Saturday, June 25, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 22 Weeks- 6.25.16

Couldn't narrow them down, they're all just too cute :)

And then she does this, silly girl :)
Weight: 19.4 pounds
Anna is doing really well. She hasn't been the biggest fan of her bottle the last couple of days but I have had a sore throat so I wonder if her throat doesn't feel the greatest and therefore drinking a bottle doesn't feel the greatest. But thankfully she loves her solids, so she's gotten an extra meal the last couple of days and has done just fine with sleeping and she's obviously growing fine (not wasting away over here) so we're not worrying about it. The theme of the week has been every time she's on the ground she rolls over onto her tummy and gets mad. It's getting a little bit annoying because we really don't feel like standing next to her all day rolling her back onto her back, especially when we know she is fully capable of rolling herself back onto her back. But she will learn. She really is a happy girl for the most part and we just love her to pieces! Her brothers would agree with her shirt that she is the cutest little sister ever :)
Micah got to go to basketball camp this week. It was for Kindergarten through 4th grade boys and girls. It started the morning after we got home from Michigan, but he was up at 6:30 anyways, so it didn't bother him :)

While Micah was at basketball camp we hit up Costco and the grocery store because we didn't have any food in the house :)
The twins very much wished they too could go to basketball camp

I knew that Micah really liked it because the second day right after we got there he got a bloody nose. I figured he'd say he wanted to go home but he just waited to for the bleeding to stop and then went right back in the gym

She loves to stand, actually prefers it to sitting

Blowing bubbles. David has a hard time with it because I discovered he spits when he blows, doesn't work so well :)

Micah just swung the bubble wand around, worked too

Steve riding his bike to the bank, such a great place to live!!

Playing with their neighbor friend

I guess she was tired :)

Micah learned how to play two new games this week. The first was Uno

Last day of basketball camp. Micah is the one right in the middle in the orange shirt

I was feeding Anna in her room and I came out and didn't see the twins. Then I heard them in the office, with the door closed. I figured they were up to no good but this is what I found when I opened the door, them playing with their Fisher Price Nativity set, so cute!!

Micah's favorite part of basketball camp, the shirt and basketball he got at the end

This little missy is 5 months old!!!

The second game Micah got to learn was Phase 10. As you can see Anna was not very impressed with it :)

Finally tried Anna in our baby swing, I think she liked it :)

So nice that they can all swing at the same time

She even liked it when Micah pushed her
Micah got up from his nap yesterday and said he didn't know where David was. He said Jonathan was sleeping on the end of his bed but he David wasn't in their room. So I went down and at first also couldn't find David, then I looked behind Jonathan's bed and found him sleeping while sitting up behind the bed. :) So silly! It really makes you wonder what they were doing right before they fell asleep

Silly boys!!
We made some dessert pizza last night. Isn't he just the cutest little cook?!

He was pretty excited about his dessert pizza :)

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