Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life with the Busssis'- 9.9.15

This baby is making me realize that I am not a young thing here and I can't just keep being busy all the time. Because while we had a lot of fun this past week, it maybe was a bit much for this pregnant 33 year old who takes care of 3 young boys every day :). Yesterday the baby said "Enough!" and made me realize (by my stomach getting really tight and not feeling great) that it was time to just sit down. And now that fall is here and thing start up, I need to tell myself to not be busy every day. Which isn't an easy task when there's so many fun things to do. :) But for now, enjoy these pictures from our busy week. :)
Micah really loves being a big brother and doing things like read to his brothers. He is really looking forward to the baby coming. He keeps telling me that babies take a really long time to come and it's really hard to wait :)

Grocery shopping is always entertaining when it's David's turn to come along :)

Micah was trying to teach his brothers the alphabet with his letter flash cards. They weren't all that interested in learning, they just wanted to play :)

Trying to get Jonathan to smile for Grandma

Micah just wanted to send Grandma a silly picture

Our friends Adam and Mia from California (I went to college with Adam and Steve went to seminary with him) were visiting family in Chicago and came up to visit one night. It was so much fun to catch up with each other's lives and see our kids play.

Eating dessert outside.

This is Ruby, one of the most content, easy going 6 month old I've ever met! Such a sweetie!

Micah wanted to make sure he got his picture taken too :)

Pulling another funny face for Grandma (I won't show you the silly picture my mom sent back, I don't think she'd be happy with me :), her and Micah have a lot of fun with their silly pictures)

We went to the swimming beach at a nearby lake with some friends.

The boys loved jumping in the muddy water

They were filthy at the end, but just loved it! :)

Mommy's big helpers

Eating a Klondike bar, he's a fan 

They insisted on sitting in their chairs, not the picnic table seats :) For some reason I feel like they look like old men sitting there in their seats :) Oh well, it keeps my house cleaner when they eat outside :)

Back at a lake, this time at Millennium Park with a friend from church.

They insisted on all sitting on the same towel to eat their lunch

Micah decided he would rather share his sandwich with the seagulls (which he calls eagles) than eat it all himself (so selfless :))

He's going to be so good with his baby brother/sister

David getting some big brother practice in

And now they're all practicing. This baby isn't going to know a moment of peace :)

We bought the twins bunk beds this week. They've been sleeping in their cribs with the side rail off  but since we will need one of those cribs come January, we needed to get them some beds. We had seen a bunk bed we liked while getting our couches back in May and they went in the clearance center last week, so we bought them! But that meant we needed to get the queen bed out of the spare room which is becoming the twins' room. So Steve and I moved the bed from the upstairs down to the basemen. We sent this picture to my parents to show them their new room when they come visit :). They both thought it looked great. We're really not going to make them sleep by the freezer and water heater :), we're just storing it in here and will move it into the carpeted room whenever they come visit.
And here are the boys in their new beds. They haven't slept in them yet because the window air conditioner is in their current room and it's been pretty warm here still, so we need to wait until it cools down. But they've enjoyed playing in them. (And as a side note, Micah does usually not wear shorts, but we've been letting him dress himself and for some reason today he decided shorts were not part of his outfit :)).

After moving a bed and putting together bunk beds I was pooped, so we got pizza and ate outside :)

Some after dinner tackling/rolling down the hill

We decided to top the night off with some ice cream. I was too tired to ride a bike, so I drove, but the rest of the boys wanted to ride.

So good!

Back at the Conference Grounds Labor Day morning. These boys loved playing in the waves
Daddy showing them how they can write in the sand

David decided he was hungry and ate his lunch before everyone else. Eating an Oreo takes a lot of concentration :)
So he got to sit and watch the rest of us eat.

And this is what we do when Mommy needs to just sit and rest, play Cars on the Wii :)
Storytime at our library started today and the twins get to go this year, so we "practiced storytime" yesterday. 
They did so good at actual storytime! Last year Micah always had to sit in the back by me. He told me this morning he was going to sit in the front because he's older now. :) And of course his brothers needed to sit right by him, so my 3 boys made up the front row :)

Since they were good they got to play on the playground afterward. A lady from our church was there with her boys and their dog and my boys thought it was pretty fun to play with the dog. Too bad for them their mother is just not a dog person :)

How many boys can we fit on the car without it breaking? :)

I wanted a nice picture of my 3 boys on it, this one didn't work, can't see Jonathan's head

Now we can see everyone but by now Jonathan was upset that he had no where for his feet to go :)
I'll leave you with a what I think is a cute story:
So the twins just woke up so I told Micah he could go get them. He goes to get them and Jonathan is crying. He asks him why he's crying and he says because David woke him up. So Micah asks David why he woke Jonathan up to which David answered "Because I wanted to talk to him." How can you get mad at that? :)

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