Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- 8.6.14

This turned out to be a great week despite what the weather forecast was telling us.  We were forecasted to have rain every day this week, we have yet to have a drop.  Well, I take that back, yesterday afternoon it did sprinkle a little, but that's it.  It's actually gotten to the point where we're hoping for a little rain because everything is getting so dry.  So, we have taken advantage of the no rain and enjoyed the outdoors. 
Went for a walk/bike ride on the bike trail not far from our house.  About 1/4 of a mile into it Micah said he was ready to turn around, but I talked him into going on and he made it 3/4 of a mile before we turned around, so 1 1/2 miles total!

We walked to the playground (and the only picture I took was of them taking a water break, nice :)).  We had to go to the post office to mail a couple of packages and one of the things I love about where we live is we can just walk there and then it's right next to the playground, so everyone is happy!
So Saturday we were going to go to this place with another mom and little boy from our church that has a huge splash pad and a beach.  So we get there at 10 which is when it opens and there is a police car blocking the entrance.  I guess there was a triathlon going on and we couldn't get in until 11:30 (and did they think to put it on their website that I was just on the night before, no!)!  We didn't feel like waiting around until 11:30, so we back-tracked it back to a park not far from where we live that has a smaller splash pad at it.  But the boys really didn't care if it was big or small and still had a great time. 
Micah and his buddy Graham
Just Micah and I went to the splash pad since Jonathan hates things with water (except his bath), but when we ended up not far from home and somewhere with a playground, Steve brought the boys over to play too. 
The boys loved this huge slide, their mother was not such a fan :)
Saturday after dinner I had to go over the church to get ready to play for the morning service.  When I was walking home this is what I saw:
Silly Boys!
Monday we took advantage of the nice weather by trying out our new hitch and bike rack on our van (which worked great) and riding on a different bike trail.  This one goes to a town called Rockford which is such a cute town and I love the trail because it's nice and flat (which when you're pulling 40+ pounds behind you is a wonderful thing).  And it's just such a pretty trail.

In Rockford there's a dam which provides lots of entertainment for little boys, unless you're Jonathan who is not a fan of water (can you figure out which one is Jonathan? :)).

Amazingly he did warm up to it once he realized that fence was going to prevent us from trying to put him in the water

Trying to get a cute picture of these two= impossible!

My attempt with all 3

After checking out the water (and the birds and turtles in it) we at a picnic lunch.  All the picnic tables were being used, so we just ate on the little stage...
Which our boys preferred because it gave them something to run and jump off of.  After much fun we got back on our bikes and headed back to the van.  Such a fun morning!
Monday night Steve had an idea for a homemade slip-n-slide:
Micah loved it.  As you can imagine Jonathan wanted nothing to do with it and surprisingly David wasn't a big fan of it either (he usually loves water and will do anything Micah does)
But even with his dislike of most water, he is a fan of the water table, and getting Mommy and Daddy wet :)
One more fun thing we did outside- Steve had mentioned that it would be fun to get the boys squirt guns so yesterday at Target I found a pack of 3 for $6 (we'll see how long they last) so last night they had some fun water fights (and I realized I should have got myself one too :))
We didn't spend the whole week outside, we did some things inside too:
David wanted this book read and I was in the middle of eating breakfast, so Micah said he would read it to him, so sweet!
And this is what I found when I turned around after recording Micah reading to David, Jonathan eating my breakfast (and yes, I had fed him before I got my breakfast!)
Steve and I wanted to take Micah to see the second Planes movie and this Friday worked for Steve's parents to have the twins over, so we had a Mommy/Daddy/Micah date which was so much fun.  We went to TGIFridays for dinner (Micah was very excited to get Mac 'N Cheese)
Waiting for the movie to start.  Micah did a great job, he only talked loud one time.

Then afterwards we went to ColdStone for some ice cream
Yesterday I had to go to the mall and wouldn't you know it, I forgot my stroller.  So this is what I had behind me: 
They amazingly were pretty good and never ran away from me.  I think it helps that there's 3 of them so they like to stick together and Micah knows to stay close, so they all did.  But it is seriously so much easier if the twins are in a stroller :)
Since they so good they got to go play on the playground in the mall for a while.

Such monkeys!
Jonathan really enjoy his meal last night, even decided to decorate his face with it

David is typically a much neater eater than Jonathan

More eating, I got an immersion blender for my birthday so we tried it out last night on shakes, worked great! 
And then another thing I did today, notice Jonathan's high chair in the picture above...
And then here.  When we got our 2nd high chair after the twins were born (the one David is in) it came with a second seat cover that coordinates and I always thought it would look nice if I put it on the other one.  And then I never did.  And then the seat covers were starting to get really dirty, so I decided to finally figure out how to take them off and wash them (which by the way is super easy, why did I never do it before?!), and then when I was putting them back on I thought, hey, put the 2 coordinating ones one, so there you have it.  Jonathan was not at all happy that I was putting a different cover on his chair (as in he screamed and tried to take it off), but once he realized he still got food brought to him, he was fine :).

I think he thinks he's ready to sit in a booster at the table anyways :)

We also did some coloring.  Micah colored this all by himself.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed, but I am his mom :)

And of course we have fun all piling on the couch together. :)  So lots of fun over here in the Bussis household!

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