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Anna's Weekly Update- 16 Weeks- 5.15.16


She's becoming quite the drooler :)
Weight: 16.5 pounds.
Not much new with Anna this week. She continues to wake up between 6 and 6:30, sometimes making it past 7 (of course she has mommy so trained that the one day she did sleep till after 7 I woke up at 6:15 and couldn't fall back asleep :)). She now gets one bowl of oatmeal cereal a day which she usually eats really well:

Her face usually isn't too much a mess, it's her hands that she tries to put in her mouth while eating that get pretty messy
Otherwise she just continues to be cute :). She did get to meet her Auntie Tracie and cousins Caleb and Joshua this week which was really fun. They came with my mom to hang out with us for a few days. 6 little kids in one house (my sister's kids are almost 3 and 6 months) was a little crazy, but very fun! The weather wasn't as warm as we would have liked, but we still managed to have a lot of fun.
Here are some pictures from our fun week:
My four cute but crazy kiddos on Mother's Day. Love being these kids mommy!!
(Notice the shorts and short sleeves)

All pretty for church at night

This is what Jonathan looks like every day at lunch. He wants a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but then takes it apart and seriously rubs the jelly all over his mouth! Silly boy!!

And this is what it looked like on Monday. So Sunday we was sunny and we were in shorts and short sleeves, and Monday it snowed enough to accumulate on the ground! Crazy Montana is all I have to say!!

These two are such cute little buddies
Making pizza for dinner with cousin Caleb. The boys made some pretty delicious looking pizzas!
Since the weather wasn't the best we did a lot of just hanging out at home. Joshua didn't mind, he's such a smiley boy!!

Caleb joined right in with watching Paw Patrol :)
Thursday was nice again so we went to a park. The boys had so much fun!

They even had a sand box to dig in

And of course swings which the twins had to be on for a good 15 minutes

They needed Grandma's help on the fire pole

They thought it was pretty fun that there was still a little bit of snow by the picnic tables. So they played in it, in their shorts and t-shirts :)


Quite a view for lunch
Grandma with some of her boys
Anna was happy hanging out in her car seat

Grandma with 6 of her 10 grandkids
These two were quite the little buddies. Even though Caleb is younger than the twins, him and Micah played more together. I think Micah liked having someone else to play with since the twins seem to live in their own little world :)
Caleb wanted to do anything Micah was doing

Our sweet Anna!

Micah got to go to Kindergarten day at school. All the kids who will be in Kindergarten next year got to come and experience a full day of school.
He even had a locker to put his stuff in. This is him at the end of the day so you can see he enjoyed it. He told me he loved school and is exciting to get to go next year!

Checking out all the cars at church (there was a funeral). Obviously these two have never had to wash a window before :)

We went to McDonalds for lunch so the boys could play

The group (Micah was at school)
Anna wanted to stretch out, so we let her, on the table :)
David was a big fan of Joshua

Joshua got to experience David's "no personal space" :)

These two are just under 2 1/2 months apart. So fun!

Micah wanted to make a new train track. So he taped up the designs, on my newly painted walls. :) It was pretty cute how he wanted them up so he could study them, but I told him next time, tape them to the window :)

Anna and I all ready for a date with the boys

The boys decided to go with the cool look for our date

The plan was to go to Olive Garden but when we got there there was a 20 minute wait. There was an IHOP across the parking lot (which has free Kids meals) so we went there instead. The boys were SOOO excited to get to have pancakes for breakfast (and given the fact that none of the boys had slept in the afternoon and didn't have great coping skills, it was probably a better place for us to go anyways). And now we still have an Olive Garden gift card that I think Steve and I will just use with the two of us. :)

I mean, what could be better, pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast?!

He was pretty excited to get strawberries on top of his pancakes. I think he's going to find mommy's pancakes boring now.

So we had a very fun week over here. Thanks so much Mom and Tracie for coming to visit, it was great and we loved getting to meet Joshua!!

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