Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 11.4.15

I have some catching up to do here, been behind since vacation :). So this is a bunch of pictures but we'll just go with it. :)
These boys continue to love riding their bikes! And it's been really nice weather lately, so they've gotten lots of use out of them (of course I honestly think that they'll ride them all winter as long as there's not ice on the driveway :))

My friend Kasey has been on the lookout for state quarters that Micah still needs. She sent him his last missing quarter, Oklahoma! He was very excited to fill in all 50 states, thanks Miss Kasey!!!

Loves playing on his computer

And what one does, someone else must do

We had a pirate them day at the library and they go these patches. Amazingly the twins kept them on the whole time during story time

I redid the fabric on my kitchen chairs and LOVE how they turned out!

We decided it was a pudding kind of night so they all had to help make the pudding

And then they all enjoyed eating the pudding :)

The boys are doing really well in their new beds. It still takes a little while for them to fall asleep for naps and at night due to the excitement of their new room, but we're getting there
Micah wanted to write David and Jonathan's name so I told him the letters and then he showed me how he wrote them. :) (and I did tell him the correct way to spell David's name, he just didn't listen to me :)). Not sure if he's dyslexic or just doesn't know the whole left to right thing yet :)

We got to go on a hayride for church
We even got to stop in at the calf barn which was a hit with the boys

Back to the twins' birthday. We had mini cinnamon rolls for breakfast so we put some candles in them and sang Happy Birthday

At their well child check up. Both boys were champs! I remember at Micah's 3 year check up he screamed when they tried to take his blood pressure :)

We had to wait a few minutes for the doctor to come in. It's really hard to contain two 3 year olds in a small check up room :)

We love our pediatrician! He's so good with the boys!

The twins' got birthday cards that came with these fire hats that they thought were pretty cool
I mean really, one needs to wear a Mater fire hat while eating breakfast :)

So I had washed and folded the boys clothes and had them in a laundry basket upstairs waiting to be put in the drawers. Then I found the laundry basket empty and couldn't figure out what happened to all the clothes. Then we went downstairs and opened our cupboard where we keep grocery bags which also happens to be where things end up when put in the laundry shoot that we don't use, and yep, there were all the clothes I had so neatly folded (and can I just say I HATE having to fold clothes so I do not get happy at all when I have to do it a second time!). It actually is pretty amazing that they have never thrown stuff down the laundry shoot before :)

Steve's Mom got the boys airplanes to go on their bikes, they love them!

This is what David looks like after he eats an Oreo :) We can't figure out why but the boy drools a lot and when you combine that with an Oreo it equals a chocolate goatee

I had to get my ring inspected and cleaned and the jewelry store has a kids room, best idea!!

Micah is such a big helper!

They find it so much fun when they're back in pants and fly down the slide at the mall

My adorable lunch dates!!

And thankfully they were good at Costco after the mall so they got to have some ice cream
We got to have another hay ride with Steve's family

After our hayride the boys got to paint pumpkins

Steve decided to carve a pumpkin

The boys were very proud of their pumpkins
As was Steve

Playing Trouble

Micah did this floor puzzle all by himself! As you can see, he was very proud

I sold our second crib, it felt kind of weird and looks really weird in the nursery now
We're getting new windows in our house and they came to measure for them. The boys were fascinated by this and followed them around the whole house. I warned the men that this was just a taste of what it would be like when they came to actually install the windows :)

We got to go to the Children's Museum with Steve's sister and two kids and his mom. As you can see from these pictures, they all had a lot of fun!

Filling up the cars with gas

They had a Meijer store set up there so of course they had a Sandy horse and of course, each of the boys needed to take a ride

They made some delicious pizza :)
Fixing the car

Washing the car

And of course the bubbles, they love the bubbles

Driving the Ambulance

Working at the bank
Still love the swings!

Helping Mommy make pancakes for breakfast

It's always interesting when I have to take all 3 with me to the grocery store :)
And with that, I believe you are finally all caught up on life with the Bussis' :) I'm sure you feel so much better now :)

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