Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 40


Jonathan (orange shirt)- 21.2 pounds
David (blue shirt)- 19.8 pounds
This is going to be short and sweet because this mamma needs a nap.  Why you ask, well you may notice from the pictures that these boys don't look at the top of their game.  That would be because they are both sick. :(  Jonathan has had a fever since Friday morning and David got one yesterday morning.  David was up twice last night.  It's amazing how used to full nights of sleep you get and how much it effects you when you don't get that full night of sleep.  We ended up at the doctor yesterday and they determined that both boys have a virus which means there's nothing you can do for them except give them lost of love.  So that has been what has been going on around here.  It's so hard to watch your small child feel miserable and not be able to do anything about it.  One thing I want to make sure to note is that David got his other top center tooth.  So he now has three on top and two on the bottom!  Oh, and these boys are EVERYWHERE!  Crawling is thus far my least favorite development.  It's like they can now move and they have this whole house to discover.  And they are so quick.  We are trying to get Micah to remember that he can't leave anything small on the floor because they will find it and fast.  I no longer feel okay quick running upstairs to put in my contacts and brush my teeth, I barely feel like I can go to the bathroom for fear that they will get something they shouldn't have.  Here's our week in pictures:
This is what I did Thursday- 8 pies for a school fundraiser (well, 6 were for the fundraiser and 2 were for us:))
This is what I did Friday- Monster cookies and cake pops for cookie time on Sunday

And just fyi, on the right is what a monster cookie will look like if you forget the baking soda :)

It's been really hot over here so we spent a few nights hanging out in our little pool.
My sister-in-law Melissa gave me the great idea of just putting a laundry basket in the pool (she saw it done in a bathtub).  It works great!

Jonathan showing off his 4 teeth
Dinner is sometimes a messy affair  
For both :) 

Jonathan not feeling well- just conked out right on the floor, poor little guy
Micah continues to love taking pictures:
He's getting quite creative.  Here's his foot on his "scooter" (really the holder for his plastic bowling pins that he slides around on).
His Teddy & Blankey 

Hoping next week I'll be reporting we are all feeling great!

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