Saturday, June 11, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update-20 Weeks- 6.11.16

Not so sure about that paper there
And we're done :)
Anna is doing great! She finally got back into the habit of taking a nap in her crib instead of in mommy's arms. And look what she finally let mommy see:
We have a roller! The only problem is a lot of the times when she rolls over onto her tummy she gets mad that she's on her tummy and she's so mad she forgets that she knows how to roll back onto her back. :) Silly girl. We discovered this week that she loves being in the pool (her little pool that is). Of course the water is warm enough that it's like a bath :), but she would stay in there for a good half hour, just splashing and kicking away. It was a great way to cool her off during this rather warm week.

This is how David started off his week, with a nice goose egg on the forehead and a swollen red nose. People at church thought is was great, they could easily tell the twins apart. :) Thankfully after using DoTerra's Correct X (that stuff is awesome!) you his nose looks perfectly normal again. So sorry church, you'll have to figure out another way to tell them apart :).

Monday was a beautiful day and we decided to do some exploring of this great state we now live in. This lake was beautiful! I love the reflection of the mountains in the water!

Hiking up to a waterfall

Anna got to ride up (and thankfully Steve pushed her most of the way!)

We made it to the falls!! Daddy with his boys
Mommy with her girl
Family shot

Feeling the water (it was pretty cold)
Steve wanted to get closer to the falls and of course the boys wanted to follow Daddy :)

It was a little too difficult for them however so Steve had to help them down

They had so much fun there

Of course they had to then throw rocks into the water because what else are you suppose to do when you're surrounded by rocks?!

After our hike we went back to the lake to have lunch

What a lunch spot!!

Anna all ready to go swimming!

So nice to have a little pool to play in on hot days!

Steve didn't want to go in so he just watched from the shade

Hanging out in the pool

The boys wanted to eat their ice cream outside (which mommy doesn't mind because it keeps her kitchen cleaner :))

More hanging out outside.

"Take my picture mommy!" :)
Playing some Go Fish outside. We love our covered patio!!

Having a picnic lunch outside. I think we will be doing this a lot this summer, the boys love it!

The neighbors came over to swim and brought watermelon, a big hit with the boys!!

Showing Auntie Tracie her shirt :)

Breakfast for my 3 firemen. Our church's GEMS club had a fundraiser at a sub shop called Firehouse Subs and they give the kids these plastic fire hats which was obviously a big hit with these boys :)

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