Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Life With the Bussis'- 10.1.14

We have tried to enjoy our last warm days of summer here :).  We are now back to the reality of Fall, but boy was the warm weather fun while it lasted :).
I actually let Micah ride his bike down to the playground.  I've never let him ride it around town unless Steve was walking with us because there are some good hills and he gets going pretty fast.  Plus the road we walk on to go to the playground can be busy and there is no sidewalk, so you're stuck riding/walking on the road and he's not always the straightest rider :).  And he can ride faster than I can walk which means he gets ahead of me and I have to run to catch up (and I do not like to run :)).  But in spite of all that, I decided if he rode it would be 40 pounds less that I would need to push in the stroller, so I figured, let's give this a go. :)  I think I only got a few grey hairs from the trip :)

Fun once we made it to the playground

Micah getting brave in climbing the ladder :) And of course as soon as he did that his brothers had to copy him

After a fun time playing tennis (Steve and I, the boys spent most of the time rolling down a grass hill) we made one last stop at the ice cream shop.  They are closed now until next May :(

For his last time Micah decided he wanted Superman Ice Cream which contains blue ice cream :)

He was pretty proud of his mustache

After nap cuddles, they're just great!
Each week at Story Time at the library they read about a different animal.  Last week they read about dogs and then their craft was making dog ears.  Micah was pretty proud of his dog ears.  He makes a pretty cute puppy, the only kind I'll allow in my house :)
Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day so we took advantage and went for a bike ride in Holland with Steve's parents
Our destination was the beach which Micah was very excited about
The first thing the boys saw was the swings which of course they wanted to go on (even Steve, notice him on the left? :))
And then of course we had to go "by" the water which for Micah and David meant "in" the water.  First just the bottom of the shorts got a little wet (btw the water was FREEZING!)

David testing it out

Jonathan was content to just watch his crazy brothers
Eventually both boys ended up all the way in :) Luckily for them their mother figured this was a good possibility and brought them extra clothes
We packed a lunch and ate it right by the channel
After lunch the boys had fun jumping off the cement onto the sand.  They just love to jump!
I made peanut clusters on Saturday for after church on Sunday morning and I let the boys have one for a snack.  And it reminded me not to let them have one after church when they were wearing their Sunday best :)  But boy did they enjoy them Saturday night!

Micah spent the night at Steve's parents' house Friday night and their neighbor gave him a couple of pumpkins.  Steve's mom painted one with him so he got it in his head when we got home that we needed to paint the rest of the pumpkins.  So Sunday afternoon him and I made these lovely creations :).  It actually was a lot of fun and so much easier and cleaner than carving them :)

Each Monday morning one of my boys gets to be the lucky winner of who gets to go to the grocery store with mommy.  Jonathan was the winner this week, mostly because he was being an absolute pain in the butt at home.  Once they figure out that being a pain gets you to the grocery store where you get a cookie, we're going to have to come up with a new system :)

After we got home from the grocery store we all went outside and the boys had fun jumping and playing in the leaves

The twins weren't so sure about it at first

They got out their trusted toys before deciding those leaves did look fun to play in

They discovered it was fun to dump the leaves on their brother's head

They also liked Daddy throwing leaves on them

Jonathan decided I needed some leaves thrown on me

Can you find them all?

Micah loved burying himself in the leaves and then popping up. They were so full of leaves when we came in :)

They loved it when Daddy joined in on the fun

Then at night we decided to use up the rest of the wood we had left and build a fire just for us. Micah was very excited to get to roast marshmallows.  At this point we figured we'd be out there till midnight before his marshmallow was done :)

But he did eventually get a little closer to the fire and actually did a fabulous job

Jonathan even roasted a marshmallow and made a smore

David was only interested in the chocolate

Micah with his smore (I changed the setting on my camera so it wouldn't be so dark, but then it made things a little blurry :))

Oh that's good stuff

David roasting a marshmallow

Jonathan did not want help, he could do it himself!

And boy did he love those marshmallows. 
It was so much fun and will definitely go down as one of my favorite nights of the year.  After we were done roasting marshmallows (and the boys had each burned at least 2, they thought it was so funny to have the marshmallow catch on fire) we just sat around the fire and sang, everything from Jesus Loves Me to the ABCs.  It made me think of the verse in the Bible that says Mary treasured up all these things in her heart.  I just wanted to bottle up the night and save it forever!
And here's one other moment I want to bottle up, Micah reading to his brothers, so precious!  I just love my boys!

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