Thursday, June 11, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 6.11.15

Some people do Spring Clean, me, I do Mom Cleaning, as in when my mom comes, my house gets a good cleaning :). And since my mom is coming soon, my house has been undergoing a good cleaning, hence the lateness of the blog and the lack of words, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking. :) (I should note that I do not feel like my mom expects me to clean or would think any less of me if I didn't, I just like to give the impression that we have it all together all the time, although I know she knows otherwise :))
Since we weren't able to do a fire Memorial Day weekend due to rain, we decided to have do one last Wednesday with just our family.

The boys were pretty excited for the fire!

David did not think he needed help

But as you can see his marshmallow roasting skills need some work

Jonathan enjoying his roasted marshmallow, David not so sure about this whole idea

He just wanted the cracker

Micah was very excited for his S'more

Jonathan enjoyed his S'more in separately, his favorite part by far was the chocolate bar :)

We were able to go back to the zoo with our friends for a fun morning
Found our penguin friend back

Very excited to see the Tiger again

Love that they let you bring food and drinks in so we could just have a picnic lunch there

Each boy HAD to have a turn "driving" the tractor
Jonathan driving

David driving

The whole time at the zoo they kept asking about petting the goats, so we finally made it to the goats :)

Micah even got to brush one

Micah keeping Daddy company outside (actually more like Micah preventing Daddy from reading his magazine outside :))
We love it when restaurants give the kids crayons and paper to color while we wait for our food (even better is when they give you fries while you wait :))

Notice Jonathan's chocolate milk is pretty much gone? Yeah, we have not gotten our food yet :). Needless to say he did not eat his meal very well. I think we need to hide his milk until the food comes in the future :)

This guy, however downed his food and Jonathan's :) Maybe if we gave Jonathan a pink cup with white milk he'd eat more of his dinner too :) (Just so you don't think we're mean and not let David get chocolate milk, he prefers white milk. We've ordered him chocolate milk before and he doesn't drink it :))
This is called tipping your cap :)

Eating breakfast in their Sunday best (and thankfully didn't spill on it)

Monday we went to a short Par 3 course that they just opened at a course Steve goes to often. We thought it might be more fun for Micah to play on a short course and it was a better option for taking the twins along for their first golf outing. Micah started going along with Steve at 18 months, so we've felt bad that we hadn't taken the twins yet. However, after 9 holes we realized there's a reason they haven't gone yet and it will now be a little while again before they go :). But fun was had by all (even Julie, who decided this was a good time to try golfing again. Like the twins, it will be a little while before she golfs again :))!

Smashed it :)

The first strawberries from my garden! So fun!!
Micah enjoying those strawberries (he tells me they were very delicious)

Got out the chalkboard, realized that was a dumb idea :) They loved it, but as you can see 3 boys trying to draw on the same board lead to lots of fighting and chalk on my floor :)

But they did love it!

Had to go to the greenhouse (some of our seeds didn't come up so we just went and bought some plants on sale :)), the boys were very excited to get to sit on a horse

They continue to love playing in their sandbox
Getting to play Cars while Mommy gets some cleaning done :)
I'd show you pictures of my clean house, except you can't really tell its clean because 3 boys 4 and under have a very hard time understanding that the floor is something we're suppose to be able to see at all times :), but I promise, underneath all those toys, it's clean. :)

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