Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Life with the Bussis'- 11.11.15

Well the twins and I got hit with a fun cold this week. Thankfully the colds weren't horrible, but still just no fun and really wiped me out. So we didn't do a whole lot this week.
We did find time for snuggles :)

We've had some nicer days or at least not freezing days, so the boys get outside every chance they get

They even talked Daddy into riding scooters on the road (it was really windy so Mommy stayed by the garage where the wind was blocked, hence the far away picture :))

Since we're indoors a lot more we play a lot with their planes and blocks

Micah loves watching "the cooking show" (The Pioneer Woman) with mommy and this past Saturday on her show she did a chocolate cake in a mug which Micah thought we should try, so we did. :)

Micah had to go to the dentist on Monday. He never minds going to the dentist or the fact that we had to wait awhile for him to get called back.

He had a great check-up, no cavities! After his appointment he got to have a little date with Mommy.

We had lunch at the mall. When we got to the mall he told me that he was so excited to get to go to lunch with just him and mommy. That made me smile. Then he told me that it was because then he didn't have to share his mac n cheese with his brothers and he also got a roll. :) That made me feel not quite as special :), but we still had a great time!

He even talked me into letting him ride the carousel which was a nice long ride since it wasn't busy at all (which mommy wasn't so excited about because I had to go on with him and carousels make me dizzy :), the things you do for your kids)
One of the boys' new favorite thing to play is school. Not sure where they got the idea since none of them have ever been to school :) but they take their backpacks downstairs and Micah bosses the twins around, and they love it! :)

More bike riding outside

Steve set up his old Sega Genesis downstairs and let Micah play Sonic (Micah got to the higher levels by the time I got down there so that's why Steve is helping him here)

My 3 little monkeys with their hats they made at the library. Thankfully the librarian told them they shouldn't jump on the bed :)

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