Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 2.21.16


Weight: 11.2 pounds.
Anna is growing nicely. She is sleeping great! Sometimes doing 6-7 hour stretches, other times waking up around 3-4 but then doing another 4 hour stretch. Her awake times, however, have not been going the greatest, especially at night. All of our children have always been pretty fussy at night their first couple of months, we had hoped Anna would be different, she is proving to follow in the footsteps of her brothers. :) So the hours of 6-10pm can be pretty long, but we still love Anna. :) Hoping she doesn't take as long to grow out of this as her brothers did. And very thankful that she is not like this in the middle of the night!
I realized I forgot to put Anna's birth announcement up last week, I just love it! :) If you're ever looking for someone to design your birth announcements or Christmas cards, I highly recommend! She's a college friend of mine and does a fabulous job!!
Here's some pictures from our week:
Hanging out on the kitchen table on her changing pad :)

Me with my little princess!
Anna got to go shopping with Mommy. As you can see, she was quite unsure about it (and honestly not the biggest fan, she must have her mother's attitude towards shopping :))

Thankfully she slept for a lot of it
Trying out her new swing

David always wants to help with Anna's bottle

Making some cookies. Notice David in the background. He refused to eat his dinner (which was chicken nuggets by the way) and so we told him he couldn't help make or eat the cookies until he finished his dinner. He never did get to eat a cookie :) Silly boy!!

Thankfully despite being fussy most nights, the couple of times we've gone out to dinner she has slept the whole time and been very pleasant!

Poor Anna is never going to know about personal space

Excited the Grandpa and Grandma were coming on the airplane!!!

Waiting at the airport for Grandpa and Grandma's airplane to come in. We parked in the cell phone lot to try to watch their plane come in and somehow missed it :) But thankfully we saw some other planes come in so Micah was happy

Grandpa finally got to meet Anna. Here he is telling Anna all about her cousins, it was so cute :). Once he started telling her about his boats she fell asleep :)

This morning we had the privilege of having Anna baptized. Here she is all pretty in her dress



I had to take the twins back down to my parents during the song because they were trying to go under the communion table and about to go down the steps, they're just a little too comfortable in church, those pastor's kids you know :)

Micah and I sang after Anna's baptism. It was such a joy to get to sing with him! He was completely stuffed up so I wasn't sure how he would do, but he did great! When we sat down he said to me "Mommy, that was so much fun" :). I started singing in church when I was his age so it was so fun for me to get to now sing with him. I have a video of it but it's too long and I don't know yet how to shorten it, if I figure it out I'll have to put it on here.

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