Saturday, September 19, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 9.19.15

We're trying to take it easy over here and not overdue it, but we're still managing to have some fun.
Last month Jonathan got to ride a bike that was his size and seriously loved it! So I decided to see if he would fit on Micah's bike if I put the seat all the way down, and he did. So the past week and a half any time Micah wasn't riding his bike, Jonathan was :)

David prefers this tricycle :) He's having a hard time figuring out how to continuously pedal forward. He's used to going backwards on the tricycle and tries to go backwards on Micah's bike which puts the breaks on. :)
We went to the mall to hit the summer clearance sales now that school is started (I try to buy a year ahead so I get the nice cheap clothes. The key is to remember where I put them :)). So we got some lunch while at the mall

We had to go to Costco afterwards. The last time we were at Costco the twins were horrible so only Micah and I got ice cream afterwards. Well, they must have remembered and were much more behaved, so they all go ice cream this time.

Trying out the twins' new beds

We decided to paint one of the walls in their room blue. We had some extra paint from our bathroom and they thought it would be fun to have orange and blue walls (which are the colors of Dusty from the movie Planes). Micah really wanted to help paint, so we let him paint a little before we took the roller to the wall.

Steve graciously offered to help me and ended up doing most of the painting :). What a guy!

The twins checking out their new room after their nap. They were pretty excited.

He may be my naughty child (David), but he's also my most cuddly child :)

Who needs toys, these boys played almost a whole morning with chip clips. They said they were whale sharks and were eating the music grass? :)

Last Saturday we had nice Fall weather, so Micah and I decided we needed to make a pumpkin pie.

We went bike riding with Steve's parents last Saturday (My father-in-law graciously agreed to pull Micah, the only way I could go. What a difference it makes to not have to pull 50 pounds behind you!)). Here we are checking out the dam in Rockford. And yes, we know that David and Jonathan have their sunglasses on upside down (You wouldn't believe the number of people who point it out to you like you don't realize it :)), but don't try to tell them that :)

The boys on their favorite rocks

We went to Arnie's for dinner there in Rockford and they boys all got a cupcake which they were very big fans of.

Jonathan enjoyed every bite of his chocolate cupcake :)

We've started letting Micah dress himself. This was his outfit of choice Sunday afternoon

Since we ended up going to Arnie's for dinner and getting a cupcake, Micah had to wait till the next day to have his pumpkin pie, but it was well worth the wait! We love pumpkin pie!

Micah went with me to the store Monday morning and completed his blue outfit with his blue crocs. :) Steve finally figured out (after the next day he picked black shorts and a black shirt) that when we tell him to make sure his clothes match, he thinks that means they need to be the same color. :)

These two came down with a nasty cold this week, so here they are just chilling on the couch reciting Monster Truck Adventure episodes to each other :)

I gave them a detox bath (which seriously made such a huge difference! Love essential oils!). They thought it was pretty fun to get to just play in the bathtub for 20 minutes, not have Micah there telling them what to do, and not needing to get their hair washed. :) Needless to say, my bathroom was pretty soaked by the end :)

After a few cold days last week it warmed up again and we spent lots of time this week enjoying the beautiful weather outside

See, black shorts, black shirt :)

Again, who needs toys. We had a plastic bag in the garage and the boys were fighting over it, so I got them each their own bag and they spend a good 45 minutes chasing their bags in the wind

They also found sticks in the garage to make their bags into flags

Steve and I played tennis one night. I don't last super long these days, so Micah hit with Daddy a little.

And these two just ran back and forth on the bleachers ;)

Micah with his butterfly he made at storytime at the library

Lately if he's fallen asleep for his nap he`ll wake up, come downstairs and just want to sit on my lap :), no arguments from me!

Still love their sandbox

We still have some wood and Steve wants to get ride of it before winter, so we had a fire the other night.
Micah loves roasting marshmallows, and he's pretty good at it

Enjoying his s'more

They eat their s'mores in pieces, first the marshmallow, then the graham cracker, then the chocolate :) 

We went for a walk on a bike path not far from our house.

While I pushed the stroller with the twins in it, Steve rollerbladed and Micah road his bike (most of the time they were way ahead of us :))

Micah had a blast
Steve's parents got the twins their own bikes for their birthday. They decided to give it to them early so they have more time to enjoy them before winter (although I seriously think Jonathan will be out there on the ice riding his bike). They were pretty excited to get their OWN bike!
David is under there somewhere :) He insists on wearing his helmet so low on his head, I seriously don't know how he sees. :)
My in-laws brought them their bikes when they watched them while Steve was at a Classis Meeting and I was at GEMS. They decided to take the boys to the ice cream store and they were going to just push the twins in the stroller, but Jonathan cried because he didn't want to get off his bike and said he could ride it all the way to the ice cream store. And he did! I mean, it's probably 1/2 a mile there, but he's got almost 3 year old little legs that have to go around a lot of times to ride a bike there and back, but he did it! I guess when there would be a hill and they would ask if he wanted them to help him push he'd say "No, I do it myself!" :) I think this bike will get a lot of use! :)

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