Saturday, September 26, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 9.26.15

We've had a fairly low key week. Looking at our pictures it looks like pretty much all we did was cook/bake and ride bikes. :) Which we did do a lot of. It was another warmer week so we spent a lot of time outdoors, either riding bikes or playing in the sand box, we'll take this week anytime :).
Micah helping Mommy make pizza for dinner

Then all 3 boys got to help make their dessert pizza

Amazingly my floor did not end up covered in flour :)

They were eating the apple pie filling right out of the can :)

Enjoying the fruits of their labor (they even shared with Mommy and Daddy and it was delicious!)

Rebellious pastor's kids wearing jeans to church because Mommy didn't realize their church pants were still in the laundry :) They were very cute rebellious pastor's kids  

These boys LOVE their new bikes!

At first David was frustrated with it because he's used to riding a tricycle where you can pedal backwards and he likes to go backwards. Well on his new bike that's the breaks, so he kept making himself stop and then he'd get frustrated. But he caught on pretty quick and as you can see from his smile, he's a big fan.
Right after he finally figured out how to do it

Helping Mommy make some chocolate chip cookies (we've been having Oreos for a while because Mommy hasn't felt like baking, so we finally have some homemade cookies in the house again :))

David and Jonathan were very excited to wake up from their naps to find homemade cookies on the counter

Then David and Jonathan got to "help" Mommy make a chocolate cake to take along to the park for dinner.

They each got spoons out to take a bite of the batter :)

We met Steve's parents for dinner at the park and then the boys had fun playing on the playground and in the big sandbox

I'm not really sure if they're suppose to be inside that thing or not, but they thought they were :)

Enjoying his chocolate cake (and the cake that David left on his plate too :))

We love our small town. The local landfill had a customer appreciation day where we got to go get free lunch. And since we're Dutch, you don't pass up a free lunch, even if it is at the dump :) (Our boys were very confused why we were going to get lunch at the dump :))

But they were very excited to get their new fly swatters!

Silly boys

And then they decided to get even sillier and try to ride their scoters on their tummies 

Setting up a little office in the living room :)

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