Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- The Twins turn 3!! (10.28.15)

On October 17 my little twins turned 3! Crazy how time flies!
They have gone from this:
to this

to this
They are full of life and keep us all on our toes. They are best friends who don't know what to do when the other one isn't around. They are stinkers (especially David) and sweethearts. They are all boy, love to play in the sandbox, ride their bikes, play with cars, planes and trains, make a mess, read books and of course, wrestle :). They make life very fun and we are so thankful the Lord gave them to our family!
Here are their stats from their doctor's appointment:
Jonathan: Height- 3'2.75" (81%), Weight- 35lb 15oz (87%)
David: Height- 3'2" (65%), Weight- 33lb 4.6oz (68%)
The doctor was very happy with their checkup saying we have 2 healthy boys!
We had a birthday party for them on the night of their birthday with Steve's family. I put together a treasure hunt for the boys to do. Micah definitely took charge of that. :) 

They found the treasure!

Opening presents is interesting enough with a 3 year old, it gets even more interesting with two 3 years olds going at the same time :)

They each got their own cake

David loving it, Jonathan trying not to smile :)

They did it! (with a little help from Mommy :))

When we were at the beach in California I wanted to take family pictures and pictures of the boys. Well, they were absolute pains in the butt!!! Not Micah, he was great, but Jonathan and David wanted nothing to do with cooperating or wanting to be good for Mommy. Well, amazingly, when I got home and started looking through the pictures I was pretty happy with them. :) So here's a few of my silly boys!


 And then some of all 3:

Not really sure what David is doing but this picture makes me laugh every time I see it

3 boys in the sand, there's going to be some sand throwing :)

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