The Dutch in me just loves it when I get great deals! We hit up a house that has 4 boys including a set of twins, so that's where a majority of our shopping took place. :)
They all decided they wanted to walk instead of ride in the stroller

And then they all got tired and I hadn't brought the 3rd seat, so we improvised :)
All that shopping made them hungry so when we got home they had to sit and have a snack :)
Now on to the fun stuff: 
We had a playdate with some friends and decided to just have it at our house and get out the pools. They had two pools and two slides, fun times!
Eating lunch outside
I had to go pick up my keyboard from the RYS office and I have to take a car seat out of the van to fit it, so I asked Steve if he could have Micah for the morning so I could just go with the twins. I rarely get a chance to just do stuff with them so it seemed like a great opportunity. I had thought about just taking one because I never get one-on-one time with them, but number one they're kind of lost without the other one there and number two I didn't know when I'd have a chance to take the other one and then I'd feel bad I only ever had one-on-one time with one :). So our first stop after picking up my keyboard was Meijer to pick up my prenatal vitamins (I know, this is exciting stuff we were doing). I tried to hold their hands in the parking lot which they wanted nothing to do with, but they would hold each other's hand :)
After Meijer we headed to the mall so I could return some stuff and we had lunch there.

This is how David ate his pizza :)
Love these two so much! It was so fun to get to just spend time with them.

After lunch they played on the playground for a while. They were a little confused at first as to where Micah was, but they got over it and had lots of fun playing without being told what they should be doing. :) David is my little frog I tell you, he is constantly jumping on anything and everything

Friday night we went to a pool. Micah loves swimming in a pool

The twins loved jumping in (with Mommy catching them, hence no pictures of it :)), climbing up the ladder to get out, and jumping back in, over and over again. My arms were actually sore the next morning (I don't know if that tells you that they jumped a lot or that I'm kind of a wimp :))
Getting pushed around in the rocket float
This one is kind of hard to see but Steve and Micah were racing (Steve gave Micah a head start and then swam 3 laps to Micah's 1 :))

Saturday I got to go to a restaurant called The Local Epicurean with my friend Barb (who helps me out with my kids a lot) for brunch and a ravioli making class. My Christmas present to Barb was a cooking class and I found this one on Groupon and we finally were able to do it on Saturday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! If you live in West Michigan I highly recommend this place for cooking classes (they have a lot of different ones) or to just eat at, the food was delicious! And we got to have a really yummy lunch of ravioli on Sunday :).

Can't you just see the joy on David's face, he, and his brothers just love swinging!

It was so cute, they were all holding hands and running together but of course when I tried to take a picture they didn't cooperate :)

Having some chips and cheese after church Sunday night

And then a little story time with Mommy, so fun!

My shopping date!

Monday after naps we headed out to my grandparents house on a lake. We got to take a boat ride around the lake.
Checking out all the houses around the lake.
 Micah got to ride the wave runner with Steve
We stopped at a place in the lake that's really shallow so the boys could stand.
 Jonathan liked that he could splash Mommy :)
Micah liked swimming
They also liked jumping off the front of Great-Grandpa's boat
Jonathan decided he wanted to take a ride on the wave runner. He thought he could do the driving himself :)
Back from their ride
David thought he'd give it a try too, but he decided he just wanted to sit on it, no actually ride it :)
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for a fun time!!!
Our neighbors are having a garage sale and had these 3 little cars out to sell. Steve went over there to see if they had a drill for sale and they asked if our boys would like these chairs and gave them to us. As you can see, they are big fans of them, they insisted on sitting on them to watch their video before naps :)
And this is what I came down to from my nap (yes, they all woke up before me, but only by a few minutes, one of the twins going down the stairs woke me up :))
Fun times over here!

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