Monday, September 5, 2016

Anna's Weekly Update- 32 Weeks- 9.4.16


She does not stay in one spot very long
She is also excellent at getting things she is not suppose to have, like her weekly sign :)
Anna continues to be on the move. Nothing is safe on the floor anymore, if it's something she is not suppose to have, she will most likely spot it and make a beeline for it. She's also started doing this:

She seems to not be satisfied with what she can do, she always wants to do more. But for the most part she's pretty happy with her station in life. :) She also has started clapping which is so cute. We've (mostly me :)) been watching a lot of tennis over here and I think that's where she picked up on the clapping. She also picked up on some of the tennis players grunting. :) Last night I was holding her and watch the Nadal match and every time he grunted she would grunt, it was so cute :). Other than that, things are pretty much the same with her. She continues to be a pain to drink a bottle, drinks it best when she's sleeping. :) And solids are the same, twice a day. No new teeth either, just her bottom two.

Running through sprinklers on a hot day. He's not crying, instead of wearing sunglasses they put their hands to their eyes and say they're sunglasses :)

Love this picture!!

Anna just hung out on the grass and watched her brothers

Our neighbor girl can over without shoes and then wanted to play in the rocks, good thing the twins have big feet, David crocs fit her just fine :)
They love their new tennis shoes :)

I had to live up to my promise to Jonathan. Before we went to California Steve slept out in the tent with Micah and David, Jonathan wasn't allowed to sleep in it because he had pooped in his pull up that day (pretty funny now given the fact that David is the one still wearing pull ups because he refuses to poop on the toilet, he just happened to not have to poop that day). I felt so bad for Jonathan that I told him when he was able to wear underwear that I would sleep out in the tent with him. Well, he's wearing underwear so I had to keep my promise. So last Monday night Jonathan, Micah and I spent the night in the tent.

All ready for bed. We had a fairly good night. I took forever to fall asleep because it was so windy the tent made a lot of noise, but the boys seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly and once I fell asleep I slept well. Jonathan did wake up at one point very upset that Micah was sleeping next to him :) but after a few minutes of talking to him he got over it and we eventually all went back to sleep and slept till 8!!

All cuddled up asleep

She gets herself in quite the predicaments :)

My shopping helpers

She's just along for the ride

This is a common sight these days. Now that she's mobile she does not like to let mommy out of her sight, and she likes to climb on her leg :)

Her hair is getting pretty long in the front, so we've started using clips to pull it back. I think it looks so cute :) She looks a lot like Micah did at her age, so by pulling her hair back she looks more like a girl :)

"Helping" mommy wash the windows

It was a very warm week, so we spent an afternoon in our little pools. She loves to splash

They decided after being in the pool to play in the sandbox, so they were a bit dirty, so mommy decided it sounded better to eat outside :) They didn't mind 

A typical Anna face

Walked in after her nap to find her like this, yep, her crib is now down to the lowest level :)

They had to go with Mommy to the store while Micah got to go golfing with Daddy, so when they asked if they could ride this mommy said, oh sure :)

I only had a couple of hair clips for Anna and they are really  more for when she has more hair, so I ordered a set off Amazon, I think she's set for now :) And we shouldn't have a problem finding one to match her outfits :)

He was pretty excited for his strawberry ice cream (and pretty excited that Mommy finally figured out how to properly use the soft serve ice cream maker :))

A lot of years we would go bike riding on Labor Day, but looking ahead to the weather report we saw that it was not suppose to be nice on Labor Day, but it was nice on Saturday, so we went then. This was our first time going on a family bike ride since Anna was born, so this was her first time going in the bike trailer. She seemed to enjoy it.

On the trail

She was out after about 5 minutes

It was a very pretty trail

We made it to our destination! So I had Micah behind me on the tandem bike and then behind him was Jonathan in the trailer. Steve had David and Anna behind him. And before you think Steve made me do the hard work, I volunteered :). I'm doing a 12 week TerraFit challenge (after the 21 day one I realized I had a lot more weight I wanted to lose and this is the best way for me to do it) so I needed a good workout and let me tell you, pulling over 90 pounds of kids behind you is a good workout :)

The boys were pretty excited our destination included a river to throw rock into :)

It was such a pretty spot! I want to go back and take family pictures there!

It was a very Fall feeling day on Saturday (after we got back from our bike ride it turned fairly cold and started raining), so we decided to make some pumpkin cookies.

All cute in pink and ready for church

The boys looked pretty handsome too :)
I always find it a little fun when it turns cold to get to pull out their new clothes after months of wearing the same thing over and over :)

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