Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 39


Can you tell they're a little tired here :)  I forgot to take their picture till right before their naps
Stats from their 9 month appointments today:
Jonathan (right)- Height: 29" (76%); Weight: 21lb 9oz (79%); Head Cir: 45.5cm (63%)
David (left)- Height: 28.5" (57%); Weight: 19lb 12.5oz (52%); Head Cir: 45cm (50%)
Just for comparison, here's Micah's 9 month stats- Height: 29"; Weight: 21lb 14.5oz
Both boys had very good 9 month checkups this morning.  The doctor was very happy with their growth and development.  He said they were very healthy and happy and to keep up the good work.  Always a nice thing to hear.
As of this morning both boys have 4 teeth- Jonathan the top and bottom middle teeth, David- middle bottom teeth, one of the top middle teeth and then one of the next ones, so he'll have a nice big hole in the front but it looks like that other center tooth is ready to break through any day.  So needless to say, we have had some cranky kids at times and not such great nappers.  For instance, on Monday, there was never a time when they were all sleeping, there was one crying at all times.  But hopefully now that they have gotten a few teeth we'll have a little time of peace, but probably not. :) 
Jonathan has started doing the army crawl, he's pretty good at it.  David crawls on his two hands, one knee and one foot :).  So needless to say, we've been hearing a lot of "No Bobby" lately as the twins are more mobile which means getting into more of Micah's things or at least what he thinks are his things.  Yesterday I found Jonathan under the piano bench because he wanted Micah's beach ball.  We have discovered Jonathan is a very determined little guys, when he wants something, he is determined to get it.  It has been a very hot week this week so we have been trying to stay cool. 
I got this idea from my sister-in-law Megan.  She calls it a redneck bath :).  Jonathan loved it, David wasn't such a fan because he got the brunt of Jonathan's splashing.

Micah was quite intrigued by the twin's pool

Micah having a snack while drying off.  On a side note, if you're ever looking for a good snack for your young'n, Danimal Smoothies are awesome!

Finally got away from the splash'n brother

Micah was pretty excited when we decided to eat outside

Monday night we went to a minor league baseball game.  It started raining at the end of the first inning so we ran up to take cover.  It ended up raining for over an hour so we decided to just go to McDonalds for ice cream

It was a bummer but we made the most of it and had a fun time.  Here's Steve's parents with all our boys at McDonalds.

This was so cute.  Micah wanted to read the boys a book, but he got upset when they would touch the book, so he is reading to them from a distance :)

So David and Jonathan both love to sit up in their cribs and a lot of times end up falling asleep sitting up and fall over.  They really are flexible :).  Don't worry, I straighten them out so they don't wake up with tingly legs :)
 Micah wanted to play outside but it was too hot to not sit in the shade, so I came up with the idea to stick our beach umbrella in the handles of the garbage can :)  Worked great.

Micah is getting really good at riding his bike on his own

Play time in the mornings (hence the pjs :))

Silly Jonathan
A lady from church got all the boys matching outfits which is so fun.  They wore them on Sunday so we had to do a little photo shot:

Love these shoes!

And finally, a little video to give you a taste of life around here.  I love all my boys!

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  1. They are growing fast! Great job of Mommying :)
    Love to hear the giggles! Thanks for sharing.