Sunday, May 22, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 17 Weeks- 5.22.16



I attempted taking her picture sitting up, she wasn't so sure about it :)
Weight: 16.8 pounds
Anna's had a fairly good week. She wasn't eating well one day, just refusing ever bottle. So finally I put some oil behind her ears that helps with ear infections and she instantly downed 6 1/2 ounces so I'm thinking she either had an ear infection or at least some pressure behind her ears. Since then she's been eating fine (and I've periodically been putting oil behind her ear to keep it fine :)). One big accomplishment Anna had this week was this:
David was quite the encourager for her :). So she can now roll stomach to back. She's not a fan of being on her stomach which probably gave her the incentive to try rolling over.
Micah loves coming to the grocery store with me so he can push his own little cart :) Such a big helper!

The twins had a first this week, they went to the dentist!! They were very impressed with this dentist, at least with the waiting room :)

Jonathan all ready for his cleaning

He did a great job!

David getting ready

He gave the dental hygienist a little bit of a harder time, but also did pretty good for his first time. Both boys had good check ups, the dentist was very happy with the state of their teeth. He was also just amazed at how similar their mouths and bites were. :) He must not see many identical twins

As a reward (since we so do not need more toys in this household) they got to play some arcade games at the mall.

Anna taking her evening snooze in her car seat. I was trying to decide if I should just let her keep sleeping or wake her up so she would go to bed on time at night. I made the wrong choice not waking her up, she was awake until 10:30!! Good thing she's super cute :)

This is how Anna always starts out on her play mat...

This is usually how she ends up :)

Found the boys over in the neighbor's backyard :) Just before this they asked me to take off their helmets. My answer "no, I think it's a better idea to just leave them on" :) I did eventually take them off for them, but I did feel better with them both jumping when they had them on :)
Ashley from church came with a tractor and rotter tilled our garden for us (thanks so much Ashley!). Then she graciously gave each of the boys a ride on the tractor around the parking lot. They had a blast. Their favorite part, honking the horn :). Here is David with her 

Anna just had to sit and watch


Thanks so much Ashley!!

Our happy girl!

She just never gets left alone :)

David doing this running from a lion game on the wii. Notice the tongue...

Jonathan does the exact same thing with his tongue when being chased by a lion! :)

And Micah does not
Came home the other day to find these 3 cute deer in the field behind our house, so fun!

I heard from the kitchen "Mommy, I'm stuck!!" I walk in to find him in the exersaucer. Of course before I help him out I take a picture :) Silly David!

The other night Steve was at senior presentations at the school, the twins were in bed and Micah wanted to play wii sports and Anna wasn't happy on the floor, so this is what we did. :) Of course Anna doesn't like to be still ever so even sitting in the carrier she was kicking like crazy (in fun, she wasn't upset, she just always has to be moving) which makes it very interesting when trying to play wii golf :)

It was a dreary day outside so we played some Play Doh inside

Sitting in the high chair like a big girl (and doing something she now does all the time, chews on her fingers)

A rare time where she fell asleep on me and let me just hold her. Love these times!!

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