Sunday, June 5, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 19 Weeks- 6.5.16

Our sweet Anna had a good week! She is sleeping at night like a champ, unfortunately naps are now not very good. She prefers to sleep on mommy, which if I had absolutely nothing to do would be wonderful, but I rarely have absolutely nothing to do. :) But other than that she's doing great. She's eating really well which makes life more enjoyable. She eats 5 bottles a day, one 4 ounces and the rest 6. She also eats a good size bowl of baby oatmeal and then a fruit or vegetable. She has yet to throw anything back at me, but she seems to particularly like pears and she loved the peach yogurt I gave her yesterday. She rolled over back to front again and again, I was not there to see it which is pretty incredible considering I'm with her pretty much all the time. :) Silly girl!
Looking all cute for church

Monday morning we planted our garden

Micah was very excited to get to help

All planted

Lots of watering to do

David doing what he does best, get in Anna's face :)

All my sweeties on Memorial Day

Jonathan came up to me and said "Mommy, it's time for a parade!" :)

Pretty in pink to go to someone's house for lunch on Memorial Day

My goal this week was to get all the music planned for the RYS convention next month, it's a little more challenging with 4 kids, but so much cuter :)
Micah had a dentist appointment this week and unfortunately I left my phone at home so I don't have any pictures from it, but I did get this cute picture from the lady who was watching the twins :) So thankful for a wonderful church family who help me out with my kids!

She gets a lot happier when we take her clothes off :)

She started about a foot in on the blanket, she likes to move :)

She is the cutest little sister ever in my book :)
We have spent a lot of time outside this week.

Anna hanging out with Mommy watching the boys play outside 

Running through the sprinklers

She was pretty happy to be outside

Then the boys made their way over to the neighbor's backyard. They always find other people's things more interesting than ours :)

More time outside

David "reading" the school newsletter (even with pictures he had no idea it was upside down :))

Micah checking out the water saturation level of the grass after Steve watered it with the sprinklers :) He got this thing at a water conservation event we went to in California a couple years ago and he loves to check the levels in the grass :) His grandpa should be proud

It was so nice yesterday we had a picnic lunch. Love having a picnic table on our back patio

David took a fall yesterday. He tripped over his monster truck on the concrete patio and his face took the landing. It was a pretty good goose egg on his forehead.
This is what it looked like this morning, our little Rudolf :)

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