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Life with the Bussis'- Michigan trip part 1- 7.1.17

We took a two week vacation to Michigan and had a wonderful time!! Which means I have lots of pictures to share. :) So I'll do it in a couple of post.
Heading into the airport. We hate having to pay for luggage, so we just check one and then they all get to lug their suitcases through the airport, which they actually love. :) But this time was nice and the flight was full and they were offering free baggage checking through to your destination, so we took them up on that.

On the plane ready to go

We had a super long layover in Chicago so I had gone online and saw they have a children's museum in the airport! Well, it really was more of a play area :), but it was awesome! The kids had so much fun playing there and it killed some time.


She loved "flying" the plane

This kid (Jonathan), cracked us up, he wanted to go on the people mover but refused to walk on it. He just wanted to ride it. Good thing we weren't in a hurry :)

Finally gave in to a nap

Ready to take off in Chicago

We sat on the plane for over an hour waiting to take off because of a storm that came through. It's only a 25 minute flight to Grand Rapids, so Steve's family was already at the airport to pick us up and we hadn't taken off yet :).

Fun playing basketball on Grandpa's shortened hoop!

We took lots of golf cart rides. Micah was pretty excited to get to drive

We had told Micah if it rained while we were there we could go see Cars 3. Of course that made Micah pray for rain :) and he got his wish the second day we were there. They had this setup at the movie theatre and David wanted to sit in it :)

All ready for the movie to start (it was the twins' first movie in a theatre)

They loved the movie (as did Steve and I)!

More golf cart rides

The boys got a chance to steer

We went to a small wild animal park one day. It was so much fun!

On the safari ride

Feeding some goats

We even got to feed some giraffes

The spider monkeys were one of the favorites and seriously watching the monkeys reminds me of watching my children :)

Going in with the birds

Climbing the elephant

David was bound and determined he was going to climb it all by himself!

He was pretty proud of himself when he did it

Family photo at the zoo

Steve and I got to go on a date. We went to dinner and then headed to the Lake. So fun!

We even got to see the start of a sailboat race

And we're back on the golf cart :). Steve and Micah had gone golfing so we decided to take a ride and ended up finding his grandma's house.

Jonathan getting a turn to drive

Anna thought she needed a turn too, she definitely was the craziest driver
Grandma took the boys to a splash pad and made a stop at Grandpa's work so the boys could see what he does

Playing games

We visited my grandparents who live on a lake so we took a boat ride

Hanging out with great grandpa and grandma

Micah tried riding a tube behind the wave runner. It didn't go so well, he didn't want to go fast, so we started off slow which meant the tube didn't get out of the water, which meant he got a face full of water and eventually fell in. :) so he decided to just lay on the tube without riding :)

Going for a wave runner ride

Eating a snack on the boat

All the kids with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma

My Aunt Jane stopped by too

Four generations of VandenHeuvel women

We got to have breakfast and visit with our good friends Zach and Kasey. We each have four children with Micah being the oldest, so it was lots of kids :).

It was so great to get to visit with them and see our kids play together!
And that was the first week! So much fun!!

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