Saturday, September 10, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 33 Weeks- 9.10.16

Weight: 21 pounds
Our sweet Anna had another good week. She had a doctor's appointment this past week to check out her hemangioma and the doctor was so happy with how it was doing and how the scab had healed up which I was very thankful for! She said at this point we don't need to do anything, it should stop growing in the coming months and then it will slowly start to get smaller. Otherwise things are pretty much the same, she continues to be everywhere and in everything! She continues to think she needs to stand up next to things! She continues to just bring so much joy to our house!
It was a cold wet Labor Day, so we let the boys play some Wii. The twins got to play MarioKart for the first time on their own. As you can see, they quite enjoyed it

My sweetie! As long as Mom is near by, she is one happy girl!

Did some kite flying

Micah flying it

David flying it

Jonathan flying it

I love it when she falls asleep on me, it the only time she cuddles :)

After her doctor's appointment we got to have a mommy/daughter lunch/shopping date. Here we are at lunch.

My kitchen got painted this week, I love it!! It's the same color that I had just recently painted our kitchen in Michigan before we moved :) I really liked it :)

Jonathan came around the corner like this. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I'm an exercising clown!" :)

Standing next to Mommy

And then standing next to the toys

Such a stinker!

I pulled all the carrots out of our garden! We were pretty excited about these, we've tried carrots before in our garden and they didn't turn out, not the case this year!

Spending a cool Fall night outside

She seriously would stay in her swing all day if we let her

Our new set up in the van. I was done with Anna being in the infant car seat, 21 pounds it too much to be carrying around. So the twins got new booster seats that they can buckle themselves in, the other Captains seat went back in the van and Anna moved to the middle. I miss having the nice big opening in the back, but it's really nice only having to buckle one kid in now :)

We had some errands to run and I asked the boys if they wanted to go out to lunch which they of course said yes. I asked where they wanted to go and they picked having pizza at the mall :). I think the arcade at the mall had more to do with their choice than the pizza :) Always and adventure when I'm out with all 4 kids

Anna survived our adventure just fine

My neighbor gave me a costume for Anna so we tried it on her :) Steve said it was ridiculous but I say it's adorable :)

Love our small town! Our bank had a customer appreciation dinner last night. It was a bit chilly but us Dutchies never pass up a free meal :)

Anna enjoyed it too :) 
They still had some energy to burn when we got home (or they just needed to warm up) so they played some boxing on Wii Sports, always entertaining :) (No worries, we have made it very clear that while they can box each other on the game, they are under no circumstances allowed to box in real life :))

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  1. Since you now have a girl, we te Velde girls have a few suggestions for a new name for your blog: Riding the Bussis. The Lives of the Bussis Go Round and Round. Don't Miss the Bussis. The Bussis Stop. Happy to help! :)