Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 6.3.15

We had another very fun week! We got some nice not weather over the weekend, but it didn't bother us because we went with Steve's family to a hotel with an indoor waterpark Friday night and Saturday where the boys had just so much fun!
The days it's been nice we have spent lots of time outside. Here the boys are eating their nighttime snack outside

Daddy taught them how to throw the helicopter leaves in the air. This keeps them entertained for quite a while

Had some errands to run in Grandville which included a trip to Costco

David has become obsessed with his sunglasses. He wears them all the time, including indoors. I guess he didn't want anyone to recognize him while eating at the mall

Taking a helicopter ride

One of the reasons we went to Grandville was I had a rewards coupon and Micah had these two plaid shorts that we didn't have any shirts to match. Micah told me he wanted to pick out shirts all himself and I told him I'd have to see because they had to match these shorts. Well, he picked these two shirts all by himself and I think he did a great job, plus they were both on clearance!

David helped me make some muffins to take along to the hotel.

We had to test them out before we took them along :)

Got out the water table. It seems a lot smaller this year as there are 3 good size boys vying for a spot to play

Got the twins another pair of shorts pajamas. They were pretty excited about their snowman pajamas, especially since he has sunglasses :)

They thought they'd be funny and climb into "Grandma's bed"

Oh our way to the hotel, these were 3 excited little boys. Actually, that's not true, it was 2 excited little boys. Whenever we would talk about going to the pool Jonathan would say "No pool! No pool!" We thought "oh boy, here we go again." But as soon as we got in the pool he forgot his fear and had a ball

This is how Jonathan watches a movie in the car while still needing to wear his sunglasses

The twins must have gone down this slide about 100 times while we were there. It was definitely their favorite
Micah was quite the brave little boy going on the big slide with whoever he could get to go with him which included Daddy, Mommy and Grandpa. He also went down a midlevel slide all by himself. The first time he went down it he wanted to go before me so I watched him from the top. I couldn't see him in the middle and all I saw at the last part was the feet up in the air, he had gotten flipped around and was coming down upside down and backwards. I figured there was no way he'd do it again. Oh no, he just laughed and went right back up to the top of the ride and continued to ride it all by himself many more times.
This pool was so fun, you could order pizza right there and eat dinner without having to change out of your swimsuit!
All ready for bed! They slept pretty well (it helped that they had played in the pool for about 4 hours and had taken about a 30 minute nap all day). We did discover they need something at the head of their bed as at one point Jonathan was completely off the mattress and another point David's head was hanging off the mattress. :)

Watching their morning cartoons

Getting to eat breakfast while watching cartoons, life is good

All the cousins that got to go (we were just missing Koen)
We also got to make a stop at a cupcake bakery that won on the FoodNetwork Show Cupcake Wars (Steve and I have been to 2 other winning bakeries) and oh boy, it did not disappoint

Steve and I shared a cupcake and the boys all shared one. Micah picked Triple Chocolate and his brother did not argue :). They scarfed it down
Steve and I shared a Chocolate Covered Strawberry cupcake, it was a strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting dipped in chocolate...amazing!
Everyone enjoying their cupcake
This is what our van looked like on the way home :). Actually, Micah is faking it here :) but the twins slept for quite a while.
Again, insists on wearing his sunglasses all the time, even upside down (and seriously, everyone that walks past has to point out that his sunglasses are on upside down like I didn't notice :))

Riding bikes and scooters on the "smooth rode"

Playing some catch with Daddy. He really cant catch it in his glove but he does pretty well at throwing the ball

Micah wanted to practice catching grounders

At Daddy's softball game. This will probably be our last away game, they lasted less than an inning watching the game :) it didn't help that the game went to extra innings :)

One of the few times they were in their chairs

At the playground this morning, my two cool little dudes :)

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