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Life With the Bussis'- Michigan Trip part 2- 7.6.17

The second week of our Michigan vacation was spent at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds in Grand Haven with Steve's entire family. We had such a great time there!!
Enjoying the playground

So fun getting to play with cousins!

The lake was pretty rough most of the time we were there, but that didn't stop the boys. Even not having on swim suits stopped them (or helmets on their heads:))

Anna preferred to just stay by Mommy

Micah was concerned about his shorts getting wet :) All his pulling them up didn't help, they still were soaked

The boys had each earned enough money for 5 trips to the ice cream store, so of course we had to go the first night already!!

The Conference Grounds has a pastor for the week and the pastor while we were there was an old family friend who had interned at my church in California when he was in seminary and his wife was my second grade teacher (and favorite teacher of all time!) and I sang at their wedding when I was 8 years old. :) So it was so neat to get to see him teaching my kids during the children's message and catch up with him and his wife!

Anna is ready to squirt someone

I don't have any cute sleeping pictures of Anna because she has blackout curtains in her room, so I took advantage of the no blackout curtains at the cottage and got a cute picture of her sleeping :)

He's pretty proud that he can slide down the pole all by himself

They look pretty proud of themselves up there

How Morgan and Anna think a shuffleboard court should be used

Enjoying some M&Ms

Pool fun!

Anna didn't find it fun

She preferred just sleeping on the chair by Mommy

Giving Morgan a ride

Checking out the lake
The girl cousins
She was a huge fan of Morgan's tricycle. Both riding...

And pushing it

Racing cousin Koen on the side

My monkeys 

The twins came up with a game where we each sat on a bed (there were three beds in this room) and they threw their teddies at me and I threw them back. Fun game :) We did this over and over.

And since Anna was on the bed with me and couldn't throw or catch a teddy, she just tackled me :)
While we did this the big boys were out golfing

More fun in the pool. The Grounds added this kiddie pool with some splash pad stuff in it which was lots of fun

He thought he was hilarious grabbing Mommy's leg

Going on a wagon ride

S'mores are a must

Oh so good

The boys and I took a bike ride to see the lake

All ready for Bible school

The wind and waves didn't stop these boys from having fun

Again, Anna preferred to just sit by Mommy

We had such a great time just getting to relax and enjoy our family

She thought she was hilarious pouring sand on Mommy's leg

Since the boys got to have a fun outing us girls decided it's be fun to go get pedicures

I can't remember what this guy's name is but he was a nature guy who made these videos and he did a very interesting talk and showed us different animals. Here's a toad.
David's the little boy in the blue shirt checking out the animal :)
This turtle was my favorite! (The snake my least favorite, I never looked up for that one :)).

The boys loved getting to spend lots of time with Grandpa and Grandma!

Jonathan wanted to go for a walk with Mommy, he even held my hand the whole time, loved it!

I still had some of my winnings left from my previous challenge (I won my challenge I just finished too!!) so I decided to buy all the kids (and Steve and I :)) Conference Grounds shirts. They got to pick their own out (except Anna, Mommy picked that one :))

Our good friend Miss Barb came to visit us while we were there and we decided to have lunch at the store! It was so great to get to catch up with her again!

My Happy Camper

With a face full of ice cream :)

More shuffleboard. Micah is very intense :)

Out for a little family walk

While we were waiting for another wagon ride Jonathan was giving these boys an earful after they were touching his brother's bike :)

On the wagon

They sing on the wagon rides and Anna was all about that, and doing the hand motions the leader was doing :)

We got Morgan a dress for her birthday that I also got for Anna, so we had to have a matching girls picture

They were a bunch of chipmunks by our cottage and so the boys were trying to feed them so they'd come out of hiding :) 

All the kids ready for Bible School

Anna chilling by the pool

Again, when will we learn if we go by the lake our boys will end up in it, so just have them put their swimsuits on!!

Grandpa and Grandma with all their grandkids!

She was very good at getting people to do whatever she wanted them to do :) (she is now going through detox of that as Mommy can't spend her entire day doing Anna's bidding :))

Pancake breakfast on the last morning

She thought the diaper genie travel thing was a microphone :)

Back at Grandpa and Grandma's house the lawn needed to be mowed, and Grandpa had a few helpers

Anna thought she was pretty cool walking down the stairs (she usually goes down backwards or on her butt)

Back on a plane again

This little girl was pretty tuckered out from our trip

She slept on Daddy and Mommy
We had such a fun time in Michigan! Thanks so much Mom and Dad Bussis for getting the cottages and providing us with wonderful memories of our time together!!!

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