Saturday, February 6, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 2.6.16

Waving hi :)

10.4 pounds
I can't believe our little Anna is 2 weeks old! And yet it's hard to believe it's only been 2 weeks. She is doing really well. She eats well, sleeps well, poops and pees well. The one thing she needs to work on is being content when she is awake. The first week of her life she was pretty much held all the time, what with Grandma being here so there were more people available to hold her. That is no longer the case. I wish I could just sit and hold her all day, but life needs to happen. :) So we've had a lot more crying this week, but overall she does great!
Life this past week has pretty much consisted of Anna and getting ready for a big sale I'm doing with other moms from our church.
Her brothers keeping watch over her while she sleeps :)

Grabbing some snuggles with David

The boys want to help out

She is very adored by her brothers

Micah showing Grandma that she forgot her glasses

All ready for church. I have to tell you that I survived my first time in church by myself with all 4 kids!!

She's just too cute, we have to take lots of pictures :)

My mom's friend made a couple hats for her. So cute! (Can I just say I love all this pink!!)

We've had a couple days this week that were fairly nice so the boys took advantage and played out side.

They start out on their bikes
And then, even though they haven't been able to ride their bikes in months, they ditch their bikes to play in the little bit of snow we have left. :) Silly boys

I thought Anna might like to get some fresh air, she disagreed :). In her defense, the wind was pretty cold
We're loving our snuggles!

Eating some powerballs downstairs while Mommy sorts through tubs and tubs of clothes

Anna's first real bath. She's a big fan of bathes!

I know I'm her mother, but I just think she's too cute! :)

They found Nemo and Dory! We made a quick trip to the grocery store after the library while Anna was home with Miss Barb. It was nice to finally get out, even if it was just to storytime and the grocery store :)

Post bath

David thought she needed her giraffe with her in her swing :)

More snuggles

She did better the second time we went outside. I sat in the garage so it wasn't windy and she fell asleep :) (this is the other hat my mom's friend made, so cute!)

Anna has crazy hair! :) Hopefully as it grows it gets a little more under control :)

We attempted our first outing as a family of 6, dinner at Logan's. It went great! It helped that Anna slept the whole time :)


  1. Please keep your blog going after you move. Live being able to keep up with Stevo's family! :)

  2. Please keep your blog going after you move. Live being able to keep up with Stevo's family! :)