Monday, October 19, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- California Vacation Part 1 (10.19.15)

We have been missing from this blog because we have been in California having a wonderful time! And then we came home and I had a crazy busy week, so I'm now finally getting around to blogging about our fabulous time. So get ready for picture overload, and this is just the first week. :)
The Saturday before we left Steve and I got to go to the play Newsies which was a lot of fun!

The day before we left, Sunday, Jonathan pushed David into a heater vent at church and David ended up with a huge swollen nose. Thankfully kids don't have much bone in their noses, so it wasn't broken, but it was pretty painful.

I called the doctor and she said to make sure he stayed calm so we watched a movie and they got to eat a picnic dinner while watching their movie which they thought was pretty fun.

On the plane bright and early!

We had a long layover in St. Louis so they got to watch lots of planes come and go.

The first thing they have to do when we get to my parents' house is say hi to the cows :)
Enjoying the beautiful warm weather (and the boys loving having Daddy not have to go to work!)

Grandma doesn't have a sandbox but she let them play in the empty flower bed :)

The boys couldn't quite grasp the concept of the slip and slide, so Grandpa was a sport and threw them down :)

Or they just ran down it and fell on their butts which they thought was hilarious

My sister and her husband and boy came down for a few days while we were there so it was fun to get to spend time with them too. The boys loved playing with Cousin Caleb

They also discovered a mud puddle to jump in, why do boys always find the mud?

Thankfully Grandma also had a little pool for them to play in, so they got the mud off in there :)

Caleb just jumped right in with the boys

Uncle Robert is always a lot of fun!
While we were there we had a birthday party for David and Jonathan. Grandpa sat at the table with all the kids, so fun! And can I just say I think it's adorable how my niece Reagan is sitting with all the boys in her tiara :). Unfortunately for her she has a lot of boy cousins :)

Grandpa and Grandma with 5 of their 7 grandkids

Opening presents

They thought it was pretty fun that they each got their own cake

Attempting to blow out the candles

Caleb had to come in to help :)

And Micah

My sister is pregnant too, so we got some pictures together. Sadly I'm 9 weeks behind her, can't tell here :) Of course she's having her second and I'm having my 4th, that's what I'm going with :)

Play time in pajamas
We all went to the Aquarium of the Pacific one morning. The boys loved it! 


Checking out the sting rays



Waiting for the seal and sea lion show to begin
Looking at the sea lions from underneath

Daddy and his boys checking out the sharks

Outside the Aquarium I wanted a picture of all 3 boys, this we the best I got :)
Because this is what they wanted to do :)
So they weren't exactly cooperative again when we tried to get a family picture
Getting to watch a video in Grandma's car on the way home. They are in the zone! :)
At night we got to go watch Grandpa play softball. My 90 year old grandparents go to the games too, so cute!!

Micah thought he was pretty cool sitting on the top of the bleachers
We spent a lot of time in my parents' pool while there. It was pretty hot every day, so it was nice to be able to cool off in the pool. And Grandma has lots of fun toys for the boys to play in

Jonathan preferred to just play on the outside :)

Micah would have stayed in the water all day if we let him.

David thought it was pretty cool that Daddy dove over him in the raft :)
Playing Sherriff Callie

They loved wearing Grandpa's "farmer hat"

The twins got a few games for their birthday so Micah tried out their memory game with Grandma (she said he legitimately beat her :)) 

"Farmer David"

They also spent a lot of time riding bikes

Steve and my Dad went to a Dodger game one night so Mom and I and the boys went to the park for dinner

My Grandpa and Grandma came to and stinker David got my grandma to lift him up into the swing and push him :)

Eating dinner at the park!

Grandma reading to David

Micah joining them

And then Jonathan :)
There's always a few restaurants on our list that we need to hit up while we're out there. In N Out is definitely one of those!


The boys all enjoyed In N Out as well

And that was our first very fun week!!!

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