Saturday, May 7, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 15 Weeks- 5.7.16

Weight: 16.3 pounds (she is definitely eating enough :))
I know she's my daughter, but seriously, isn't she the cutest?!?! She continues to be a lot of fun, giving us so many smiles, "talking" constantly, giggling, and just being so cute. She has decided she's not that biggest fan of morning naps this week which wasn't always fun. She's starting to let me hold her for a few of her bottle feedings which make me happy. No more rolling over, but she does like to turn:
I put her down facing the other way :)

All ready for church Sunday morning
Monday morning Steve and Micah went golfing
Quite the view at the golf course

While Steve and Micah were golfing we enjoyed some time outside
They love climbing on the rocks by church

Jonathan put his hands up and said "I'm King of the rock!" Which was funny because his shirt had the word rock on it :)

Anna and I hanging out while the twins played

Anna with her little dolly she got from someone at our church in Michigan

It was 10:30 in the morning, but they were good at Costco so they still got to get ice cream

She was happy even though she didn't get any ice cream (even though she was probably the one who behaved the best :))

We had some nice weather this week so we spent a lot of time outside. Anna even got to play on her play mat outside under the beach umbrella :)
One big thing from this week: Micah learned to ride his bike without training wheels!! He is very proud of himself (as are his parents :)). He just can't start himself, but once you help him start he goes for like 10 minutes. He has yet to fall for which we are thankful for because we're pretty sure once he does he will be done riding without training wheels :)
This was one of the first times he did it. After the first day he no longer needed anyone to run along side him which is good because when Daddy's at work Mommy can't really run along side him while holding Anna :)

Although she does do really well just hanging out

I got the boys this fun sprinkler thing while they had fun playing in

Also got the water table out

Poor Anna didn't get in on any of that fun, she just had to sit on Mommy's lap

And when she got sick of sitting on my lap she got to lay on a blanket

She does seem to like hanging out with Mommy though :)
Tried some cereal, can't say she was the biggest fan which is okay, just thought I'd give it a try. She had some crazy hair going on :)

We also got out our little inflatable swimming pool and slide

The boys had lots of fun playing in the pool with our neighbor girls. It's so nice they all play really well together. I told Micah it was nice that he got along so well with the older girl and his response was "Well yeah Mommy, that's because she's my friend" :)
Yesterday is wasn't super nice outside so we had to play inside and this is what the boys came up with :)

Such boys!!

Steve joining in on the parking lot fun
Steve and Micah went to a school program last night. I decided the twins just wouldn't do so well sitting on bleachers so I stayed home with them and Anna and this is what we did, over and over :)
It was pretty fun because this is the first time I remember it being just me with them and they didn't ignore me :) (As you can see, Anna isn't happy and smiley ALL the time :))

She was hanging out by me this morning while I was making some food and I looked over and found her like this :)
This morning the boys were having a dance party and they each had to have their own "dance floor"

Busting a move :)
For Mother's Day I always make our moms a card with a picture of the kids. It continues to be a challenge to get them all to look at me at the same time, let along smile. :) So here were my attempts at a nice picture:

I think this is the one I ended up using. 2 smiling, 3 looking, not too bad :)

Not sure what Jonathan is looking at here :)

This one cracks me up :)

And this was the last one :)

He wanted a picture with his sister

And then one by himself

She was very distracted being outside in her seat :)

This is a pretty good depiction of life with these kids :)

I hope all you moms have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

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