Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 38

You can tell David is our stinker by looking at his eyes :)

And they're done :)
Jonathan (right)- 21.2 pounds
David (left)- 19.4 pounds
Jonathan got another tooth this week!  One of his top middle teeth.  If it goes like the last time David should be getting his in the next couple of days.  Jonathan is now a pro at sitting up on his own.  David has figured it out now too but he doesn't always remember he knows how. :)  Another accomplishment of David's this week is figuring out how to clap:

Both boys are very much on the move and it amazes me how quickly they do it.  I'll look down at them and they'll be in one spot, I'll look away, look back and they're on the other side of the room!  They haven't figured out crawling yet, but they know how to move around.  David usually scoots backwards on his tummy and Jonathan scoots around on his butt. :)  One thing the boys being able to move does is allow them to get into Micah's stuff.  I am really sick of hearing "Mine" and "Micah's" and "No bobbies!"  Micah spent the night at Steve's parents house on Friday and I have to say, I think the twins really enjoyed being able to get into his stuff and not be told no (unless it was something unsafe for them in which case I told them no). 
They are both currently really bad about spitting while eating.  It's really getting annoying.  Sometimes it's actually easier to feed them one at a time because when one starts spitting, the other one starts and no one gets fed and mommy is covered with baby food.  I'm really hoping this phase ends soon. 
We had a really nice 4th of July but of course, I forgot to take pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  We went out to breakfast with Steve's family then went back to his parents house to hang out and have lunch.  We just hung around our house at night, Micah played in his pool, we ate outside and had some yummy homemade ice cream.  On Friday night Steve and I tried again to play tennis with the twins in the pack-n-play and again, they screamed the whole time.  I think they just don't like being in the pack-n-play but we really can't not have them in there because they could get hit with a ball.  So we'll have to figure something else out next time we want to play tennis because it's not all that fun when you're children are screaming. 
My beans are doing really well in our garden.  Saturday Steve was gracious enough to weed the garden for me (my back can't take bending over that much- lifting these two growing boys is about all it can do :)).  So we had some fun outside. 
Micah decided he needed to play on the blanket too.  I really think it was to prevent the "Bobbies" from playing with that piano which he thinks is his but actually it was a Christmas present for the twins.  Oh Micah, life is so hard at 2 :)
Steve weeding.  It looks soooo much better!  Thanks honey!
 Look at those beans! 

It was Steve's birthday on Sunday and for his birthday lunch he got to eat fresh beans from our garden!

Daddy playing with his boys on his birthday.  All three of our boys just adore their Daddy which is so fun to see.

Micah picked up the guitar and I just thought he looked so cute playing it I had to take a picture.  He has one of the twin's wrist rattles on to make him look like a tough guitar player :)

Always watching what's going on with Daddy and Micah 

 Sunday night after church we had Steve's family over to celebrate his birthday.  We made hobo pies over the fire outside while it drizzled on us and then came inside for cake.  Micah was very willing to help Daddy blow out his candles.
We have a lot of fun in the mornings playing on the floor.

I think Micah is going to be a photographer.  He loves taking pictures and even thinks he needs to use a tri-pod :)

He also loves playing in the boys bath tub after I give them a bath.  He will stand there for an hour playing in the water if I let him.  I really think I need to get him a water table :)
 This morning I went to the mall with the boys and we had such a fun time.  Micah was in a very fun mood which always helps and the boys had slept till almost 9 so they got to be up most of the time.
Who needs Disneyland when you have a hallmark store?  We walked past the store and Micah yelled "Mickey!"  Sure enough, there was a big Mickey in there so we had to go take a picture with it.

Then Micah decided he needed to take a picture of Mickey.  I guess he wanted a close up

When we got to the play area in the mall it was empty so Micah got to be King of the Castle.  He thinks he's pretty big stuff when he wears his "muscle shirt"

The twins eating their bottles while Micah played.

And then they got to play too.

I wish you all could experience life with Micah.  He is so entertaining.  This morning while I was feeding the twins he was in the other room watching Doc McStuffins.  I look over at him at one point and he's in the middle of the room dancing with the music on the show.  He just loves to dance.  So then we go to the mall and we're walking through it and there's music playing through the mall and he just starts dancing while walking.  It was so hilarious I had to take a video of it and share it with you. :)
And that was life with my boys this week!

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  1. Thank you for giving us such a great "window" into life with your boys. I miss them all so much, but I love being able to watch them grow through your pictures and words. I think they are all quite precious!! :-)