Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life with the Bussis'- Looking back at 8.5-16.14

It has been a very busy last 2 1/2 weeks.  Very fun, but very busy.  So busy, that I'm going to have to do a couple of posts to recap. :)  And I will warn you, this post has over 100 pictures, so beware :).  But we had so much fun we want to remember it all.  So let's backtrack to 3 weeks ago.  We went to KidsFest downtown where they had lots of fun things for the kids to do:

Steve joined in on the kids' fun :)

Trying to figure out the fishing pole

After a fun time downtown we headed to the ice cream store
This is called Double Trouble

Micah's a big fan of his shades

The next night we went to a pool at some friends of Steve's family.  Notice you see Micah and David sitting in the tube...

This is where Jonathan preferred to be

But we did eventually convince him to get in the tube

And he even came to enjoy it

Enjoying snacks on the deck

The next night there was a Car Cruise through our town.  It didn't go past our house but it did go past the house of a lady from our congregation so we packed up some dinner and headed over to her house to watch the cars

Micah made out with a LOT of candy.  He was pretty excited about it

This is just a sweet random picture.  I was getting us all packed up to go to the Conference Grounds for a week and I look over and see this, my 4 precious boys!!! :)

So Saturday we headed over to the CRC Conference Grounds in Grand Haven for a week at a cottage with Steve's family. 
After unloading all our stuff and eating pizza we headed down to the beach

It was a gorgeous night and we pretty much had the beach to ourselves

Micah absolutely loves playing in the water
Trying to get a nice picture of the little boys in their church clothes

Then trying to get a nice family picture

Didn't work so well :)

This was the best we got

Attempting to get a good picture of Steve's parents with all their grandkids :)
All looking, 3 out of 4 little boys smiling, not bad :)

Checking out the lake

Bentley wanted to be in our family picture :)

My birthday was on the Sunday we were there so they had a little party for me

Complete with Oreo Ice Cream Dessert

Micah graciously helped me blow out my candles

Video time before naps

The twins were very big fans of their little cousin Morgan, who they called "Baby"

David thought she wanted to play with some toys

Having fun with Play Do

A highlight of our time there, getting to go to the store and pick out some candy

Micah paying for his candy with the quarter he got from Grandpa

Sharing an umbrella on the drizzly walk back

The drizzle let up so we took the boys to the tennis courts to burn off some energy

Tuesday night Steve and I had a date for my birthday.  We went to dinner and then headed to the pier in Grand Haven.  It was pretty chilly, as you can see behind us the beach is empty.

Micah was also a pretty big fan of "Baby Morgan"

Steve teaching Morgan how to play Euchre

Fun outside.  Notice the jackets, it was a little cold while we were there but that didn't stop us from having fun

Playground fun

The Conference Grounds has Bible School Tuesday through Friday and Micah was able and willing to go.  He was a little unsure each morning when he went, but loved it and is still singing all the songs he learned.

His craft the first day
Making a craft (which was one of his favorite parts of Bible School)

Micah with his Bible School teacher
We also enjoyed the kiddie pool they had there.  Micah and Bentley were very excited to be in a pool where they could touch the bottom

And look at the progress we made with Jonathan and water:
He loved jumping in

They had a hay ride through the campground that Micah and I took a ride on

Ready for the hayride: with Melissa (Steve's sister) and Bentley

The last night we were there we had a fire and made S'mores.  As you can see it was quite a fire

David was a fan of the graham crackers

Jonathan the chocolate :)

Micah had the full S'more

Micah likes helping put more wood in the fire

I wanted a cute picture with David, he didn't

He got silly

And more silly

There we go :)

Friday morning was cool, but sunny so we decided to head down to the lake one more time.  The boys decided to have a squirt gun fight 

Shooting at some birds

Jonathan making sure "Baby" was okay

Seeking safety with Grandpa

I LOVE this picture!

After they were done with their water fight they decided to make some sand castles, which do not last long when you have 2 little boys who like to destroy around :)
Despite the water being around 50 degrees, Micah went right in :)

We stopped for lunch at the store on our way back to the cottage

Micah's first experience of a corn dog.  He was a big fan of eating a hot dog on a stick!
It was a wonderful time!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad Bussis for a great week!

Then on Sunday after we got back Steve had the privilege of baptizing Morgan.  Her dress was made from Melissa's wedding dress, so Steve wore the tie he wore for Melissa's wedding.
Still to come...our fun week with my parents and sister's family...stay tuned

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