Friday, August 8, 2014

Fun Food Friday- Breakfast Parfait

Well I did it, I made it to 30 pounds!  I made my decision to change the way I eat on February 10 and my goal was to lose 5 pounds a month, and I have!  One of the ways I did it was eating a healthy and filling breakfast, something that holds me over to lunch.  And the thing I found that worked for me was breakfast parfaits.  And the nice thing about them is you can change up the flavor of yogurt you use or the fruit so that it's not the exact same thing morning after morning.  This is not some mind blowing recipe, it's just a very simple breakfast that is healthy and filling.  So if you've been looking for a new good start to your day, try this out.  It also works as a great snack or healthy dessert!
Ingredients: Yogurt, Fruit (here I used Raspberries), Granola (I've tried different granolas and Kellogg's Low Fat Granola is my definitely my favorite)

To a bowl (I find it better to use a small bowl, otherwise I just fill a big bowl right up and while I'm still eating something healthy, I'm eating too much of it :)) add your yogurt.  I add 6oz which is what a single container of yogurt it

Then add some fruit

Then just sprinkle on some granola. 
When I first starting eating this for breakfast I would start with granola, but I found I then had way too much granola so I find it better to just sprinkle it on the top

Stir it together...

And enjoy your breakfast.  I like mine with a small glass of orange juice.  Not because I love orange juice, because I really am not a huge fan of it, but it has more nutritional value to it than most juices and I get this stuff:
That has half the calories and has calcium added to it.

My favorite ones are the ones with fresh berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), but I don't always have them on hand, so here's another combination I like, peach yogurt with a banana.

If you want to serve it as a dessert a cute way to do that is layer it in a wine glass.  So simple, so healthy, yet so elegant :)
Breakfast Parfait
6oz yogurt (any favor you want)
Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, etc.)
Granola (try to use low-fat)
To a bowl add the yogurt and fruit, sprinkle with granola.

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