Sunday, December 11, 2016

Anna's Weekly-46 Weeks- 12.10.16

She was not impressed that I was taking her picture at 8:00 at night after we had been at a basketball game :)

She watches Wheel of Fortune with us most nights, I think she's trying to be like Vanna White :)

Anna has had a much better week, no middle of the might wake up parties :). A couple times she cried for a minute but then just went back to sleep on her own. She got to try milk for the first time this week and seems to be a fan. My goal is to have her completely off the bottle by a year so I'm hoping to slowly introduce more table food and milk and wean her off the bottle. She continues to show no desire to walk. She loves to stand next to things and even walk along or with things, but you try to set her on her feet and she immediately sits down. It has gotten really cold this week and we discovered Anna is not such a fan of her winter coat :). Oh well girl, you're just going to have to get used to it, we have a long winter ahead of us. :)

They love playing in all areas of the house :)

David with his stinker glow in his eyes :)

Girls in pink all ready for Bible Study

A couple of times this week I was in the kitchen and Anna was very quite in the living room so I'd go check on her and find her reading a book, so cute!

We were very thankful for nice warm outfits like this on these cold winter days

I made my first cauliflower crust pizza, it was actually pretty good!!

All ready for his school Christmas program. He was so excited, he was counting down the days till it happened :). And he did a great job!!
Excited to watch Micah's program

The best picture I cold get :). Micah's in the front row just to left of the left microphone

They were promised cupcakes afterwards if they were good, and mommy didn't want them to spill on their nice shirts, so we have three shirtless boys enjoying their cupcakes

Micah had a dentist appointment on Thursday and I got no complaints out of the three youngest for having to go along

They are pretty big fans of the waiting room with all the toys

Afterward they got to have lunch at Costco

Don't let her cute smile fool you, she did NOT like her winter coat :)

Micah had a great report at the dentist. He is getting two of his 6 year molars, which surprised me because he hasn't complained at all about his mouth hurting and he is definitely my child with the lowest pain tolerance :)

I switched my menu up on Friday and decided to make French Dips but I didn't have any Hoagie rolls, so I made some (where we live it's easier for me to just make them than go to the store to pick some up :)). And can I just say they smelled AMAZING!!! I'm told they tasted pretty good too.

I'm on my challenge so I also made myself some wheat hoagies. They neither looked nor smelled nearly as amazing, but they tasted pretty good. :)

The boys (all four of them :)) were pretty excited to play in the snow yesterday

And they have lots of places to play

After they came in we read some books and one of them was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and it just made me want to make pancakes for lunch :) so we did and of course I had three helpers

Anna eating some pancake and drinking some milk, so grown up :)
She also got to sit by the high table at Applebee's last night. She thought she was pretty big stuff
Got home from church this morning and Anna needed to be fed and I needed to make dinner. So nice that Micah is able to help out!! He was pretty proud of himself :)

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