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Anna's Weekly Update- 34 Weeks- 9.17.16


And we're done :)
Anna has had a pretty good week. She has a little cold and is very opposed to getter her nose wiped, so that hasn't been very fun. I'm pretty sure she's getting at least one top tooth in. I thought I felt something this morning but then she bit my finger with her bottom teeth, so I didn't try again. :) But she's been a bit crabby and very clingy to mommy, so I'm thinking there's a tooth on the way. She continues to think she needs to stand up:
Was helping Micah with his shirt, turned around and found her like this!
We did have a scary moment with her last Sunday. We had gotten home from a potluck at church and set her down in the living room. Steve and I were in the kitchen cleaning things up and all of the sudden we heard Anna scream. It seems one of her brothers was playing with a balloon and thought he could step over her. Well he couldn't and he kicked her in the head. The scary part was while she was screaming she held her breath so long she actually passed out. She has twice almost passed out on me from holding her breath while screaming, so it didn't surprise me, but it's still pretty unsettling. Poor Steve was the one holding her and felt her body go limp. She was only passed out for a few seconds but then she was pretty out of it for a few minutes after coming to. But then she was back to her normal self. We did a lot more cuddling the next few days :). So yeah, she keeps us on our toes. :)

Last Saturday we went to Firehouse Subs for dinner. The boys once again decided it would be more fun to not sit by mom and dad :)

Isn't she the cutest little firewoman you ever saw? :)

After she gave us a scare by passing out I just wanted to hold her the whole time during her nap.

After her nap she was back to her silly self :)

The twins quite enjoyed have Daddy all to themselves on Monday with Micah at school (it was the first Monday since Micah started school that Steve was home during the day on Monday)

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen on the phone and came back into the living room to find this :) Jonathan doesn't look too upset that Micah is sitting on him
Who needs a playground when you have a couch and beanbag? :)

We went to the middle school volleyball games this past week. The boys were pretty excited (although I think what they enjoyed the most was going up and down the bleachers)

Anna was very into it :)

It was so cute because Micah saw one of his friends from school/church and asked if he could go sit by him. My little boy is growing up!

It was Homecoming week at school this week and this day was neon day

We have been having a difficult time getting David to potty train. He does okay with staying dry but he refuses to poop on the toilet. So we finally started taking things away. First it was getting to watch videos. So instead he went and played in the office, he looks real sad, right?

Steve took our van in to get the brakes replaced and I needed to go to the store. Amazingly I fit the three littles in the back of his Ford Focus! It was kind of nice having them all right behind me and they thought it was pretty cool to get to ride in "Daddy's car"

All ready for shopping at Walmart!


Thursday was cowboy day at school. He was so excited to get to wear his cowboy hat and snow boots to school!

Of course then David had to dress up too (Jonathan was trying but could not locate his cowboy hat :))

They like to watch the Veggie Tales show "The Pirates who Don't Do Anything" so they decided they needed to turn the couch into a boat and the footrests into the plank, and then push each other off the plank :)

Grandma got Anna a shirt that says "Grandma makes me smile" I wanted to send my mom a picture of her in it, but the only way to get her to smile was to have her on my lap :)

Little stinker has figured out how to pull herself up by the couch!

Since not getting to watch videos didn't seem to be working we also took away his bike. His response "I just want to sit." So then we took away the Wii, his response "it's funner to watch anyways" Oh David!!

Eating a Grandpa VH breakfast, yogurt and granola!

It was really nice outside yesterday and I'm not so sure how many more nice days we'll have, so I thought I'd try to take Anna's 8 month pictures. Yeah, she wasn't so into the idea as you can see. :) Thankfully after a while I was able to get some cute ones.

She's not so sure about seeing herself in the phone :)

The school had a homecoming parade yesterday and Micah got to ride in the jeep with our neighbor.

All ready to go (Iris drove, Micah threw the candy :))

In line! They had so much fun and he didn't mind not watching the parade because his brothers got more than enough candy to share

And then last night we went to the homecoming volleyball game

David wanted his own picture :)
Anna is learning how to hold her own with her brothers :)

And we had a breakthrough this morning!!! David finally decided he wanted to wear underwear! He had stayed dry all day yesterday but he hadn't pooped at all. So this morning he said he really wanted to wear underwear. I told him he couldn't wear underwear until he pooped on the toilet and I knew he wouldn't do it in his pull up. So he went in the bathroom and pooped on the toilet. :) I knew he could do it, he just had to decide he wanted to and he seems to have reached that point. Halleluiah!!!!! What a long journey. And I'm by no means delusional to think this is it, but I'm going to enjoy today only have one child's diaper to change! (Something I haven't experienced in almost 4 years!!!)
We took another bike ride this morning. The boys (all of them :)) love ending up at the river where they can throw rocks

Anna prefers to sit on mommy's lap and eat a cracker

Not a bad view to have while eating a snack

Anna and her Daddy!!

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